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Past Exhibitions


The A.R.T.E.R.Y. exhibit
October 29 - November 21, 2012






 The Annual Student Show 2012
April 28 - May 17
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 28, 3-5pm

Featuring artwork made by students on the San Jacinto and Menifee campuses.


Still Life - Pear Apple Mug.jpg

 Still Life: Apple, Pear, Mug by Pamela Tharaldson



Kjersten Jeppesen: A Retrospective
March 24 - April 12, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 24, 3-5pm
Curated by MSJC Art Gallery Intern Kari Robledo.
Kjersten's Art.JPG
Jeppesen's works reflect the best qualities of the modern artistic approach, while also demonstrating a steadfast movement toward growth. This is seen in her experimentations of subject and media. 
By incorporating a vast amount of knowledge of what had been done throughout the history of art with visions of what needed to be done in art "today," Jeppesen forged a culmination of what could be considered contemporary impressionism. 
Her use of color, granulaion, gradation, complements, and composition reinforce the qualities of grace and fluidity. She captures a perfect balance between boldness and reticence, the genuine and the imagined. Jeppesen's work exudes a soft and subtle strength in every gestural brushstroke. Her works divuldge the evidence of the colors that exist in reality, but which are often overlooked.
-- Kari Robledo, Curator 






The Art Associates Show 2012

February 25 - March 15

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 25, 3-5pm



Rusted, Joe Posadas



This exhibit occurs every other year and features work made by the Art Associates, the gallery volunteers. This group is made up of MSJC students and community members. "The Art Associates Show" not only celebrates these individuals' artistic talents, but it is also a sincere gesture of thank for their generosity in donating their time to the gallery.









Your Face Here: The Modern Self-Portrait

January 28 - February 16, 2012

Opening Reception and Curator's Lecture: Saturday, January 28, 2-5pm

Self Portrait Yellow.JPG
Yellow Self-Portrait, Richard Deniston


This art exhibit worked with artists from around the Inland Empire to present a first-of-its-kind display of self-portraits that showcased local creative talent. Traditional self-portraiture was initally recongized as an art form in the Renaissance and generally involoved a painted image of the artist's face or body. However, over the centuries as both art and self-portraiture developed along with culture and technology, self-portraits began to take other forms. One of the important developments that has occurred during this evolution is that artists are no longer limited to creating images of their body or face; images that represent the spirit, personality, or some other aspect of themselves are now being accepted as self-portraits. The aim of any self portrait is to represent the artist and as modes of representation change, the range of works that are accepted as self-portraits will continue to expand as well. 


Just as schools and styles of art have developed during different historical time periods and in different regions of the world, the Inland Empire can be considered to have a specific stylistic identity of its own. The artists who live and work in this area create that style, a facet of which will be on display in this show. "Your Face Here" is interested in accomplishing two goals. First, the exhibit seeks to provide a venue for the region's artists at a local venue. The other aim of the exhibit is to explore the many interpretations and viewpoints that artists hold in regards to what a self-portrait means. Because the idea of the self-portrait is so subjective and open to interpretation, a range of both representational and non-representational images will be displayed to illustrate the options available to contemporary artists. 


This exhibit was curated by the 2011/2012 MSJC Art Gallery Intern Leslie Paprocki, a UCR student studying art history. 








 Stand Still: Works by Lola del Fresno
October 31 - November 17, 2011
Opening Reception: Tuesday, November 1, 5-7pm 





 Spanish artist Lola del Fresno creates meticulously rendered illustrations of people, animals, and nature in order to conduct an in-depth examination of the human condition. Informed by her international background, del Fresno’s approach is on a more universal level, which is achieved by removing recognizable cultural or social cues from her representations. 

Del Fresno uses art to encourage the viewer to actively explore the intricacies of life, the passage of time, and our place in the world. To communicate these concepts in visual form, the artist references the idea of duality and its often conflicting qualities. The works feature a dynamic tension of detailed realism set against vague patches of abstraction. While the compositions seem complex, each piece has been stripped of the nonessentials to capture the simple spirit of the subject and evoke a sense of purity. This is further reinforced by the consistent use of subdued color schemes and simplified patterns. The majority of paintings on exhibit are life sized or larger, establishing a commanding physical presence while simultaneously inviting viewers to get up close and form a more personal relationship with the work. While contemporary, the work also pays homage to its historical predecessors. Del Fresno works in a manner that involves the breaking up of space into faceted shapes, similar to the techniques of famed Cubist artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Her work also shares the same analytical component found in Cubist works, but expands beyond the style by working with more recognizable subjects to insure a more human connection and emotional resonance.







 Art of Ability: The DSPS Student Show

Photograph by Diane Parrott


October 3 - October 20, 2011

Opening Reception: Tuesday, October 4, 4-6pm

featuring a multi-media music performance by Cloud Obsolete 


In recognition of Disabilities Awareness Month, the MSJC Art Gallery will display artwork made by students who are affiliated with the college’s DSP&S (Disabled Students Program and Services) program.  In addition to celebrating the creative accomplishments of this group of individuals, “Art of Ability” is also intended to undermine common stereotypes about disability. Disability tends to be located within the context of limitation and restriction and is often used to define someone by what they can’t do. This exhibit dismisses theses associations by acknowledging that despite our tendency to label one another, we are all individuals who should be appreciated for our own unique set of talents, abilities, and modes of self-expression.












August 19 - September 15, 2011

Opening Reception: Friday, August 19, 3-5pm


Artery 2011 3 (1).JPG


This exhibit was made possible by the cooperative efforts of the MSJC Art Gallery, California Family Life Center (CFLC) and its affiliates in Hemet, Rubidoux, and Lake Elsinore. The primary goal of A.R.T.E.R.Y.  is to demonstrate to at-risk youth that fine arts and language arts are effective modes of safe and positive modes of self-expression that will help them navigate the challenges of life. By displaying artwork in the MSJC Art Gallery, the participants are also exposed to college as an accessible and viable site to continue their education.



This year's theme was charting a life story and working with the motif of a map. Under the guidance of art educators Michele Worth and Sarah Holbach, the participants created a variety of linocut prints and sculptures  that were in direct response to writing that they did in journals. Their journal entries explored the theme by documenting experiences, identifying future plans, and recording personal thoughts and feelings.


More than 50 at-risk youth participated this year; all were between the ages of 15 and 25 years old.






The Annual Student Show

April 30 - May 19, 2011


Opening Reception: Saturday, April 30, 3-5pm


Student Show 2011 1.JPG
Student Show 2011 2.JPG
Student Show 2011 3.JPG
Photographs by Kevin Johnston





The 2011 Faculty Show

March 12 - April 7, 2011


Opening Reception: Saturday, March 12, 3-5pm




Dana Point, John Scahill, Beginning Drawing and Painting I & II





MADD view 3.jpg

Madd, Joe Cramer, Ceramic Arts



In addition to teaching art, the instructors of the MSJC Art Department are practicing artists as well. This exhibition provided the wider community with an opportunity to not only appreciate the artistic talents of these instructors but to also see a variety of approaches to contemporary art making. 






Kirk Pedersen: Urban Art

February 14 - March 3, 2011

Opening Reception: Monday, February 14, 4:30-7pm

with artist lecture at 5:30pm


YON_2006 (3).jpg
Yon, Kirk Pedersen



The works on display were selected from Pedersen's Urban Series, a substantial body of artwork that spans over two decades of his artistic career. In many ways this series summarizes the development of his work, marking the progression of his style and ideas over time, including the increasing influence of Chinese art and culture stemming from his travels and teaching experiences in China.

Pedersen began to incorporate an urban aesthetic into his work while living in San Francisco. The result was highly abstracted paintings of fragmented colors and shapes that were reminiscent of concrete, streets, stenciled signage, and walls covered in layers of of posters and graffiti. As a testament to the manmade environments in which we live, his work flawlessly caputres the jumbled mixture of sights and sounds that characterized the increasingly fast pace of modern life.

Pedersen's work is part of a growing movement in contemporary art that works with an urban aesthetic to create gritty, yet highly expressive and visually arresting works of art that are intended to convey the essence of the modern experience. While this emerging style works strictly with contemporary images, symbols and text, it is not without precedece or context: this form of expressionism is part of a clear art historical lineage that can be traced back to the European Expressionism movements of the early 1900s.


Photographs of the Opening Reception, taken by MSJC student Kevin Johnston:



Guitarist Chuck Smolsky




Joe and Kirk.jpg
Artist Kirk Pedersen disucussing his work with MSJC student Joe








Brandy and Kirk.jpg
Artist Kirk Pedersen with Gallery Director Brandelyn Dillaway





Outsider Insight: Works by Chuck Huang

January 24 - February 3, 2011


Opening Reception: Friday, January 28, 3-5pm 



Red Room, Chuck Huang



Chuck Huang is a former MSJC art instructor and an internationally recognized artist based in Orange County. He is known for his meticulous realism and a versatility that comes from depicting a wide range of subjects taken from personal observations and experiences, extensive travel, and art study.

The works selected for this exhibit explored the many complexities that make up the seemingly simple act of looking. Looking, of course, is fundamental when interacting with art; but it is also the primary way in which we take in and understand the world. Through the slight vein of ambiguity that runs through his work, Huang makes clear the narrow differences that exist between sight and perception. The open interpretation possible with Huang's work demonstrates how viewers may see the same thing but come away with different meanings. Sight can be both objective and subjective at the same time.





Vida y Muerte: The Art of Dia de los Muertos

October 29 - November 18, 2010


Opening Reception: Friday, October 29, 4-6pm




Una Flor Para El Pasado, Cosme Cordova and With Every Beat of My Heart, Gloria Toti Bell




DCR.jpg JCJ.jpg
Mictlantecuhtli, David Charles Rosales and Jack Be Nimble, Jesus Cruz, Jr.



This exhibit featured artwork by four Inland Empire artists: Gloria Toti Bell, oF Banning; David Charles Rosales, of San Bernardino; and Cosme Cordova and Jesus Cruz, Jr., both of Riverside. Together the work of these artists investigates the rich visual culture of Dia de los Muertos in a contemporary context, combining traditional imagery with current subject matter and art making processes.






 DOD Altar.jpg


The exhibit also included an altar, which is traditionally constructed as a way to pay tribute and offer spiritual sustenance to the deceased. The use of this altar was open to the community; as a gesture of remebrance, gallery visitors were encouraged to incorporate into the altar their own memento or note dedicated to a deceased friend or family member.








Art of Ability: The DSPS Student Show
October 4 - October 21, 2010

Opening Reception: Tuesday, October 5, 4-6pm
featuring a multimedia music performance by Cloud Obsolete


Lavender Field.jpg
Lavender Field, Anna Duncan



In recognition of Disabilities Awareness Month, the Mt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery displayed artwork made by students who are affiliated with the college’s DSP&S (Disabled Students Program and Services) program. This exhibit, aptly titled “Art of Ability,” not only celebrates the creative accomplishments of this group of students, but is also intended to undermine common stereotypes about disability. Disability tends to be located within the context of limitation and restriction and is often used to define someone by what they can’t do. By dismissing such associations, this exhibit encourages the viewer to look past the label of disability to instead appreciate each individual for their own unique set of talents, abilities, and modes of self-expression.








(art. recognition. transition. education. reciprocation. youth)

August 20 - September 16, 2010

Opening Reception: Friday, August 20, 3-5pm
with refreshments provided by the California Palms Restaurant
and musical entertainment by DJ Soap




 Artery Two Trees.JPG




A.R.T.E.R.Y., a community based youth outreach exhibit, is made possible through the collaborative efforts of the MSJC Art Gallery and the CFLC (California Family Life Cener). This year's theme explores the concept of home. The art educators who oversaw the project, Michele Worth and Sarah Holbach, developed this theme based on observations they had when attending group meetings. They found that due to the current economic climate, the displacement of families was a growing issue. It seemed that the youth were particularly affected by this, as they struggled with foster care, transitional living accomodations, and homelessness. With this in mind, this exhibit was intended to encourage these at-risk youth to navigate the challenges of life in a safe and positive manner through the artistic explorations of physical and abstract conceptions of home.







The Annual Student Show 

Christine Duckworth.JPG
Expectations of Congruency, Christine Duckworth, Beginning Drawing

May 8 - May 27, 2010

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 8. 3-5pm

Featuring exemplary work made by MSJC students over the 2009/2010 academic year. 






Water in the Desert

Photographs by MSJC and Copper Mountain Students

Water in the Desert
Salton Sea Sunset, Jason Conoway


April 5 - April 22, 2010

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 10, 3-5pm


This exhibit featured submissions for a photography contest that was sponsored by Cadiz, Inc., a land and water resource development company headquartered in Los Angeles. The theme for the competition was water in the desert, an open-ended concept that the students could creatively interpret through photography. The idea behind the contest was to bring attention to the complicated relationship that people have with water, to explore the watershed cycle, and to promote water awareness and conservation.






The 2010 Art Associates Show

The 2010 Art Associates Show
Birch Trees, Doris Taylor

February 27 - March 18, 2010


Opening Reception: Saturday, February 27, 3-5pm

Music by Chuck Smolsky and refreshments provided by California Palms Restaurant

This exhibit occurs every other year in the MSJC Art Gallery and features work made by the Art Associates, the gallery volunteers. "The Art Associates Show" not only celebrates these individuals' artistic talent, but is also a sincere gesture of thanks for their generosity in donating their time to the gallery.




Textures: Fiber Arts

Textures: Fiber Arts
The Peddler and The Robot, Russty Brazil

January 30th - Febraury 18th, 2010

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 30th, 3-5pm


"Textures: Fiber Arts" is an exhibit featuring contemporary art quilts made by Textures, a regional group of fiber artists. Quilting as an art form has been gaining increasing attention by the wider art community, as quilts have begun to be fully recognized for their historical and artistic depth, in addition to their role as a vehicle for highly personal expression. A significant part of this renewed interest comes from the experimentaion of contemporary art quilters, who are pushing the boundaries and associations tied to the traditional quilt. Contemporary quilt making does not completely turn its back on on the origins and conventions of this centuries-old art form. The pieces still work fundamentally with layers of fabric, they still are a juxtaposition of diverse color and patterns, texture is still achieved through creative stiching techniques, and many still retain a narrative component that is often seen with more traditional quilts.


However, as the "Textures" exhibit shows, contemporary quilts are no longer restricted to two-dimensional compositions of fabric made for display on a bed. Many have now become more three-dimensional; some even incorporate found objects to the give the quilt a sculptural quality. Many of the quilts are no longer relying solely on non-representational geometric patterning; instead they feature figurative representation or abstraction. 







The 2009 Annual Holiday Sale


The Annual Holiday Sale
Painting by MSJC student Shirloz


The Annual Holiday Sale is a popular community event that features the handmade work of artisans from around the Inland Empire. There will be a wide range of items for purchase, such as jewelry, ceramics, knitted items, stationary, woodwork, gourds, and other miscellaneous items.

The Annual Holiday Sale is the MSJC Art Gallery's primary fundraiser, in which a portion of the proceeds from each sale will go toward future gallery exhibitions and events. The sale also provides the community with a great opportunity to support the arts and to purchase unique, handmade holiday gifts for family and friends.










October 24th - November 19th, 2009

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 24th, 3-5pm

a.r.t.e.r.y. is a youth outreach program made possible through the cooperative efforts of the MSJC Art Gallery and CFLC (California Family Life Center). This year's theme explores the intersection of art and science.






This exhibit has been funded by a generous grant from Target.Target






Art of Ability: The DSPS Student Show



Art of Ability
Courtyard by Shirloz



October 5th - October 15th, 2009


Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 7th, 4-6pm

Food provided by California Palms Restaurant

Live music by Chuck Smolsky

Art of Ability features a diverse range of artwork by MSJC students who work with the college's DSPS (Disabled Students Programs and Services) program. This exhibit celebrates DSPS students for their talents and who they are as individuals.






Kala: Man's Place in Time and Nature

Photographs by Gina Genis

Kala Man's Place in Time and Nature


August 22nd-September 17th, 2009

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 22nd, 3-5pm


Gina Genis Artist Lecture


Artist Lectures

San Jacinto Campus: Saturday, August 22nd, 5-6pm

Menifee Valley Campus: Wednesday, September 9th, 7-8:30pm

Gina Genis is an Idyllwild resident who, in this body of work, has photographed Hemet and San Jacinto Valley as it is seen from Idyllwild, in which the panoramic vista of nature's beauty competes with the encroaching bright lights of the cities below. These photographs are intended to examine the delicate relationship between man and nature while also documenting the substantial amount of commercial and residential development that Hemet and San Jacinto have experienced in recent years.



For more information on the film series that was shown in conjunction with this exhibit, click here






The Annual Student Show


The Annual Student Show 2009      The Annual Student Show 2009
Paint Party by Chuck Sisk and Mrs. Manzana by Liliana Sacristan


May 2nd - May 28th, 2009

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 2nd, 3-5pm

The Annual Student Show displays work made over the 2008/2009 academic year. Participants have been selected by their instructors and their work represents what is considered to be the best examples of art produced at the college. As such, the show is intended to be a testament to the impressive artistic talent and creative ability of MSJC students. The student artists will be representing the college's San Jacinto, Menifee, and Temecula campuses.



The 2009 Biennale Faculty Show

March 21st - April 16th, 2009

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 21st, 3-5pm


The 2009 Biennale Faculty Show
The Expressionist, Kelly Berning, Ceramic Arts



Works made by MSJC Art Instructors from the college's San Jacinto, Menifee, and Temecula campuses.






Intuitive Abstractions
Untitled, Room 9



Intuitive Abstractions

Works by the Young Artists of the Child Development Center



March 9th - March 12th, 2009


Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 10th, 4-6pm


This group exhibition featured the artwork of the children who attend the Child Development Center on MSJC's San Jacinto Campus. Over 100 artists participated, all under the age of 5 years old.

The works created by these young artists are very much reminiscent of the Color Field Painting and Abstract Expressionist styles popular during the 1950s. Similar to these styles the works on display are a celebration of color and form, avoiding realistic representation to instead provide the viewer with a transcendental visual experience. To each work, there is an emotional intensity and a focus on the gesture, which is seen in the markings left by the brushstrokes as they record each physical movement made while creating the work. Color Field Painting and Abstract Expressionism were considered creativity at its most instinctual level; considering this, the show was titled "Intuitive Abstractions" because these young artists, with little to no formal art training, are working within the spirit of these styles on a purely impulsive and intuitive level.


The Child Development Center





Portraits of an Artist: Drawings by Herbert Olds

Herbert Olds: Portraits of an Artist
"Self Portrait with Rembrandt and van Eyck"

February 7th - March 5th, 2009

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 7th, 3-5pm



A retired professor from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Herbert Olds is considered by the art world to be one of the country's finest draftsmen. The dense compositions commonly found in Olds' work feature layer upon layer of disparate imagery, juxtaposed in unexpected ways. The human figure is usually the primary focus, and it is often surrounded by a combination of animals and seemingly random everyday objects. Olds intends for the intricacy of his drawings to be studies of life itself: multifaceted, busy, contradictory and, at times, complicated.


Another common element in Olds' work is Olds himself. The majority of his drawings feature self-portraits, which has allowed for his art to become a visual chronicle of his physical, personal, and artistic development throughout the years. Olds is not the first artist in art's history to create self-portraits consistently over the years; also well known for doing this was Rembrandt and Jan van Eyck. Interestingly, these artists' self-portraits appear often in Olds' work; for Olds this is intended to be an homage to these highly celebrated artists. But on another level, it makes for an intriguing parallel between the artistic intents of Rembrandt, van Eyck, and Olds.



The Annual Holiday Sale

The Annual Holiday Sale

Handmade Gifts for the Holiday Season

December 1 - 5, 2008

10am - 6pm

Handmade gifts, made by local artisans, for the holiday season! 




Art of Ability
"Lucy and Brody," Austin Lopez


Art of Ability: The DSPS Student Show

November 11th - November 14th, 2008

Opening Reception: Tuesday, November 11th, 4 - 6pm


"Art of Ability" was a collaborative effort between the MSJC Art Gallery and DSPS (Disabled Students Programs and Services) that brought to the college and the wider community the artwork of the talented students who are affiliated with DSPS. The show also intended to communicate the message that sophisticated and impressive art can be created by any individual, regardless of ability or disability.


The exhibit featured paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, and photography. Despite the different media in the exhibit, the works are linked together thematically through the concept of landscape, which was conceptualized in broad and abstract terms. Each piece in the exhibit relates in some way to the various forms of landscape: natural, celestial, urban, and human.



The Uncanny

The Uncanny: Paintings and Drawings by Nicholas Spindler

October 11th - November 6th, 2008

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 11th, 3 - 5pm


This solo exhibition displays artwork that pays homage to the style of Surrealism. This is seen in Spindler's work, which contains imagery that is eerie and dream-like, with nonsensical combinations of objects, mysterious landscapes, and a focus on one's innermost fears and fantasies.


Spindler's works exude a sense of mystery through all of their contradictions. They are ambiguous yet vivd, calm yet unsettling; they engage the viewer and isolate him at the same time. They contain that which is familiar but posess an element of the unknown. Spindler wants his works to be vague so that they are open to interpretation and their meanings differ according to the viewer.


The Uncanny





Bodies of Work

Bodies of Work: An A.R.T.E.R.Y. Collaboration

September 5th - October 2nd, 2008

Opening Reception: Friday, September 5th, 5 - 8pm


A.R.T.E.R.Y. is a youth outreach art program made possible through the cooperative

efforts of Mt. San Jacinto College and the CFLC.