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MSJC > College Information > Diversity Program > Diversity Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Diversity Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Click on a month to see the meeting agenda or minutes 

Diversity Committee Agendas / Minutes 2016-2017       ​
​  ​  ​  
     Agenda Diversity  September 2016.pdfAgenda Diversity September 2016.pdf



Diversity Committee Agendas / Minutes 2015-2016       ​
​      Agenda Diversity May 2016.pdfAgenda Diversity May 2016.pdf       ​No official minutes recorded for May meeting
 ​   Agenda Diversity  April 2016.pdfAgenda Diversity April 2016.pdf ​       Minutes Diversity April 2016.pdfMinutes Diversity April 2016.pdf                  
    Agenda Diversity March 2016.pdfAgenda Diversity March 2016.pdf     Minutes Diversity March 2016.pdfMinutes Diversity March 2016.pdf
​    Agenda Diversity February 2016.pdfAgenda Diversity February 2016.pdf     Minutes Diversity February 2016.pdfMinutes Diversity February 2016.pdf                 
    Agenda Diversity December 2015.pdfAgenda Diversity December 2015.pdf ​ Minutes Diversity December 2015.pdfMinutes Diversity December 2015.pdf
    Agenda Diversity November 2015.pdfAgenda Diversity November 2015.pdf                               Quorum not met
    Agenda Diversity October 2015.pdfAgenda Diversity October 2015.pdf Minutes Diversity October 2015.pdfMinutes Diversity October 2015.pdf
    Agenda Diversity September 2015.pdfAgenda Diversity September 2015.pdf Minutes Diversity September 2015.pdfMinutes Diversity September 2015.pdf


Diversity Committee Agendas / Minutes 2014-2015       ​
Diversity Committee Agenda May 2015.pdfDiversity Committee Agenda May 2015.pdf

Diversity Committee  Minutes May 7, 2015.pdfDiversity Committee Minutes May 7, 2015.pdf

Diversity Committee Agenda April 2015.pdfDiversity Committee Agenda April 2015.pdf ​                          Quorum not met
Diversity Committee Agenda March 2015.pdfDiversity Committee Agenda March 2015.pdf     Diversity Committee, Minutes, March 2015.pdfDiversity Committee, Minutes, March 2015.pdf
Diversity Committee Agenda February 5 2015.pdfDiversity Committee Agenda February 2015.pdf                           Quorum not met
Diversity Committee Agenda December 4 2014.pdfDiversity Committee Agenda December 2014.pdf Diversity Committee, Minutes, December 2014.pdfDiversity Committee, Minutes, December 2014.pdf
           November 2014 Meeting Cancelled              November 2014 Meeting Cancelled
Diversity Committee, Agenda, October 2014.pdfDiversity Committee, Agenda, October 2014.pdf Diversity Committee, Minutes, October 2, 2014.pdfDiversity Committee, Minutes, October 2, 2014.pdf
Diversity Committee Agenda September 4 2014 (1).pdfDiversity Committee Agenda September 4 2014.pdf Diversity Committee, Minutes, September 4, 2014 (1).pdfDiversity Committee, Minutes, September 4, 2014.pdf