Eagle Basketball Standout Bell Signs Scholarship

Taylor Bell a standout from this year's Foothill Conference Championship men's basketbataylormomanddad.jpgll team has signed a scholarship to Cal State Stanislaus to continue his academic and athletic career.

Bell, who was named First Team All Foothill Conference this past season, averaged 11.3 points a game for the Eagles helping them to a 23-6 record.  Bell came to MSJC from Redlands High School.  "I think in my time here I learned a few things, I think my IQ for the game got better, I learned the importance of the weight room and staying in school," said Bell.  Taylor also says that taking advantage of the resources offered at MSJC helped him achieve his goals, "Using our academic center and listening to Coach Springer about paying attention to detail really helped me it seemed like there wataylorsigns.jpgs very open communication in the program."

As for choosing Stanislaus as his future school, Taylor sited Warriors head coach Larry Reynolds background and his emphasis on team first as reasons he chose the school.  Reynolds is the former head coach at both Long Beach State and Cal State San Bernardino.  Bell's parents also seem to be happy with his choice and happy with the way things worked out for Taylor at MSJC.  "His self confidence has grown tremendously," said his mother Kim "He's come a long way from the kid who wanted to quit after the first week."  His father Carlton agreed saying that "He's developed into a true basketball player and he's really figured out what it takes to be successful both on and off the court."  The whole family is also happy that they will get to see many of Taylor's games.  Stanislaus is part of the CCAA Conference with many member teams located in Southern California.  "We are extremely happy that we will get to see a lot of his games in his last two years, we've been watching him play since he was six years old so this is a blessing," added Kim.

Stanislaus was 16-12 last season and 12-10 in CCAA action.


Taylor Bell pictured with his mother and father (right) and in action (left) signed a scholarship with Cal State Stanislaus on Tuesday to continue his academic and playing career next fall.