It's Not too Late to Vaccinate

State and local health officials and the news media are urging the public to get a flu vaccination. In Mt. San Jacinto College’s continued effort to provide a safe and healthy learning environment, college officials are alerting students and employees to learn more about the flu and take preventative measures to help avoid the spread of the flu.
Centers for Disease Control
The Centers for Disease Control is promoting the “It’s Not too Late to Vaccinate” campaign. Find out more at
Please access local information by going to the Riverside County Department of Public Health Department’s web site:
This web site offers information on the flu and where you can receive a vaccination.
If you are sick, please respect the health of others and stay home. If a co-worker or student is ill, advise them to go home in the interest of public health and safety.
Please remember to use the Purell hand sanitizers that are installed in all bathrooms at Mt. San Jacinto College.
Mt. San Jacinto College advises its students and employees to check with their doctors about vaccinations to help protect against the flu.
Vaccinations are available at Riverside County Family Care Centers. Please call (800)720-9553 for locations and information.
Or, call the San Bernardino Department of Public Health at (800)782-4264
Or (909)387-6359 TDD