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MSJC > Supplemental Instruction (SI) > Faces of SI -- Who's Who

Faces of SI -- Who's Who


MSJC (district) SI Coordinator
Janice Levasseur
Office:  MVC room 505 ~ SJC room 1254B 
Janice Levasseur, SI Coordinator.jpgJanice Levasseur's experience with SI goes way back to her undergraduate days at Sonoma State University when she served as an SI Leader for an Introduction to Statistics class. Over a decade later, Janice, then the Math Center Coordinator, introduced SI to MSJC (Menifee Valley Campus, MVC) by providing SI support for an Elementary Statistics course.  To her delight, the results were just as advertised -- increased student success and retention.  Janice continued her work to grow the SI program slowly at MVC.  In the Fall 2007 semester, Janice was assisted in piloting SI at the San Jacinto Campus, SJC.  For several semesters, the SI Program went relatively unnoticed until the data caught the attention of the Associate Dean of Research and Planning who started spreading the word.  Today the MSJC SI Program is a significant and vibrant student support program at MSJC! 
For more information about the MSJC SI Program, please feel free to contact Janice.  She's always more than happy to talk SI!  
Kathalena Rios 2.jpg
Kathalena Rios's experience with the SI program started in 2013 when she was an SI Leader for Mt. San Jacinto College.  She developed and grew with the program and became an SI Mentor assisting new SI leaders in enhancing their skills as SI Leaders.  She has worked for MSJC as a Student Mentor for Matricualtion and Outreach, a Peer Tutor for the SJC LRC,and as a Peer Mentor for the SJC Math Center.  She is currently the SI Specialist for the Supplemental Instruction Progam. Student success has always been and continues to be her main objective at MSJC. Together with the support and collaboration of the SI Coordinator, SI Instructors, SI Specialist, SI Mentors, and SI Leaders the SI program will continue to improve student success for years to come!


                                                  Fall 2016 MSJC SI Team

MVC SI Leaders Fall 2016

Leader – Class (Section #)

Aaron- Chem 102 (3034)

Amber- Engl 92 (3142)

Annette- Math 55 (4273)

Beth- Hist 103 (3217)

Cody- Engl 92 (3127)

David- CSIS 113A (4419)

Deirdre- Engl 103 (3181)

Elizabeth- Chem 101 (3658,3664)

Jacob- Math 105 (3793)

Johanna- Math 90 (3754)

Joshua- PS 101 (3292,3617H)

Juanita- Math 90 (3747)

Kenneth- Chem 101 (3673)

Leslie- Bio 125 (3581,3585H)

Mercedes-  Math 105 (3802)

Michael- Bio 125 (3580,3583H)

Michelle- Engl 92 (3659)

Robert- Engl 92 (3144)

Suzette- Music 103 (3240)

Tristan- CSIS 113A (4418)

Xochitl- Span 101,102 (3312,3323)

Zachary- Engl 92 (3130)

SJC SI Leaders Fall 2016

Leader - Class  (Section #)

Andrew- Hist 111 (1112,2103H)

Anthony- Math 105 (1969)

Arturo- Math 110 (1046)

Cameron- Chem 101 (2075)

David- CSIS 113A (1926)

Haley- Math 105 (1962)

Janice- Engl 92 (1136)

Lizbeth- Math 90 (1941,1942)

Maggie- Chem 101 (2077)

Maria- Math 105 (1970)

Marina- Anth 101 (1699,1984H)

Michael- Anat 101 (1221)

Rachel- Engl 92 (1124)

Savannah- Engl 92 (1906,1080)

Stephanie- Math 140 (1981)

Vida- Engl 92 (1935)


MSJC SI Mentors Fall 2016

Andrew,  Joshua, Juanita, Justin, Leslie, Marina, Rachel




A Supplemental Instruction Leader (SIL) is a student who has successfully completed the course they will serve as SIL for.  SILs have, preferably, a previous relationship with the instructor of the SI targeted course.  SILs serve as a “near-peer” to the students in class and model good student behavior (attend all classes, are attentive, take notes, and model organizational and study skills.)  SILs conduct two out-of-class review sessions that enable participants to process the course content delivered in class.   SIL are trained in the beginning of and throughout the semester. 


For more information or if you are interested in serving as a SI Leader, please contact Janice Levasseur (SI Coordinator) at


SI HASHI Left Justified.jpg

February MMM III.jpg

chris dobson.jpgMarzieh Tousi.jpgNeil Willis.jpgSterling.jpgStephen Popelar.jpggroup discussion orientation 1.jpgSI Orientation_MathII.JPG IMG_1503.JPGDSC_0328.JPGDSC_0399.JPG
Becoming an SI Leader
SI Leader Minimum Qualifications
  • A in the class you wish to SI for
  • Minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA
  • Instructor recommendation/approval

SI Leader Desired Qualifications
  • Completion or concurrent enrollment in the MSJC tutor training course (TA 100)
  • Current MSJC student working towards a degree/transfer

SI Leader Hiring Process
  • Application (see the SI Line Up tab for application window)
  • Interview
  • Class/Instructor match
  • Instructor selection/approval
  • Continued enrollment in a minimum of 6 units during the semester
  • Student worker hire process