Services Procedures
Fall 2014
1.      Instruction on how to get your Book Voucher:
·       You must sign the MRC and/or Probation Contact.
·       You will need to be enrolled in 12 units or more ( unless you’re a DSPS student or have been granted a waiver by an EOPS director or   counselor)
·       You will need to pick up an EOPS stamp class schedule (book voucher) on August 11, 2014 in our EOPS office.
·       You will need to take your ID and your book voucher to the SJC or MVC Book Store in order for you to buy your books.
Please Note:
Do not wait until the last day (August 15, 2014) to do you orientation or sign the MRC because the process takes five business days to get cleared and you might not get your book voucher on time. To avoid delays on your services, please have everything completed by August 4, 2014.The last day for students to pick the book vouchers is September 26, 2014.
2.        Instruction to request SGA Sticker & Parking Permit:
·         You must sign the MRC and/or Probation Contact
·         You need to pay for the TRANSPORTATION fee ($6.00) before requesting your SGA and Parking. 
·         SGA/Parking Permit request starts on August 11, 2014
·         Go to: www.msjc.edu
·         Login to your Black Board
·         Click on “Student Eagle Advisor”
·         Click on “Payment and Purchases/Parking Permit & SGA Sticker/Other Fees”
·         Select the Term “Fall 2014”
·         Only select “Purchased Permit” and/or “SGA Sticker”
Please note:
If you requested SGA Sticker; you can pick up it up at the Cashiers Office one day after your request was made. However, if you requested Parking Permit, please allow 5 business days for your parking sticker to arrive at your home address. Please make sure you do your request on the same day of your orientation (sign the MRC and/or probation contract) before 2:00pm.  If you do not request them before 2:00pm, you will need to do it on the following day or else your request will be automatically deleted from the system. The last day for students to request SGA Sticker & Parking Permit is September 30, 2014.