All new EOPS students are required to attend the EOPS Orientation.  Information presented in the orientation will assists student in answering the questions on the quiz to be taken after the Orientation.  All EOPS students are required to take the quiz in order to receive monetary services from Mt. San Jacinto College EOPS Program.
How to submit your Quiz:
1. Click on SP14 EOPS Quiz_distributed._distributed.pdf for the EOPS application online
2. Open the quiz to start the process
3. Once you have completed the quiz , click on “Submit Form” on the upper right hand to submit your online application
5. Wait until you see a second message indicating that your “Response has been successfully sent”
6. Your Quiz results will be email to you on the following day.
Note: You must answer all questions correctly in order to receive the EOPS monetary services if not, you will need to retake the "EOPS Orientation Quiz" the following day.