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MSJC > Learning Resource Center > San Jacinto Campus LRC > SJC LRC Tutors of the Month

SJC LRC Tutors of the Month


Adrian McBrom - Technology

 ·      His mentoring in the Tech Center has helped me to become a better Tech Tutor

·       He is super friendly, and with his extensive technology background is always able to help no matter what the question

·       Very knowledgeable with the schools web page and blackboard


Angela Salas - Math

·         She is a leader in and out of the LRC

·         She always brings goodies for her fellow tutors in the LRC

·         No matter what is going on in her personal live she is always in a good mood in the LRC


John Perham - Writing 

·         He shows great patience with students and they are always thanking him for it

·         Really gets into the tutoring session and doesn’t stop until the tutee gets it

·         He is incredibly dependable and he really cares about what he is doing as a tutor

Shauna Stroup - CTE 

·       She is very helpful & smart

·       Her knowledge of accounting and Excel is extensive and her tutees are always complimenting her on it

·       She is very dependable and accommodating

All of the tutors of the month received a tutor of the month certificate, two coupons for burgers at Carls Junior, and a candy bar of their choosing. 



Ursula Simonoski – Writing Center
·        She is able to help in all 3 centers of the LRC, and never let a flag go un-noticed
·        She is full of good ideas and always willing to help a fellow tutor in need.
·        She is professional, friendly, and has a great work ethic!
totm_photo_marzieh.jpg Marzieh F. Tousi – Math Center
·        Always on task!
·        She is a great tutor
·        She is so helpful!
totm_photo_davidm.jpg David Mann – CTE
· He is always where his is supposed to be; a very dependable guy!
· He pitches in when need and where needed J
· He is always on task!
Arianna Vargas – Tech Center
·        Students tell me she is nice and doesn’t intimidate them J
·        She is always willing to help!
·        Overall helpful; she helps out in various centers, and always very up-beat!

All of the tutors of the month received a tutor of the month certificate, two coupons for burgers at Carls Junior, and a candy bar of their choosing.



Trinity Medellin is graduating from MSJC Spring 2013 with her Associates in Anthropology. She is transferring to UCR to continue pursuing this major with emphasis on Archaeology. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, rock climbing, and listening to cool music.

Her fellow tutors say:
·         Trinity is a fantastic tutor!
·         She is always helpful and always smiling. She is never in a bad mood.
·         Always positive with a bright smile.
totm_photo_sly.jpg Sylvester Robinson
His fellow tutors say:
·         He helps students and fellow tutors.
·         He has a friendly way with the students and is always very helpful.
·         He is a great help to everyone.
totm_photo_kylie.jpg Kylie Reich is a full time student and Math major who plans to transfer in 2014 to somewhere in Northern California like Humboldt State University or UC Davis. She is planning to pursue a double major and explore Marine Biology. She currently serves as the San Jacinto campus’ STEM club treasurer. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, drawing, doing math, and hanging with friends.
Her fellow tutors say:
·         Kylie is a great tutor!
·         She really cares about the tutoring process and believes anyone can learn math.
·         Kylie is very knowledgeable and a math genius!
totm_photo_catherine.jpg Catherine Cato
Her fellow tutors say:
·         She is awesome and will drop everything to help students.
·         Cathy is an amazing tutor. Students track her down for her assistance.




Jo Ann Roettgen is one of the veteran tutors of the LRC. She really enjoys assisting MSJC students with their course work and concentrating on her own studies. She is an MSJC graduate currently working on degrees in Sociology and Communication at California State University Channel Islands and has plans to pursue a Ph.D. in the future. She enjoys learning and hopes to put that to good use as an educator. When she is not working, going to school, or working on her homework, she enjoys writing for fun, interacting with different animals, cooking, and exploring nature in all its glory. Music and nature are her grounding forces, but her work is her motivation.
Her fellow tutors say:
·         She is a strong tutor
·         She can juggle many students at once
·         She is always willing to assist and guide newbie tutors

Jessica Del Mastro has a very endearing attitude and leaves a lasting impression on all of the students she assists. However, her talents are not limited to her writing abilities on the contrary she is a competent Automotive Tutor as well. She is currently an MSJC student who plans on transferring to California State Polytechnic University at Pomona in the fall of 2015. While at MSJC she is pursuing four degrees: Associates degrees in Automotive, Science, Humanities, and Arts. Her bachelor’s degree will be in Geology. In her spare time, Jessie enjoys reading, cooking/eating food, and playing video games.

Her fellow tutors say:

·         She takes her time when tutoring to ensure the tutee understands the material being reviewed
·         She is very helpful often volunteering her own time to give a student additional assistance
·         She has a very approachable personality and is fun to work with

Leigh Ann is currently majoring in Nursing with plans to transfer to CSUSM this summer to be a part of their Accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing program. She is also finishing her medical school requirements with plans to one day apply to medical school or a Doctorate of Nurse Practitioners program. In her spare time Leigh Ann likes to cook, read, craft and hang out with her friends, husband and 4 dogs! She is always willing to assist a student in need, and many students seek her out specifically.

Her fellow tutors say:

  • She is awesome and very knowledgeable in all of the subjects she tutors
  • She is professional and understanding
  • Time passes quickly when tutoring with her as she is fun to work with




Corrine Rutledge is currently majoring in Business Administration, and is working towards transferring to USC or Cal State Fullerton to take part in the business honors program. She will graduate with an AA in Liberal Arts before her transfer date. The skills she is learning on her educational journey will be used to work in the makeup industry or something close to the creative, colorful field. She also loves unicorns and glitter!!

She was nominated by her peers for the following reasons:
  • Good with Microsoft Office
  • Nice, funny and awesome
Jeffrey Miller is a graduate of MSJC who is currently attending California State Polytechnic University at Pomona. He is studying chemical engineering and plans on graduating with a Bachelors Degree in 2014. He is still trying to decide if he wants to pursue his education any further than that in order to teach at the college level in the future. In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar, playing a variety of sports with friends, and reading.
He was nominated by his peers for the following reasons:
  • Students ask for him
  • Very Helpful
  • Good comments from students
  • He is awesome at Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus
  • Funny, smart and awesome
  • Always friendly
Cynthia Wagner has been tutoring at MSJC since 2009.  She enjoys tutoring because it allows her to help fellow students. Cynthia plans to attend California State University, San Bernardino next fall to continue her education and hopes to one day open her own accounting firm. She is the mother of two boys and also has two beautiful granddaughters.

She was nominted by her peers for the following reasons:
  • Very helpful
  • Helps students with any problem thrown her way
  • Always friendly
Lindsey Woods is currently a full time student at MSJC.  Lindsey has chosen to major in Biology, and plans on transferring to Cal Poly Pomona in the fall of 2014.  This is where she plans on getting a Bachelors’ Degree in Animal Science, and completing Pre-Vet program requirements.  From there, Lindsey would like to attend U.C. Davis and complete the Veterinary Medicine program. When she grows up, Lindsey plans on either having her own Veterinary practice or being a Vet in a major zoo, preferably The San Diego Wild Animal Park.  Lindsey loves to spend her free time with friends and loved ones.

She was nominated by her peers for the following reasons:
  • Extremely creative
  • Helpful to all the students she encounters
  • Awesome and funny
  • Pretty much AWESOME!
This month's winners received a certificate, lamp of knowledge trophy, MSJC pen, candy, and a gift card for Farmer Boy's Burger in San Jacinto:


Allison Whitacre is currently a student Mount San Jacinto College. While attending school at MSJC she has earned an A.S. degree in Business Administration and will graduate this semester with an A.S. in Social/Behavioral Science and an A.A. in Liberal Arts Business Technology. Her short term goals consist of making a final decision about where to transfer and starting a career in early childhood education. Her long term goals involve obtaining her Bachelor’s degree then becoming an elementary school teacher. She enjoys spending her spare time doing anything outdoors with her family and friends.
She was nominated by her peers for the following reasons:
·       Allison is always friendly and helpful to both students and tutors.
·       Very polite and patient!
·       Allison is a real MVP for the center and is well liked by all.
·       Always helpful and very knowledgeable in all tech related things. She accommodates the students working in the tech center by pulling tutors from the other areas to help with math and writing issues on an as needed basis.
Jacqualine Logan is currently an MSJC student who plans on transferring to UCR FAll 2013. She is majoring in math for secondary teaching. Eventually, she plans on obtaining her Master's Degree to teach at the college level. Jacqualine loves reading and writing just as much as she loves to do math.
She was nominated by her peers for the following reasons:
·       Does vital work for our data records; great rapport with students.
·       Jackie is a great tutor! She helps in all areas when it is busy and is very patient with tutees.
·       Helpful in math and English! 
Elena graduated from MSJC and then transferred to Cal State San Bernardino where she received a Business Administration Bachelor of Science Degree with a concentration in Accounting and minor in Finance.  Elena’s future aspirations are to also obtain a degree in mathematics, so she can do what she loves best:  teaching mathematics.  During her spare time she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, hiking, going to the movies, and going to the zoo.  
She was nominated by her peers for the following reasons:
·       Elena is one of the best tutors we have and has great rapport with students.
·       Really good tutor; knows her stuff and is a nice person.
·       Very solid math tutor; highly skilled and confident!
Doug Wilson has been with the LRC for several years and currently tutors in our CTE Lab. He earned his AA degree in Liberal Arts from MSJC and is currently studying GIS (Geographic Information Systems). 
He was nominated by his peers for the following reasons:
·       Doug is always there to lend a helping hand
·       He always helps in any way he can
This month’s winners received: a certificate, lamp of knowledge trophy, MSJC pen, candy, and a gift certificate for a free lunch combo at Stadium Pizza