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Governing Board

All faculty are members of the senate, by definition. For operational purposes, four groups have been created, an executive senate (six members, including a president, vice-president, appointments secretary, and a correspondence secretary, as well as a representative from the associate faculty on each campus) and a site council for each campus (Five members, including a site president, site vice president, site secretary, two members and an associate faculty representative). A three-member judiciary committee conducts elections and ensures that the MSJC academic senate operates in accord with its own constitution.

How does this structure work?

While the executive senate responds to basic operational demands in college operations, all policy proposals and changes to the MSJC's shared governance agreement must come to the senate with full knowledge of the site councils. Periodically, the senate takes sounding of opinion on matters before it, either through hearings or by distributing pending issues for comment. All changes to the senate constitution must be approved by a vote of the faculty. 


The Academic Senate for the 2013-2014 term is as follows:



Stacey Searl-Chapin, President

Lorraine Slattery-Farrell, Vice President

Rickianne Rycraft, Correspondence Secretary

Evelyn Menz, Appointment Secretary

Rebecca Coleman, MVC Associate Faculty Representative

Terri Fitzimmons, SJC Associate Faculty Representative


SAN JACINTO SITE COUNCIL:                                               MENIFEE SITE COUNCIL:


Lorraine Slattery-Farrell, President                                               Stacey Searl-Chapin, President

Evelyn Menz, Vice President                                                         Rickianne Rycraft, Vice President

Denise Dalaimo, Secretary                                                          Farah Firtha, Secretary

Alma Ramirez, Senator-at-large                                                   Yvonne Atkinson, Senator-at-large

Casey Mazzotta, Senator-at-large                                                 Nick Reeves, Senator-at-large

Terri Fitzimmons, Associate Faculty Rep.                                       Rebecca Coleman, Associate Faculty Rep.