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MSJC > Disabled Students Programs & Services > Faculty & Staff Resource Center

Faculty & Staff Resource Center

Faculty & Staff Resource Center 
​​(951) 487-3305 (SJC)
 (951) 639-5305 (MVC)​

Instructors are encouraged to understand the DSPS Policies and Procedures at MSJC,
with attention to the administration of exams for students with disabilities. 
If you have any questions regarding approved accommodations or simply​ need more information, please contact our office.

Accommodation Information - 
If a DSPS student requests a note taker, below are some suggested announcements you can make to your class:​

​Example 1: “We have a student in the class who needs a note-taker. Would anyone be willing to give the student a copy of their notes? In return, you will receive a certificate documenting community services hours for your time.  This is a good thing to include on a university or job application.  There are some easy, quick ways you can copy the notes with your cell phone or computer. 

Example 2: “Would anyone be willing to provide a copy of their notes to another student in class. You would receive a certificate documenting community services hours for your time.  There are some easy, quick ways you can copy the notes with your cell phone or computer.

Another way you can help the student is to upload your notes, PowerPoint, or class outline to Blackboard. Seeing the notes before class can help the student prepare for the course material.​ If there are no students that volunteers, please have the DSPS student contact our office for alternate accommodations.​ 

      • 3 ways Volunteer Note Takers can copy their notes, for FREE, for DSPS students. CLICK HERE​
    ​​Faculty Resources - 
    ​Other Resources -
    • DSPS Information Presentation presented at Spring 2015 Academy, by Laurie Flynn.  
      Click HERE to view.

    • DO-IT (Disabilities, Internetworking and Technology) DO-IT Center is a faculty resource center that promotes the success of individuals with disabilities in postsecondary education and careers, using technology as an empowering tool. It is based at the University of Washington.
    • Non-Discrimination in Higher Education Article
    • Mental Health Resources - Students in the Community College
    • Job Accommodation Network - Excellent source of information regarding the ADA and what types of accommodations may help people with specific disabilities
    Feel free to contact DSPS with any questions or concerns you may have.