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Committee Membership

Curriculum Committee Membership, 2013-2014:



Vice President of Instruction, or Representative (Non-Voting) – Richard Rowley [5420]

Faculty Co-Chair (Drawn from Voting Faculty Members) – Michelle Stewart [5645]


Representation by Instructional Area

Applied Tech — David Parrott (SJC) [3665]

Business/CIS, MVC David Candelaria [5522] (on leave FA13)

Business/CIS, SJC   Vacant

Social/Behavioral Sciences, MVC Gary Vargas [5759]

Social/Behavioral Sciences, SJC   Vacant

Math and Science, MVC Vacant

Math and Science, SJC  Jorge Valdez [3758]

Arts, MVC Jeremy Brown [5665] 

Arts, SJC Tennille Lambert [3630] (on leave FA13)

Language and Letters, MVC Michelle Stewart [5645]

Language and Letters, SJC Andrea Hammock [3755]  - Prerequisite Subcommittee Chair

Student Development — Marlene Cvetko [3490]

Allied Health — Colleen Saunders [5565]


Representation by Function

Faculty Member at Large (4)—  

                         Leslie Greer, MVC [5399]

                         Elias Escamilla, TEC [6250]

                         Crystal Anthony, MVC [5268]

                         Lisette Castro, MVC [5655] (as of SP14)

Learning Center— Evelyn Menz (SJC) [3488]

Librarian— Monica Flores (MVC) [5456]

Counselor— Rosalva Amezcua(MVC) [5254]

DE Coordinator - Kelley Billingsley (MVC) [5762]

Articulation— Janet McCurdy [3280]

Associated Students (2)—

                         Aaron Hansen (as of SP14)


Classified Senate (1) — Jared Davis [5219]

Administration — Carlos Tovares [3410]

                         Joyce Johnson [5350]  


Support Staff (Non-Voting)

Angela Seavey, Class Scheduling and Information Specialist [3402]


Extension numbers are designated in brackets

Membership is subject to change and subject to approval by Academic Senate

Updated 12-11-13