Eckels Leads Eagles Golf in Two Matches

Date:  March 29, 2010                 Host:  Long Beach City College        Site:  Recreation Park   Long Beach      Weather:   Sunny Warm  light winds
Recreation Park is a short old fashioned course with lots of trees and elevation changes and it was a great day to play golf with only a light ocean breeze.  Mt. San Jacinto played it's best match to date and finished with a team score of 392, just 8 strokes behind Antelope Valley.   Joey Eckles, ranked 13th in the conference shot a 3 over par 75.    Nate Guingab ranked 21st is close behind with a 77.     Adam Manriquez  ranked 34th shot a 78.       The remaining players,  Dave Aguilar ranked 17th, Alex Witt,  and Shane Chua shot in the low 80's.  All in all the MSJC team continues to improve and is closing ground on the leading teams.
Individual Scores:     Joey Eckles   75,  Nate Guingab  77,  Adam Manriquez  78,  Dave Aguilar  81,  Alex Witt  81,   Shane Chua  82
Team Scores:    1.  Mt San Antonio  366   2.  College of the Desert  369   3.  El Camino  374   4.  Long Beach  381  5.  Antelope Valley  384  6.   Mt. San Jacinto   392  7.  Victor Valley  No Score  
Standings:       1.   COD   26-4-0   2.  El Camino  21-9-0   3.  Long Beach  20-10-0   4.  Mt. SAC  19-10-1   5.  AVC  13-16-1   6.  MSJC   5-25-0    7.  VVC   0-30-0
Next Match:     March 31,  2010       12:00 Noon           Neutral Match          Southern California Golf Association Members Course       Murrieta
Date:  March 31, 2010           Host:   Neutral Match                      Site:  Southern California Golf Association  Members Course   Murrieta   Weather   Cloudy overcast with cold heavy winds
The SCGA course as always proved to be a long tough course.   To add to the difficulty was the threat of rain and  cold strong winds.   The course was a real challenge and Mt. San Jacinto held on to pull out our best match to date.   Lead by Joey Eckles with a one over par 73, the Mt. San Jacinto team again scored under 400 and at 396 we finished in 4th place for the match.   Although MSJC  fell behind Antelope valley by just 3 strokes, we were able to defeat both El Camino and Long Beach who are tied for 3rd place in our conference.  Joey Eckles moved up in the conference rankings to 9th with Dave Aguilar holding on to 18th.   Nate Guingab slips a little to 22nd and Shane Chua is at 28th.        
Team Scores:       Joey Eckles 73,   Dave Aguilar  77,   Justin Walker  80,  Shane Chua  82,  Nate Guingab  84,   Adam Manriquez  91
Team Scores:     1.  COD   378   2.   Mt. SAC   379   3.   Antelope Valley  393   4.  MSJC   396   5.   Long Beach   6.   El Camino   7.  VVC  No Score
Standings:          1.   COD  32-4-0   2.   Mt. SAC  24-11-1   3.  El Camino &  Long Beach  22-14-0   5.  AVC  17-18-1   6.  Mt. San Jacinto  8-28-0   7.  VVC  0-36-0
Next match:    April 5, 2010       1:00pm         El Camino College        Palos Verdes  Golf Club      Palos Verdes Estates