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MSJC > Federal Work Study > FWS Job Listings

FWS Job Listings

Department Campus Position
# of Jobs
Supervisor Contact
Duties and Responsibilities
Anatomy & Physiology MVC Laboratory Aide 2 Dr. Jeff Slepski/ Paul Breman 639-5722 General maintenance, organizing, washing glassware/instruments.  Lab set up and breakdown.  PREFERRED: Science background, and two semesters of A&P (101 and 102).
Anthropology MVC Student Worker 2 Erik Ozolins 639-5725 Anthropology Collections before and after lab classes; assist with open study periods; inventory lab collections.  SKILLS NEEDED:  Student must have completed Anth 111 with a passing grade.  Student must be punctual and available during open lab times (times will be determined with student schedule in mind).  Student must be organized and have basic computer skills.
Astronomy & Physics MVC Student Worker 1 H. Kirsten Sayama 639-5412 Assist with gerneral lab maintenance; sorting papers, copying.  SKILLS NEEDED:  College-level reading.
ATHLETICS SJC Game Management Aide(s) 1 John Brown 487-3601 Aide in athletic contests; snack bar work, chain gang, scorekeep, work lines, assist ticket booth.
SJC Athletic/PE Aide(s) 4 John Brown 487-3601 Under the direction of the Athletic Department Staff, students set up equipment and prepare various areas for classes and athletic contests. Clean equipment, assist with laundry.  Assist in local high school recruitment under direct supervision.   PREFERRED:  Minor maintenance skills, people skills, understanding of athletics.
SJC Wellness Center
1 John Brown 487-3601 Assist site instructor in attendance, general upkeep of the area, assist students in technique and oversee the safety of students.  PREFERRED:  People skills;  general knowledge of equipment.
SJC Video Aide Basketball
1 John Brown 487-3601 Record video for practice sessions and games under the direction of the Head Coach.  PREFERRED:  Camera skills; knowledge of game.
SJC Video Aide Football 1 John Brown 487-3601
SJC Student Athletic Training Intern(s) 6 David Brunken 487-3598 Assist Certified Athletic Trainer in all aspects of daily athletic training room operations and on- field administration of athletic training services to all MSJC student athletes.  Assist with dialy taping, first aid, sign-in sheets and bandaging of student athletes.  Provid help with practive coverage and home/away game event assistance and management.  Assist with practice and/or game set-up and breakdown preceding and following events.  Guide student athletes through therapeutic rehabilitaiton exercises at determined by ATC.  PREFERRED:  No experience necessary.  Afternoon and Saturday availability preferred.
  MVC Equipment Aide 3 Gina Oliver 639-5590 Equipment and supplies; maintenance manager.  PREFERRED:  Computer skills, light lifting.
Audio & Video Technology SJC Student Worker 1 David Parrott/ Bing Bruce 487-3665 Provide aid to the department's instructors during class time.  Duties will include preparing classroom with proper audio and video equipment; working inside the equipment room checking out eqipment to students; and other duties.  SKILL PREFERRED:  Must have completed AUD/MUS 141, AUD/MUS 143, AUD/MUS 148 nad AUD/MUS 152 with a "C" grade or better.
Automotive SJC Asst. Store Keeper Filled Cody Thorn 487-3512 Distribute and collect tools from students; help maintain cleanliness of shop, vehicles and tool room.  Inventory tools; return damaged tools to tool room.
Biology SJC Student Worker 1 Michael Plotkin/ Jennifer Pickens 487-3731 Wash lab dishes, assist with inventory, assist with other duties.  PREFERRED SKILLS:  Organization, reliability, computer skills.
MVC Student Worker 1 Jamie Marrs          639-5734
Bookstore MVC Student Worker Filled Terri Sisco 487-3110 Stock, cashiering duties associated with college store.  Able to lift 30 lbs and stand for long periods of time.  PREFERRED SKILLS:  Customer Service
SJC Student Worker Filled Terri Sisco 487-3110
Computer Lab
MVC Lab Monitor 2 Kaye Melsheimer 639-5523 Check students in and out of lab.  Check books out to students and make sure they are returned.  Help students log into the computers and direct them to a tutor if necessary.  Check classroom for lost flashdrives, trash, etc.  PREFERRED SKILLS:  Basic computer skills, good customer service/communication skills. 
Cafeteria SJC Food Service Worker 2 Ron Gugielmana 487-3140 Prepare  foods for breakfast and daily lunches.  Daily clean-up and stocking.  Ability to operate cash register with accuracy.  Must be able to count change back to customer.  Lifting required.  PREFERRED SKILLS: previous food handling experience.  Excellent customer service.  Knowledge of food handling regulations and sanitary compliance.  Willing to train dedicated/responsible students.
MVC Food Service Worker 4 Ron Gugielmana 639-5140
Career & Tech
MVC Student Worker 1 Kimberly Brais/ Cynthia Prentice 639-5351/5567                                     Simple data entry/routing, typing, fax machine, filing, labeling correspondence, collating/assembling/stapling; other duties as assigned.
Career/Transfer Center SJC Student Worker Filled Janet McCurdy
Betsy Ramos
487-3285 Prepare testing materials, supplies, and equipment for testing; compile and summarize data on users and testing activities. Prepare flyers for promotional activities and help organize the CTC/Coounseling area.  Assist articulation officer and Career/Transfer Technician.  Assist with phone messages. PREFERRED: Communication skills, computer skills and ability to learn quickly.
MVC Student Worker Filled
Jessica Rodriguez
Child Dev. And Education Center (CDEC) SJC Room Technician Filled Barbara Carmody 487-3605 Assist center staff by performing classroom daily routine tasks in keeping and maintaining a safe, clean, orderly, and attractive learning environment.  SKILLS NEEDED:  have the ability to bend, stoop, reach and lift/move 40 pounds.
SJC Receptionist Assistant 2 Barbara Carmody 487-3605 Answer phone and take/deliver messages, greet persons entering the Center and monitor for security; copy, collate, and staple documents; assist with manual and computer record keeping.  SKILLS NEEDED:  Good oral communication skills; basic computer skills.
Chemistry MVC Student Worker 1 Mary Cox Bodo 639-5741 Wash lab dishes, assist with inventory, assist with other duties.  PREFERRED SKILLS:  Organization, reliability.
MVC Lab Monitor/Department Aide 2 David Moss
Suzanne Uhl
639-5626/5625 Lab Monitor Duties- monitor activity in the lab (sign-in, greet, troubleshoot; office skills (typing, phone, filing); strong communication skills.  Department Aide Duties- office skills (Word, other programs a plus; filing, faculty support; phone skills.  PREFERRED:  Moderate comfort with typing, Word and other office skills.  Personal/ethic integrity; pleaseant demeanor.
TEC Clerk 2 Teri Safranek
Soraya Ledesma
506-6616/  487-3707 Provide customer service.  Answer phones, call students or instructors, filing.  PREFERRED SKILLS: Computer competency, know Word and Excel; bi-lingual.
SJC Clerk Filled Soraya Ledesma
Rhonda Dixon
Counseling SJC Student Worker 1 Brenda Huggins 487-3255 Assist in directing students to various college services.  Filing, restocking counselor handouts.  Help keep office neat and organized.  Assist with phone.  PREFERRED:  Communication skills, Word, Excel, Xerox.
Diversity Committee MVC Student Worker 1 Valerie Reed 639-5690 Need student support in various diversity committee functions to take photos and assist with event set-up, tear-down, publicity and research.  SKILLS NEEDED:  must have working knowledge of office suite programs to assist with publications, spreadsheets, and other reports as needed.  Must have a flexible schedule, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn, grow, and work in a diverse environment.
SJC Student Worker 1 Tamara Smith 487-3644
DSPS MVC Student Worker 1 Gary Watson 639-5305 Assist with filing, scanning, front desk operations, formatting electronic documents, assistng students in computer labs, organizing supplies and office materials.  Participate in tabling events and outreach efforts.  Proctoring/reading/scribing tests facilitated in DSPS.  PREFERRED:  Ability to alphabetize and place items in numerical order.  Knowledge of Word and Excel.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Ability to follow instructions.  Demonstrate sensitivity to diversity.  Minimum GPA of 2.5 with completion of at least 12 units.
SJC Student Worker Filled Sharon Armstrong 487-3302
MVC In-Class Aid 1 Gary Watson 639-5305 Performing manual functions within district courses, including, but not limited to labs, field trips.  Provide verbal description of course activities.  SKILLS:  Ability to push, lift and carry 15 lbs.  Dexterity in the physical manipulation of lab materials.  PREFERRED:  Completion of 12 college level units, minimum GPA of 2.5.  Strong interpersonal skills, demonstrate sensitivity to diversity.
SJC In-Class Aid 1 Bitsy Sarabia 487-3305
MVC Student Worker Filled Terri Orchard 639-5247 Filing, shred documents, assist evaluators &
enrollment supervisor; take student i.d. photos.  PREFERRED:
 Attention to detail, accuracy and alphabetizing.  Position may only require 10-12 hours per week.
SGP Student Worker 3 Debra Gleason 922-1327 Answer phones, assist students, answer student questions, filing.  PREFERRED SKILLS: Computer skills, datat entry, managing phones.  Attention to detail and accuracy.
Geology MVC Student Worker 1 Pat Smith 639-5431 Assist with setting up and breaking down student labs; some paperwork.
Guidance MVC Student Worker 1 Karen Cranney 751-7605 Help organize and coordinate various Guidance class activities; assist with departmental mailings, filing, and organizational type activites.  PREFERRED:  Typing and organizing.
Honors Enrichment Program SJC/MVC Student Assistanc 1 Christina Yamanaka/Erik Ozolins 487-3522/639-5725 Provid administrative support for the Honors Co-Directors at the SJ and MV campuses.  Help organize and promote Honors events, creating flyers for Honors activities and scholarships.  Assisting with projects.  SKILLS NEEDED: a student in good standing with the Honors Enrichment Program (preferred, not required), proficiency in Word and Excel, competency in conducting library and web-based research, excellent oral and written skills, self-motivated, can work independently or part of a team.
Human Resources SJC Student Worker Filled Cindy Rogers 487-3161 Answer phones and take detailed messages, greet customers, alphabetize documents, create labels and file folders, copy and assemble documents, file as needed.
Instruction Office MVC Clerical Assistant Filled Rose Russell 672-0637 Basic clerical duties including typing (computer use), filing, copying, scanning, and other duties.  SKILLS NEEDED/PREFERRED:  Proficiency with Word and Excel, good spelling/proofreading skills.  Must dress appropriately and have good verbal skills.
SJC Clerical Assistant Filled Kathy Ponio 487-3407
Instructional Technology Support SJC Student Worker 1 Milton Reyes 487-3772 Helps with smartroom and computer labs housekeeping; inventory and recordkeeping; equipment delivery and setup; minor troubleshooting.  PREFERRED:  Basic PC skills.
Job Connect
SJC Clerical Assistance Filled Susan King 487-3471 Answer phones, greet students; assist with computer use, printing and intaking paperwork.  Filing, inputting data into Excel spreadsheet; assist with calls, mailers and distribution.  PREFERRED SKILLS:  Customer service and Excel experience preferred, but will train if willing to learn and self-assertive.
Learning Resource Center SJC Peer Tutor 10 Maria Aquino 487-3481 Provide academic assistance in a variety of disciplines, aid with daily operation that includes but is not limited to: making copies, pick-ups from print shop and SLO data entry.  SKILLS NEEDED: Prerequisite to eomployment is completion of the TA-100 course (at either SJC or MVC). Student should have some basic computer skills and must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5, and a discipline specific GPA  GPA of 3.0. which will be verified by the Tutorial Services Specialist of the LRC.          
MVC Computer Support 2 Ted Blake 639-5487 Daily check-in with Front Desk Staff and/or Dean of offsite programs.  Provide general support in camputer lab area; respond to printing inquiries.  Assist students with Blackboard, logging in, email, Discusion Board etc…Assist students with MS programs and educational software.  Monitor computers for inappropriate use.  Implement effective tutorial policies and procedures.  Keep computer area tidy.  PREFERRED: Knowledge of student educational processes and needs.  Ability to effectively assisit students in computer lab area.  Ability to operate standard office equipment.  Ability to communicate effectively.  Ability to multi-task in a very busy environment.
TEC Computer Support 1 Ted Blake 639-5487
Learning Skills
Student Worker 1
Jim Decker
639-5491 Tutor students who need assistance with basic Math 050, 051, 090 & 096 and English 061, 062, and 092.   MUST have completed Math 096 and English 098. Enroll in TA class.
SJC Student Worker 2 Marlene Cvetko 487-3491 Scanning and assisting students with setting up adaptive computer technology as needed.  PREFERRED:  Computer word processing and key command.  Adaptive computer apps-Dragon/Kurzweil preferred.
Library SJC Library Clerk Aide-Circulation  1 Vali Reese 487-3455 Check in/out, reshelve items. Typewriter/keyboard basic data entry. Assist with projects. Answer directional questions.  PREFERRED SKILLS: Basic computer skills.
MVC Library Aide Filled Tracy Pitt 639-5459 Process and shelve books and media; assist library users. Organize and transport materials.  PREFERRED SKILLS: ability to file alphabetically and numerically, computer competency.
Maintenance and Operations SJC Office Assistane  Filled Diane Morales 487-3105 Clerical work consisting of purging files, filing, answering phones, and processing documents.
Math MVC Student Worker 2 Dr. Nizam Kazi 639-5431 Assisting with filing and office work; assisting with attendance in online class.  NO INSTRUCTION or GRADING work.  No math requried.  PREFERRED:  computer skills, organization, reliable.
MVC Student Worker 1 Shahla Razavi 639-5431
Multimedia MVC Lab Monitor 6 Niki Love 639-5549 Monitor computer lab and online tutor room; sign students in and out of lab; assign tutors as required; report hardware problems  PREFERRED SKILLS: Confident with computer, file management, and social skills.  Ability to work well in a team.  Multimedia student proferred.
Music MVC Music Assistant 3 Jeremy Brown 639-5665 A variety of duties include:  set-up equipment at rehearsal/ performances; monitor practice/tech room; assist with sound equipment.  PREFERRED:  dependable worker; attention to detail; ability to lift 30 lbs; experience working with audio equipment; experience working with musical groups.
MVC Student Worker 6 Soohyun Son 529-8558 Moving, set up and tear down equipment.  Help other students learn their parts.  Help with PR.  PREFERRED SKILLS:  general music knowledge, sight-singing, ear-training.
Natural Sciences MVC Laboratory Assistant 2 Dr. Roy Mason 639-5730 Assist the Instructional Aides and the instructors in setting up and taking down laboratories for the Natural Sciences Department.  PREFERRED:  Some college level science course work preferred, but not required.  Some computer skills, word processing, Excel.
Outreach and Matriculation MVC College Mentor 13 Joanna Quejada 639-5315 Provide current and accurate information to current and potential College students about MSJC's Programs and services. Conduct informational tables and tours. Assist Enrollment Services on campus Eagle Access Center (EAC). Light clerical duties as assigned. PREFERRED SKILLS: Navigation and knowledge of MSJC College Website and enrollment processess.  MS Office Suite and Access Data base a plus. Paid training.
SJC College Mentor 13 Beth Bowles 487-3312
Physics/ Astronomy MVC Student Worker 1 H. Kirsten Sayama 639-5412 General lab maintenance; copying/paperwork; other duties as assigned.  PREFERRED:  College-level reading; ability to follow directions.
Police Department SJC Student Worker Filled Lana May 487-3182 Clerical duties, data entry, filing, answering phones and greeting students and visitors at the front window.  Assist police department in reporting suspicious activity, violations of parking and any safety hazards.  PREFERRED: Must be professional, perform work accurately and provide information as needed to students and visitors.
Sociology MVC Sociology Program Assistant 2 Valerie Reed Typing, filing, organizing, record keeping, taking telephone messages and other general office duties.  PREFERRED:  General office skills and previous enrollment in a sociology course.
Student Government Association MVC Office Assistant 3 Nathan Brais 487-3267 Work to promote and support student life on campus.  Conduct classroom visitson behalf of Student Government (SGA), Campus Clubs and other student activities-related groups.  Provide front desk assistance to students, schedule appointments, assist with filing and other office duties as needed.  PREFERRED SKILLS:  Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.  Basic filing and other record-keeping.  Excellent customer service skills required.
SJC Office Assistant 1 Nathan Brais 487-3267
Student Success/Dev. SJC Student Worker Filled Alex Cuatok 487-3205 The iStudent peer will assist with the iStudent program activities and events; respond to student requests for services; answer and return phone calls; meet students one-on-one informing them of resources on campus.  PREFERRED SKILLS: Friendly, cordial, patient, some knowledge of resources on campus.  GPA of 3.0 and above.
MVC Student Worker Filled Alex Cuatok 639-5315
Theater Arts SJC Technical Assistant 1 Darren DePriest 487-3793 Assist in the building of theatrical sets, lighting, and other duties as assigned.  SKILLS NEEDED:  Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
World Language MVC Instructor Assistant/ WL Lab Monitor 1 Lissette Castro 639-5655 Archive and file paperwork, return email and voicemail, make copies, help count "words" during exams.  Organize, help with record keeping, general office duties, help with various errands.  PREFERRED SKILLS:  Professional and courteous, be reliable and dependable, and mus tbe aware of other people's needs.  Spanish/English speaker preferred.
"Every job is a self portrait of the person who does it.  Autograph your work with excellence."