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MSJC > Student Services > Student Government Association > ICC Agendas and Minutes 2015-2016

ICC Agendas and Minutes 2015-2016


 ​                        “Minutes will be posted in accordance to the Ralph M. Brown Act and Agendas will added as they are approved"

ICC Minutes 8-17-15.pdfICC Minutes 8-17-15.pdf
ICC Agenda 8-24-15.pdfIICC Agenda 8-24-15 (2).pdfICC Agenda 8-24-15 (2).pdf
ICC Minutes 8-24-15.pdfICC Minutes 8-24-15.pdf
ICC Agenda 8-31-15.pdfICC Agenda 8-31-15.pdf
ICC Minutes  8-31-15 Final (3).pdfICC Minutes 8-31-15 Final (3).pdf
ICC Agenda9-14-15 Draft (1).pdfICC Agenda9-14-15 Draft (1).pdf
ICC Minutes 9-14-15.pdfICC Minutes 9-14-15.pdf
ICC Agenda 9-21-15 (2).pdfICC Agenda 9-21-15 (2).pdf
ICC Minutes 9-28-15 (2).pdfICC Minutes 9-28-15 (2).pdf
                                                                    ICC Minutes 9-28-15 (2).pdfICC Minutes 9-28-15 (2).pdf    
                                                                        ICC Minutes 10-19-15 (2) (1).pdfICC Minutes 10-19-15 (2) (1).pdf
                                               ICC Minutes 10-26-15 Final.pdfICC Minutes 10-26-15 Final.pdf       
                           ICC Minutes 12-7-15.pdfICC Minutes 12-7-15.pdf

ICC Agenda 9-28-15 (2).pdfICC Agenda 9-28-15 (2).pdf                               

ICC Agenda 10-19-15 (2) (1).pdfICC Agenda 10-19-15 (2) (1).pdf                    

ICC Agenda 10-26-15 Final.pdfICC Agenda 10-26-15 Final.pdf

ICC Agenda 11-23-15 Final.pdfICC Agenda 11-23-15 Final.pdf

ICC Agenda 12-7-15 Final.pdfICC Agenda 12-7-15 Final.pdf
ICC Minutes 2-1-16.pdfICC Minutes 2-1-16.pdf