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How to Become a Pathway Student

To be eligible for the 2+2 Business Pathway, students must: 
  1. Have fewer than 15 degree applicable units completed at any college or university. 

  2. Be willing to attend school full-time (approximately 4-5 classes each fall and spring semester and 2-3 classes each summer session). 

  3. And be willing to start at college level math and English.

How to Enroll in the 2+2 Business Pathway

​     1. Apply for Admission to MSJC​.

     2. Get your questions answered by attending 2+2 Business Pathway Information Session or emailing April Wardwell at

     3. Complete the Student Interest Form and have the 2+2 Business Pathway Coordinator evaluate your eligibility.

     4. If eligible, sign the 2+2 Business Pathway Student Agreement Form.

     5. Sign the CSUSM at Temecula Transfer Admission Guarantee.