Services Procedures
Spring 2015
                     Instructions on how to get your $200.00 Book Voucher
·         To be eligible to receive the EOPS book voucher, you must first have completed the following: Signed the Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC)/Probation Contract (only if placed on probation), enrolled in 12 units or more (unless you have a DSPS Request for Reduced Course Load or have been granted a unit waiver by the EOPS counselor/director.
·         You will need to have your SGA sticker prior to picking up your book voucher.
·         The EOPS book voucher will be available to eligible students beginning Tuesday, January 20, 2015.
·         You will receive an email once your book voucher is available at the Bookstore. If you are not eligible for the book voucher, you will also be notified.
·         Once you receive the email notification regarding your book voucher being available, you will need to go to the SJC or MVC Bookstore to pick up you books. However, you will not be able to pick up your books if don’t present your school ID and the SGA Sticker. If you don’t have your SGA Sticker; you will need to go to the EOPS office.
·         If you added a class that is not on the schedule that the book store has of you, then you will need to go to the EOPS office and request a recent schedule (book voucher) to be provided to you.
·         The last day to pick up the book voucher is Friday, February 27, 2015.
           Instructions to request Transportation fee to be paid:
·         You must meet all the requirements mentioned above (first bullet).
·         You don’t have to request the transportation fee because it is a fee that every student is required to pay each semester.
·         You are no longer required to pay for the Transportation fee since EOPS is providing (paying) this service to eligible students for the first time this semester. If you already paid for the Transportation fee and want to get reimbursed, you don’t have to notify us because we are able to see that you paid the fee.
Note: Reimbursement checks will be mailed the last week of February. If you don’t receive your reimbursement within 5-10 business days after the last week of February, please contact the EOPS office ASAP at 951-487-3294.
  Instructions to request SGA Sticker & Parking Permit:
·         You will need to request your SGA/Parking Permit on Friday, January 16, 2015
·         Go to: www.msjc.edu
·         Login to your Blackboard
·         Click on “Student Eagle Advisor”
·         Click on “Payment and Purchases/Parking Permit & SGA Sticker/Other Fees”
·         Select the Term “Spring 2015”
·         Only select “Purchased Permit” and/or “SGA Sticker”
Please note:
If you requested SGA Sticker; you can pick it up at the Cashiers Office one day after your request was made. However, if you requested the Parking Permit, please allow 5 business days for your parking sticker to arrive at your home address. Please make sure to request the Parking Permit and SGA Sticker before 2:00pm.  If you do not request them before 2:00pm, you will need to do it on the following day or else your request will be automatically deleted from the system. The last day for students to request SGA Sticker & Parking Permit is February 27, 2015.