MSJC Ladies Tennis Goes All the Way With Cuyamaca

In the closest match Ted Lloyd has seen by any ladies team, MSJC rose to their greatest play so far in practice matches as three of the six singles players dropped their first sets only to come back and win each match. Shining in singles were Yesenia Lozano, Cristina Garcia, and Joana Jauregui as they battled back to win their singles matches to tie the match as the teams went to doubles. As MSJC had one more comeback win by first doubles Michelle Escamilla and Lozano and one more overtime match loss to keep the contest ties, the 2nd doubles team of Valdez and Garcia went into overtime in a tiebreaker. having to win the tiebreaker by two points, valdez and garcia staved off three championship points in the tiebreaker, but lost the fourth point for their opponents to win the overall match 5-4. It was a tense time for all sides.

Coach Lloyd was very pleased with the teams' comeback tactics and tenacity the team showed, as Cuyamaca was by far the best team MSJC has encountered this year. The MSJC team is now showing the potential that Coach Lloyd is looking for, with the team playing their best match to date.

Next the Eagles host Imperial Valley College Tuesday February 12th at home at 2 pm.