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Institutional Research

The Research & Planning Department’s mission is to provide appropriate research design and statistical analysis of data related to institutional activities. The department conducts research, prepares reports, and offers leadership and consultation on areas related to student success, and institutional evaluation and planning.
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The most recent statistics on student success, retention and withdraw rates, seats, gender, ethnicity or FTES can be viewed by clicking on (red top left column) “MSJC Data Warehouse”. View prior years Fact Books by clicking "Stats & Data 2000 to 2006" (to your left)
If you have any questions, please contact Nik Mesaris at, (951) 487-3074, thank you for visiting! 
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(A.) MSJC Stats & Facts

  1. Headcount by:
  2. Demographics by:
  3. Equity Indicators
  4. Success & Retention Rates for:
  5. FTES by:
  6. # of Sections by:
  7. % of Cap (aka fill rate):
  8. Feeder High School by:
  9. Transfer Rates by:
  10. Awards:



(B.) MSJC Student Research Results

  1. SI (Supplemental Instruction):
  2. Course Relationships:
  3. Probability of Math-96 Success
  4. Probability of Chem-100 Success
  5. Probability of Chem-101 Success
  6. Assessment Scores:
  7.  Grad Surveys:
  8. Misc. Research:

(C.) MSJC Presentations

  2. BOT Planning Workshops:
  3. R.C. Economic Recaps:
  4. Other: