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Access eLumen at and login using your Blackboard username and password.


The following links are to documents designed to guide you through the listed process:


How to Enter Student Scores into eLumen

This is done by all faculty who are assessing CLOs at the course level. Faculty have access to the courses they are teaching in a given semester and are the only ones with access to those courses. Others are able to see reports for a course but not for individual sections. Scores are entered per student and rosters are uploaded/updated from Datatel multiple times during the semester.


How to Enter CLOs

This can be done by any faculty member who has been designated a Program or Course Coordinator in eLumen. If you need access to enter CLOs for a department and are not currently listed as a coordinator please email


How to Create an Assessment

Each course must have an assessment created in eLumen in order to gather the data from the sections. To create an assessment that all faculty teaching sections of a given course can access you must be a Program or Course Coordinator in eLumen. If you need access to create an assessment and are not currently listed as a coordinator please email


How to Enter/Update a Course Improvement Plan 

The Course Improvement Plan is designed to capture any updates or changes to a course that are driven by assessment data. Once a course has been assessed the Program or Course Coordinator can access the Course Improvement Plan and fill it out based on feedback from the faculty members. This form is then saved in eLumen and can be exported as a pdf if necessary for posting or emailing. The form can be updated as new meetings/discussions take place but a new one is created every semester so they should be filled out for the semester in which the assessment was given.


How to Export a Course Improvement Plan

This can be used so someone who needs access to the Course Improvement Plan but was not teaching the course can review it. The plan can be exported from eLumen as a pdf.


How to View a Course Improvement Plan

Once a course has been assessed and the department has filled out a Course Improvement Plan, anyone who has taught the course is able to access and review the plan within eLumen. If someone would like to review the plan but did not teach a section of the course then it must be exported (see previous link).


How to Run Reports

This how you access the reports listed in eLumen. This is for Program and Course Coordinators and if you have any questions on the types of reports or would like some other information, please email


Sample eLumen Reports

This is just a link to some of the types of reports that eLumen is capable of generating.

















Entering Student Scores in eLumen.pdfEntering Student Scores in eLumen.pdf