Eagle Golfers Consistent in Two Matches

Date:  March 10, 2010         Host:  Neutral Match         Site:   Oak Valley Golf Club     Weather:   Very Cold Overcast and Windy
Summary:   COD takes the lead as El Camino falters,  Long Beach and Mt. SAC stay in the running tied for 3rd.  Tough conditions and a tough golf course make for a tough day.  Dave Aguilar and Shane Chua hang on with 79 and Joey Eckels shoots an 81.   Mt. San Jacinto finishes just 5 strokes behind El Camino but remains in 6th place.shane chua
Individual Scores:    Dave Aguilar  79,   Shane Chua   79,   Joey Eckles   81,    Adam Manriquez  83,  Nate Guingab   87,   Justin Walker  90
Team Scores:   COD   384,  Antelope Valley  397,  Long Beach 399,   Mt.  SAC  400,   El Camino  404,  Mt. San Jacinto  409,  Victor Valley  DQ
Standings:    COD  21-3,   El Camino and Long Beach  17-7,   Mt. San Antonio  13-10,  Antelope Valley  11-12,   Mt. San Jacinto  4-20,  
                    Victor Valley 0-24 
Next Match:       March 29, 2010              Long Beach  Recreation Park   10:00am 
Date:  March  8, 2010             Host:   Mt. San Antonio College         Site:   El Prado Golf Club     Weather:   Cool and Sunny  Light to Mod Winds
College of the Desert comes out on top with Mt. SAC close behind  and moves into a tie with El Camino for conference lead.   The battle for the lead continues in the Foothill Conference.   Joey Eckels  77 and Nate Guingab 78 lead the way as Mt. San Jacinto sees huge improvement.  MSJC remains in 6th place and continues to chase after Antelope Valley finishing just 6 strokes behind.  david aguilar
Individual Scores:   Joey Eckles  77,   Nate Guingab  78,  Dave Aguilar  84,   Shane Chua  84,  Justin Walker 85,  Adam Manriquez  90
Team Scores:   COD   380,   Mt. SAC   385,  El Camino   390,   Long Beach   398,  Antelope Valley   402,  Mt. San Jacinto   408, 
                       Victor Valley  488
Standings:      El Camino and COD  15-3  share the lead.   Long Beach  13-5   Mt. SAC  10-7  Antelope Valley  6-11  Mt San Jacinto  3-15
                      Victor Valley  0-18
Shane Chua (top) and David Aguilar (bottom) both carded 79's on Wednesday at Oak Valley.