Eagle Golfers Shoot 380; Stay in Third Place

Date:  March 28, 2011    Host: Long Beach City College  Site:  Recreation Park Golf Club  Weather:  Sunny Warm with Cool Afternoon Breezes
Summary:  Andrew Perez shoots 66 to lead College of the Desert to a victory over Long Beach and a tie for first place.  Brandon Fitzgerald comes alive shooting his best finish at 77 to lead MSJC to a Third Place Finish.  A one hour time delay and a very crowded golf course take match four into the late evening hours and darkness.  Mt. San Jacinto holds on to finish in third and remain in third place in the Foothill Conference.
Individual Scores:  Brandon Fitzgerald  77,  Anthony Sannipoli  79,  Dave Aguilar  80,  Joey Eckles  82,  Connor Flores  83,  Shane Frank  86
Team Scores:  College of the Desert  364,  Long Beach  380,  Mt. San Jacinto  401,  El Camino 404,  Antelope Valley  415,  Victor Valley  417
Standings:  Long Beach 18-2,  College of the Desert  18-2,  Mt. San Jacinto  9-11,  Victor Valley  7-13,  Antelope Valley  4-16,  El Camino 4-16
Next Match:   March 30, 2011,  Neutral Match at Spring Valley Lakes Country Club Victor Valley  10:00
Date:  March 30, 2011  Host:  Neutral Match  Victor Valley  Site:  Spring Valley Lakes Country Club  Weather:  Sunny Warm Mild Afternoon Breeze 
Summary:  COD shoots a remarkable 350 team score to take over the lead in the Foothill Conference.  Mt. San Jacinto finishes within 9 strokes of Long Beach to get third.  Joey Eckles returns to his last years form shooting a one over par 73 followed by Brandon Fitzgerald with a 74.   The remainder of the team also shoots solid scores to secure our best score to date.
Individual Scores:    Joey Eckles  73,  Brandon Fitzgerald  74,  Connor Flores  76,  Anthony Sannipoli  78,  Dave Aguilar  79,  Shane Frank  80
Team Scores:  College of the Desert  350,  Long Beach  371,  Mt. San Jacinto  380, Victor Valley  389,  El Camino 390,  Antelope Valley  399
Standings:   College of the Desert 23-2,  Long Beach  22-3,  Mt. San Jacinto 12-13,  Victor Valley  9-16,  Antelope Valley  5-20,  El Camino  5-20
Next Match:  Monday  April 4, 2011,    College of the Desert,  Gary Player Golf Club  11:30am