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FWS Job Listings

Department Campus Position
# of Jobs
Supervisor Contact
Duties and Responsibilities
Anatomy & Physiology SJC Teaching Assistant 2 Dr. Sterling Roulette 487-3720 Assist the part time instructor with setting up, instruction, and the breakdown of laboratory exercises during the night sections for human anatomy and physiology 101 and 102 courses.  Responsible for cleaning the lab as needed, run scantrons, record grades where appropriate, photocopy, and some light word-processing as needed.  PREFERRED: Must have completed Anatomy and Physiology preferable at the SJC and is able to work nights from 5-8:30/9pm Monday - Thursday.
Astronomy & Physics MVC Laboratory Aide 2 Dr. Jeff Slepski / Mr. Paul Breman 639-5722 General cleaning, organizing shelves of materials and models.  Washing glassware/instruments and general lab setup and breakdown.  SKILLS NEEDED:  Anatomy and Physiology 101/ Science background.
Athletics SJC Game Management Aide(s) Filled John Brown 487-3601 Aide in athletic contests; snack bar work, chain gang, scorekeep, assist ticket booth.  PREFERRED:  People skills; honest and hard-working.
SJC Athletic/PE Aide(s) 4 John Brown 487-3601 Set-up, prepare fields for class/contest.  Assist with laundry and cleaning of equipment.  Assist with HS recruiting with direct supervision.  PREFERRED:  Minor maintenance skills, people skills, understanding of athletics.
SJC Wellness Center
3 John Brown 487-3601 Assist site instructor and assist students with equipment and safety.  PREFERRED:  People skills;  general knowledge of equipment.
SJC Video Aide Basketball
1 John Brown 487-3601 Record video for practice sessions and games under the direction of the Head Coach.  PREFERRED:  Camera skills; knowledge of game.
SJC Video Aide Football 1 John Brown 487-3601
SJC Student Athletic Training Intern 5 David Brunken 487-3598 Assist with dialy taping, first aid, sign-in sheets and bandaging of student athletes.  Provide help with practice coverage and home/away game event assistance and management.  Assist with practice and/or game set-up and breakdown preceding and following events.  Guide student athletes through therapeutic rehabilitation exercises at determined by ATC.  Help and aid in training room cleaning, restocking kits and supplies, sanitizing and disinfecting treatment tables, taping tables, countertops and whirlpools as deemed necessary by ATC.  Tape visiting team players for participation if required during conflicting, multiple event circumstances as directed by ATC.  PREFERRED:  No experience necessary.  Afternoon and Saturday availability preferred.
SJC Student Athletic Mentor 3 Jennifer Burleson/Amber Rogers 487-3253 Provide support for on-campus events, meetings, office.  Greet student athletes in the Student Athlete Study Center and provide information regarding the program.  Promote campus athletic activities, provide excellent customer service, enter data collected from student study center and meetings, events, and/or workshops. Utilize and file documents.  Process mail, relieve staff for breaks, answer phones, assist students in the Student Athlete Study Center.  PREFERRED: Excellent customer services skills, basic proficiency in MS Office, basic filing and other record-keeping. Student friendly and knowledgeable in Student Blackboard.
Audio & Video Technology SJC Music Building 1 David Parrott 487-3665 This individual will provide aid to the department’s instructors during class time.  Duties will include preparing class room with proper audio and video equipment; working inside the equipment room checking out equipment to the department students; providing help to the department’s technician/engineer; care and cleaning of department equipment and audio consoles, plus other technical duties as assigned. PREFERRED: Qualified individuals will have completed AUD/MUS 141 (Intermediate Studio Recording), AUD/MUS 143 (Computer Audio Editing), AUD/MUS 148 (Radio Production) and AUD 152 (Video Production 1) with a grade of “C” or better.
Biology Dept. MVC Laboratory Technician 1 Roy Mason 639-5730 Assist the Biology Department with laboratory and clerical duties.  Clean lab dishes, assist with lab preparation, organize laboratory equipment and supplies, setting up and breaking down labs in the lab rooms.  Help with filing and delivering items to other offices on campus.  SKILLS NEEDED/PREFERRED: Completion of a chemistry or biology lab course with a B grade or better.  Responsible and punctual about times scheduled for work a must.  Capable of following instructions and completing projects independently.
MVC Laboratory Technician 1 Nick Reeves 639-5735
Bookstore MVC Student Worker 2 Kara McGee 639-5135 Provide gernal assistance and customer service.  Perform general administrative office tasks, interact with internal and external constituencies including students, parents, faculty, staff, and the general public.  Must be able to comprehend and correspond to the Bookstore policies and procedures.  SKILLS NEEDED:  Ability to communicate effectively both verbally in writing, ablity to lift boxes up to 40 pounds, perform basic math functions, ability to learn the policies and procedures of the college Bookstore.  PREFERRED:  Customer service skills, cashiering, former retail experience.  Education experience:  Completion of HS/GED.  
SJC Student Worker Filled Kara McGee  639-5135
Business/CIS MVC Computer Lab Monitor Filled Kaye Melsheimer 639-5523 This job requires general basic knowledge and good people skills. The student will assist students with checking in, logging into the computers, checking books out and in, making sure food and drinks are not being brought near the computers, directing students to the appropriate tutor, if necessary, keeping the noise level down in the lab, and some lite cleaning. Students may be asked to help in the CTE Dean's office or with events. PREFERRED: Basic computer skills, good people skills.
Career & Tech Education SJC Student Worker Filled Susanne Mata 487-3435 Various office tasks, including creating certificates, typing minutes, preparing meeting packets, name tags, agendas, and sign-in sheets for business advisory meetings, and making phone calls for meeting RSVP's. Tasks include: typing meeting minutes, filing, printing, and copying. Occasional tasks include: scanning, making graphs, and keeping marketing materials and office supplies well stocked and organized. SKILLS NEEDED/PREFERRED: Basic office skills, good communication skills, strong customer service and phone etiquette skills, knowledge of MS Office, good organizational skills, detial oriented, good grammar and proofreading skills. 
Career/Transfer Center MVC Student Worker 2 Jessica Rodriguez 639-5285 Assist the Career/Transfer Center as well as assist the Counseling Department and outreach activites.  Help students with EagleAdvisor and/or general matriculation questions.  Assist with filing, phone messages, and CTC events.  Assist with preparing flyers for promotional , testing activities/testing materials, supplies and equipment for testing.  Complies and summarizes data on users and testing activities.  SKILLS NEEDED/PREFERRED: Excelent oral communication skills; basic computer skills and knowledge of MS Office; great customer service skills; phone etiquette; detail oriented.
SJC Student Worker 1 Jessica Rodriguez 639-5285
Child Dev. And Education Center (CDEC) SJC Classroom Floater 2 Barbara Carmody 487-3613 Assists staff with supervision/care for children in activities.  Assists various classrooms in maintaining a safe, clean, organized learning enviornment for children.  SKILLS NEEDED:  Ability to bend, stoop, reach, and lift/move up to 40 pounds.  Must have completed a minimum of 6 semester units of Child Development coursework.  Will need to have a fingerprint clearance and health screening prior to hire.
MVC Classroom Floater 2 Nancy Alvarado 639-5607
SJC Receptionist Assistant Filled Barbara Carmody 487-3613 Answer telephone and take/deliver messages; Greet persons entering the Center and monitor for security; copy, collate, file, and staple documents; assist with manual and computer record-keeping.  SKILLS NEEDED:  Good oral communication skills; basic computer skills; ability to alphabetize documents.
Chemistry SJC Laboratory Assistant 1 Carol Jones 487-3400 Assist with basic lab preparation.  Returns tools/equipment to designated area and arrange laboratory equipment/furniture after each session.  Basic clerical duties including typing, filing, copying, scanning, and other related office duties.  PREFERRED:  Education/Experiance:  Any combination equivalent to graduation from HS and at least 2 semester of college-level science courses with labs.  One of the lab courses must have been chemistry with a grade of B or better.  Must have completed intermediate alegbra with a grade of B or better.  Familiarity with chemistry lab equipment, ability to use algebra to solve basic calculations commonly.
MVC Student Worker 1 Mary Cox Bodo 639-5731/5431 Wash lab dishes; assist with inventory; assist with other duties.  Hours will be approximately Monday-Thursday 2:00-6:00.  SKILLS NEEDED/PREFERRED:  Organization; reliability.
MVC Communications Studies Center Student Worker / Lab Monitor 4 Suzanne Uhl / Dave Moss 639-5625 /639-5626 Assist with checking students in/out of the center, check out textbooks, assist students swith equipment, assist faculty as needed.  SKILLS NEEDED/PREFERRED:  Positive, cheerful outlook, basic office skills, professional demeanor, initiative (able to be proactive), possess integrity, be an assertive problem solver. 
TEC Clerk Filled Teri Safranek / Beatriz Aguilar /
Soraya Ledesma
487-3707 / x6710 Answer phones, helping students, computer - word and excel, filing, etc.  PREFERRED: Computer skills, telephone, customer service, filing.
SJC Clerk Filled Soraya Ledesma /
Lupe Jimenez
487-3702 /487-3707
Counseling TEC Student Mentor 1   639-5285 Process mail, relieve staff for breaks, answer phones, assist students in the Eagle Access Center.  SKILLS NEEDED:  Student friendly and knowledgeable in Student Blackboard.
DSPS MVC Student Worker 4 Laurie 639-5305 Provide students with basic assistance in the use of adaptive technology/production of alternate media.  Ability to file, answer phones and take accurate messages, schedule appointments, as well as cover front desk duties during staff member's breaks.  Proctor/read/scribe tests facilitated in DSPS.  Work as in class aide on an as needed basis.  PREFERRED:  Knowledge MS Office, Adobe Acrobate Pro, Blackboard, and myMSJC accounts.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Must adhere to the code of confidentiality.    Minimum GPA of 2.5 with completion of at least 6 units.
SJC Student Worker Filled Sharon Armstrong 487-3305
Food Services MVC Student Worker 5 Ron Guglielmana 639-5140 Prepare food for Café's breakfast and lunch; participate in daily clean-up and stocking; operate cash register with accuracy; count back change to customers; some lifting will be required.  SKILLS NEEDED/PREFERRED:  Previous food handling preferred.  Must have excellent customer service skills.  A Riverside County food handlers card will be required to start working.  We will train any dedicated and responsible students.
SJC Student Worker 1 Ron Guglielmana 487-3140
Geology Program MVC  Geology TA 1 Dr. Patrick Smith 639-5745 Assist the instructor with set up and breakdown of laboratory exercises during the day and night sections for Geology lab courses. This may include organizing shelves of materials and cabinets as needed, washing of glassware/instruments, and aiding in the ordering of supplies. Also responsible for, running scantrons, recording grades where appropriate, filing, photocopying, and some light word-processing as needed. PREFERRED: No Geology classes required, but ability to work Monday and Wednesday afternoons/nights from 1-4 and 6-10 PM and Tuesday afternoons is important.
History SJC History Department Assistant Filled Tamara Smith/ Christina Yamanaka  487-3644 Assist department faculty with a broad range of tasks.  SKILLS NEEDED/PREFERRED:  Must have computer software and multimedia technology competency and some interest in history and topics related to diversity and human rights.  Flexibility to work with multiple faculty members on department responsibilities, event planning, and committee work is highly desired.
Honors Enrichment Program SJC/MVC Student Assistant 1 Christina Yamanaka/Erik Ozolins 487-3522/639-5725 Provide administrative support for the Honors Co-Directors at the SJ and MV campuses.  Help organize and promote Honors events, creating flyers for Honors activities and scholarships.  Assisting with projects.  SKILLS NEEDED: a student in good standing with the Honors Enrichment Program (preferred, not required), proficiency in Word and Excel, competency in conducting library and web-based research, excellent oral and written skills, self-motivated, can work independently or part of a team.
Instruction Office SJC Clerical Support 1 Kathy Ponio 487-3407 Basic clerical duties including typing (computer use), filing, copying, scanning, and other duties.  SKILLS NEEDED/PREFERRED:  Proficiency with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.  Good spelling/proofreading skills.  Customer service skills, this person will be talking with students, faculty, and administrators; she/he will be asked to make phone calls and on occasion answer phones.  Must dress appropriately and have good verbal skills.
MVC Student Worker 1 Carrie Stantz, Diane Rhodes, Kass Munoz 639-5431 Unpacking and labeling books to be put on bookshelves (some heavy lifting requrired); assisting with questions from students/public as to room locations, faculty email addresses, office hours, etc.  Running errands, filing, alphabetically and catergorically; searching the MSJC website for information to assist students and the public.  SKILLS NEEDED/PREFERRED: Ability to lift 40+ pounds; pleasant demeanor, basic computer skills.
International Students Program MVC Clerical Assistant Filled Jackie Alvarado 639-5211 Provide support to the International Students Program in the following routine daily operations:  Greet parents,s tudents, and visitors to the Program; refer students/parents to appropriate departments.  PREFERRED SKILLS:  Possess working knowledge of correct English grammar; ability to work with a diverse population; provide quick and accurate program information; answer routine questions and explain procedures to students, the public and others; general office procedures and use of office equipment.
Job Connect
SJC Clerical Assistance Filled Susan King 487-3471 Assist and cover the front desk, provide assistance and referrals to sudents, answer phones, file, copy, shred, enter data into spreadsheets, assist in preparation for special events, and other clerical responsibilities as needed.  PREFERRED:  Bi-lingual Spanish and English speaker.  Experience in MS Offic, ability to create spreadsheets, strong math and english writing skills.  Must possess a positive attitude, be trustworthy, and able to keep student information confidential, be self-motivated, and willing to learn.
Learning Resource Center MVC Lab Aide 2 Ted Blake 639-5487 Assist students with printing/coping and general questions on Blackboard. MS Office, and the Internet.  Assist the front desk with keeping the area clean.  Monitor computer usage.  SKILLS NEEDED:  Basic skills with MS Office programs, Blackboard, and the Internet.  Hours available are between 9am-7pm Monday - Thursday and 9am-12pm Friday.
TEC Lab Aide 3 Ted Blake 639-5487
MVC Tutor 3 Ted Blake 639-5487 Tutor students in Math, English, Science, History, World Languages, and a variety of other subjects depending on skills.  PREFERRED: must complete tutor training course, must have an A or a B in the class to tutor, must meet with Ted Blake or Lorrie Ross (interview) 
Learning Skills
MVC Student Workder 1 Jim Decker 639-5491 Tutoring students who need assistance with basic math and English skills; tutoring Math 050, 051, 090, and 096 and English 061, 062, and 092.  NEEDED:  Completed Math 096 and English 098; enroll in TA class.
SJC Student Tutor Assistant Filled Marlene Cvetko 487-3491 Scan and make copies of handouts as needed.  Shredding of non-cofidential materials.  Assist students with log-in questions, set-up of adaptive software, file conversions, video/audio/headset set-ups.  Help student scan and save files in multiple formats.  Help maintain lab.  Assist students setting up Adobe Read Aloud, Natural Reader, Kurzweil, Balbolka, and/or Dragon Naturally Speaking. SKILLS NEEDED:  MS Word and/or Office.  Know how to use a scanner and save files in multiple formats.  PREFERRED:  Familiar with voice recognition software, scan and read software, such as Kurzweil and/or Balabolka.
Library SJC Library Clerk Aide-Circulation  2 Vali Reese 487-3455 Check in/out, reshelve items. Typewriter/keyboard basic data entry.  Light cleaning.  Assist with projects. Answer directional questions.  PREFERRED: Basic computer skills.  Looking for candidate to fill morning shifts or evening shifts.
MVC Library Aide 3 Tracy Pitt 639-5455 Sorting and shelving returned library materials; filling copiers and printers as needed; assist students with finding library materials, computer/printing/copying questions, and general information; help enforce library policies; special projects.  SKILLS NEEDED/PREFERRED:  Applicants should be punctual, conscientious, responsible and reliable. Have knowledge of the MVC website/services and basic computer skills.  Must be available to work one evening a week (5-8pm).  This is an indoor work environment with light to medium physical exertion, squatting, bending, and light lifting.
Multimedia MVC Lab Monitor 2 Niki Love 639-5549 Check students in/out of lab and tutor center, monitor and report daily issues.  Monitor Online Tutor room and assign sessions to tutors, as required.  PREFERRED: Confident with computers, including file management.  Must have good customer service communication skills, be able to take direction, and be reliable.
Music MVC Music Program Asst 2 Jeremy Brown 639-5665 Assist the music department with a variety of tasks including set-up/tear-down equipment for performing ensembles (Jazz, Choir) and rehearsals and concerts, maintaining the performance library, and other office duties. PREFERRED: Attention to detail, personable, ability to lift and carry light equipment (approximately 30 pounds).
Outreach and Matriculation MVC College Mentor 6 Tom Spillman 639-5315 Provide current and accurate information to current and potential College students about MSJC's Programs and services. Conduct informational tables and tours. Assist Enrollment Services on campus Eagle Access Center (EAC). Light clerical duties as assigned. PREFERRED SKILLS: Navigation and knowledge of MSJC College Website and enrollment processess.  MS Office Suite and Access Data base a plus. Paid training.
SJC College Mentor 4 Tom Spillman 639-5312
Police Department SJC Student Workder Filled Lana May 487-3182 Clerical duties such as filing, greeting people at the front counter and data entry.  SKILLS NEEDED:  Data entry; filing.
Student Life & Development SJC Student Assistant Filled Sandi Uhrig 487-3380 Provide support for on-campus events, meetings, office.  Greet students and provide information regarding the program.  Promote campus activities, provide excellent customer service, enter data collected from student organization meetings, events, and/or workshops.  Follow up on club-related forms.  Utilize and file sensitive documents.  PREFERRED: Excellent customer services skills (prior customer service experience preferred), basic proficiency in MS Office, basic filing and other record-keeping.
MVC Student Assistant 3 Nathan Brais 639-5566
Theater Department SJC Technical Support Filled Darren De Priest 487-3793 Help with the construction of theatrical sets, and technical needs of putting on shows and other related duties. PREFERRED: any construction ability is good.
World Languages Department MVC World Language Lab Assistant Filled Lissette Castro 639-5655 Typing, filing, organizing, record keeping, take general messages and general office duties, answer student questions, count words, clean and sanitize headsets, maintain language lab organized, and help students as needed when signing in/out of the World Language Lab.  PREFERRED: General office skills and previous enrollment in a language course (Spanish, French, ASL), and bilingual assistance is preferred.
"Every job is a self portrait of the person who does it.  Autograph your work with excellence."