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Comparable Science Pre-Requisite Courses
Science pre-requisite course work for Nursing and Allied Health Programs can be taken at other Regionally Accredited Institutions. Other Institutions may require pre-requisite courses for the below mentioned comparable courses, please reference their course catalog. Approval of content by the Nursing and Allied Health Unit does not exempt the 2.5 GPA requirement.
Courses must have been taken face to face within 7 years of the application filing year
Course descriptions and/or outlines may be requested of the student to complete pre-application clearance. If a course is considered comparable, but was taken beyond the 7 year recency requirement, the student will be invited to take an assessment offered through ATI for Anatomy & Physiology. For Microbiology recency the student may contact the Office of Instruction to seek a Special Project 299 course.
Online Science Coursework is not acceptable for Mt. San Jacinto College Nursing and Allied Health Programs.
For further clarification, please contact Janyt Camper at (951) 639-5661 or
         Review Charts below of comparable courses from local Regionally Accredited Institutions.
Institution Minimally Comparable MSJC
   Pre-Requisiste Courses Courses
California State University San Marcos BIO 175 and BIO 176 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  BIO 160 BIOL 125
Chaffey College BIOL 20 and BIOL 22 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  BIOL 23 and BIOL 23L BIOL 125
College of the Desert BI 013 and BI 014 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  BI 015 BIOL 125
Copper Mountain College BI 022 and BI 023 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  BI 015 BIOL 125
Grossmont College BIO 144 and BIO 145 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  or BIO 140 and BIO 141 and BIO 142 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  BIO 152 BIOL 125
Mira Costa College BIO 210 and BIO 220 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  BIO 230 BIOL 125
Mesa College BIO 230 and BIO 235 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
Miramar College BIO 205 BIOL 125
San Diego City College    
Moreno Valley College AMY 2A and AMY 2B ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
Norco College MICROB 1 BIOL 125
Riverside City College    
Mt. San Antonio College ANAT 35 and ANAT 36 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  MIC 1 BIOL 125
National University BIO 201/BIO 201A and BIO 202/BIO 202A ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  BIO 203 and BIO 2023A BIOL 125
Palomar College ZOO 200 and ZOO 203 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  MICR 200 BIOL 125
San Bernardino Valley College BIOL 250 and BIOL 251 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  or BIOL 260 and BIOL 261 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  BIOL 270 BIOL 125
Southwestern College BIO 260 and BIO 261 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  BIOL 265 BIOL 125
Victor Valley College BIOL 211 and BIOL 231 ANAT 101 and ANAT 102
  BIOL 221 BIOL 125
*Chart valid for the 2013-2014 academic year.