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MSJC > Athletics > Sports Recap 2007-08

Sports Recap 2007-08


                            SPORTS RE-CAP 2007-2008


FOOTBALL           Overall Record:    1-8           

                            Conference Record: 1-6

                            Standing In Conf.:     7th         

                            All Conf. Players:     Jose Acuna-OL

                                                              Daniel Chamberlain-WR

                                                              Pulu Otukolo-DB

                                                              Vince Mao-DL 

                                                             Aaron Grimes-DB


SOCCER             Overall Record:    10-7-5

                          Conference Record: 2-5-1

                          Standing in Conf.: 5th  

                          All Conf. Players: Elizabeth Tapia-1st

                                                       Angela Carpenter-1st

                                                       Lauren Damush-2nd

                                                      Suzette Jones-2nd

                                                     Rachel Kick-Honorable Mention

                                                     Nicole Walsh-Honorable Mention

                                                     Laura Marshall-Honorable Mention

                                                    Courtney Calder-Honorable Mention


VOLLEYBALL          Overall Record:     8-15

                               Conference Record: 6-6

                               Standing in Conf.:  3rd   

                               All Conf. Players: Amy Mulcock-1st Team   

                                                           Shauna Roth-1st Team

                                                          Jessice Self-2nd Team

                                                          Tawnee Roth-2nd Team

                                                          Dorinda Chaney-Honorable Mention

                                                         Janine De La Torre-Honorable Mention    


MEN'S                     Overall Record:    26-7

   BASKETBALL       Conference Record:  10-4

                               Standing in Conf.:  Co-champions     

                               All Conf. Players:  Tim Island

                                                             Dejuan Flowers

                                                             Lee Stephens

                             Other Honors       Tim Island-All State     


WOMEN'S             Overall Record:   21-11    

   BASKETBALL     Conference Record:  13-3

                             Standing in Conf.:  2nd 

                            All Conf. Players: Michelle Simmons-MVP

                                                         Thalia Benjamin-1st Team

                                                         Jasmine Nyx-1st Team

                                                         Jennifer Marquez-Honorable Mention

                            Other Honors:      Michelle Simmons-3rd Team All State


GOLF                Conference Record: 10 - 38    

                         Standing in Conf.:  7th

                        All Conf. Players: William Liu

                        Other Honors:      3 Players in Conf. Finals

                                                      William Liu-So. Cal Regionals    


BASEBALL           Overall Record:    25-19   

                           Conference Record:  12-12

                           Standing in Conf.:     5th   

                          All Conf. Players: Drew Madrigal-1st Team

                                                         John Skala-1st Team

                                                         Dale DeSchepper-2nd Team

                                                          Bryant Veiga-Honorable Mention

                                                          Josh Barry-Honorable Mention


MEN'S TENNIS       Overall Record:    19-4

                               Conference Record: 13-1

                              Standing in Conf.: Co-champions

                               All-Conf. Players: Taylor Witt-Singles

                                                             Dan Nguyen-Huu-Doubles

                                                             Francisco Alvarado-Doubles

                               Other Honors:      State Play-off Team Semifinalist

                                      in South; Taylor Witt-Conference                                        Singles Champion; Final Team State                                       Ranking #5                       


WOMEN'S TENNIS     Overall Record:    3-13        

                                  Conference Record:  2-6

                                   Standing in Conf.: 4th

                                   Other Honors:      Melissa Valdez, Yesenia Lozano and                                       Michelle Escamilla advanced to So. California Regionals

                                      Ted Lloyd-Foothill Conference Coach-of-the-Year                     


SOFTBALL           Overall Record:    15-21-1  

                           Conference Record: 10-4

                           Standing in Conf.: 3rd  

                         All Conf. Players: Caitlin Heath-1st Team

                                                      Alex Baltas-1st Team

                                                      Lynsie Caldwell-1st Team

                                                     Allie Brandt-1st Team

                                                     Jazmine Jones-2nd Team

                                                    Amber Dominguez-2nd Team

                                                    Ashley Hobill-Honorable Mention

                      Other Honors:      Allie Brandt-Foothill Conf. Utility   Player of the Year