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Agendas and Minutes


   Upcoming Meeting and Agenda:
 Thursday, May 5, 2016
Past Meeting and Agenda:
Thursday, April 7, 2016
10 am
SJC 205 linked to MVC 805

2015 - 2016

2014 - 2015
Agendas​ ​Minutes
SSC Agenda 5-7-15.pdfSSC Agenda 5-7-15.pdf SSC Minutes 5-7-15.pdfSSC Minutes 5-7-15.pdf
SSC Agenda 4-2-15.pdfSSC Agenda 4-2-15.pdf SSC Minutes 4-2-15.pdfSSC Minutes 4-2-15.pdf
SSC Agenda 3-5-15.pdfSSC Agenda 3-5-15.pdf SSC Minutes 3-5-15.pdfSSC Minutes 3-5-15.pdf
​2/5/15 - Meeting Cancelled ​2/5/15 - Meeting Cancelled
​12/4/14 - Meeting Cancelled ​12/4/14 - Meeting Cancelled
SSC Minutes 11-6-14.pdfSSC Minutes 11-6-14.pdf
SSC Minutes 10-2-14.pdfSSC Minutes 10-2-14.pdf
SSC Minutes 9-4-14.pdfSSC Minutes 9-4-14.pdf


2013 - 2014

Agendas​ ​Minutes
SSC Agenda 6-11-14 REV.pdfSSC Agenda 6-11-14 REV.pdf SSC Minutes 6-11-14.pdfSSC Minutes 6-11-14.pdf
No Minutes - Meeting cancelled​
SSC Agenda 4-14-14.pdfSSC Agenda 4-14-14.pdf SSC Minutes 4-14-14.pdfSSC Minutes 4-14-14.pdf
SSC Agenda 4-3-14.pdfSSC Agenda 4-3-14.pdf SSC Minutes 4-3-14.pdfSSC Minutes 4-3-14.pdf
SSC Agenda 3-6-14.pdfSSC Agenda 3-6-14.pdf SSC Minutes 3-6-14.pdfSSC Minutes 3-6-14.pdf
SSC agenda 2-6-14.pdfSSC agenda 2-6-14.pdf SSC Minutes 2-6-14.pdfSSC Minutes 2-6-14.pdf
SSC Agenda 12-5-13.pdfSSC Agenda 12-5-13.pdf SSC minutes 12-5-13 rev.pdfSSC minutes 12-5-13 rev.pdf
SSC Agenda 11-7-13 (CANCELED).pdfSSC Agenda 11-7-13 (CANCELED).pdf N/A
SSC Agenda 10-03-13.pdfSSC Agenda 10-03-13.pdf SSC minutes 10-3-13 rev.pdfSSC minutes 10-3-13 rev.pdf


2012 - 2013

​Agendas ​Minutes
SSC agenda 5-02-13.pdfSSC agenda 5-02-13.pdf SSC minutes 5-02-13 rev.pdfSSC minutes 5-02-13 rev.pdf
SSC agenda 3-07-13.pdfSSC agenda 3-07-13.pdf SSC minutes 3-7-13 rev.pdfSSC minutes 3-7-13 rev.pdf
SSC agenda 12-06-12.pdfSSC agenda 12-06-12.pdf SSC minutes 12-06-12 rev.pdfSSC minutes 12-06-12 rev.pdf
SSC agenda 11-01-12.pdfSSC agenda 11-01-12.pdf SSC minutes 11-01-12 rev.pdfSSC minutes 11-01-12 rev.pdf
SSC agenda 10-04-12.pdfSSC agenda 10-04-12.pdf SSC minutes 10-04-12 rev.pdfSSC minutes 10-04-12 rev.pdf


2011 - 2012

​Agendas ​Minutes
SSC agenda 5-03-12.pdfSSC agenda 5-03-12.pdf SSC minutes 5-03-12 rev.pdfSSC minutes 5-03-12 rev.pdf
SSC agenda 3-29-12.pdfSSC agenda 3-29-12.pdf SSC minutes 3-29-12 rev.pdfSSC minutes 3-29-12 rev.pdf
SSC agenda 3-01-12 Cancelled.pdfSSC agenda 3-01-12 Cancelled.pdf N/A
SSC agenda 2-02-12.pdfSSC agenda 2-02-12.pdf SSC minutes 2-02-12 rev.pdfSSC minutes 2-02-12 rev.pdf
SSC agenda 12-15-11 Cancelled.pdfSSC agenda 12-15-11 Cancelled.pdf N/A
SSC agenda 11-03-11.pdfSSC agenda 11-03-11.pdf SSC minutes 11-03-11rev.pdfSSC minutes 11-03-11rev.pdf
SSC agenda 10-06-11.pdfSSC agenda 10-06-11.pdf SSC minutes 10-06-11 rev.pdfSSC minutes 10-06-11 rev.pdf
SSC agenda 9-15-11.pdfSSC agenda 9-15-11.pdf SSC minutes 9-15-11 rev.pdfSSC minutes 9-15-11 rev.pdf


2010 - 2011

​Agendas ​Minutes
SSC agenda 9-15-11.pdfSSC agenda 9-15-11.pdf SSC minutes 9-15-11 rev.pdfSSC minutes 9-15-11 rev.pdf
SSC agenda 5-05-11.pdfSSC agenda 5-05-11.pdf SSC minutes 5-05-11 rev.pdfSSC minutes 5-05-11 rev.pdf
SSC agenda 3-03-11.pdfSSC agenda 3-03-11.pdf SSC minutes 3-03-11 rev.pdfSSC minutes 3-03-11 rev.pdf
SSC agenda 2-03-11.pdfSSC agenda 2-03-11.pdf SSC minutes 2-03-11 rev.pdfSSC minutes 2-03-11 rev.pdf
SSC agenda 11-04-10.pdfSSC agenda 11-04-10.pdf SSC minutes 11-04-10 rev.pdfSSC minutes 11-04-10 rev.pdf
SSC agenda 9-02-10.pdfSSC agenda 9-02-10.pdf SSC minutes 9-02-10 rev.pdfSSC minutes 9-02-10 rev.pdf
Selena Paez, Administrative Assistant II – Committee Recorder
Ph: (951) 639-5202