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MSJC > Athletics > Sports Recap 2009-2010

Sports Recap 2009-2010

Mt. San Jacinto College
Sports Re-cap 2009-10
Football                       Overall Record:           1-9
                                    Conf. Record              1-6
                                    Standing in Conf        7th
                                    All conf. Players:        Clarence Laster (MVP)
                                                                        Eric Varela
                                                                        Zoltan Riazzo
                                                                        Chris Chamberlin (2nd)
                                                                        Fontane Fuga (2nd)
                                                                        Chad Hansen (2nd)
                                                                        Jason Wynn (2nd)
                                    Other Honors:             Clarence Laster (State Defensive MVP)
Soccer                         Overall Record:           2-10-1
                                    Conf. Record              1-9-1
                                    Standing in Conf:       6th
                                    All Conf Players:
Volleyball                    Overall Record:           2-18
                                    Conf. Record              1-11
                                    Standing in Conf:       7th
                                    All Conf. Players:       Iesha Leota
                                                                        Sarah Hatch
                                                                        Lindsey Brown (2nd)
Women’s Golf                        Overall Record:           0-0*
                                    Conf. Record              0-0*
                                    Standing in Conf.:      **
                                    All conf. Players:        Kathryn New
                                                                        Katlyn Hardy (2nd)
                                    Other Honors:             Kathryn New (1stTeam All State)
                                                                        Kathryn New (finished 4th at state tourn)
Men’s Basketball        Overall Record:           21-9
                                    Conf. Record:             10-4
                                    Standing in Conf:       Tied for 2nd
                                    All Conf. Players:       D’Andre Williams
                                                                        Dakota Downs
                                                                        Jeffrey West (Honorable Mention)
Women’s Basketball   Overall Record:           23-6
                                    Conf. Record:             11-3
                                    Standing in Conf.:      Co-Champions
                                    All Conf. Players:       Danielle Smith  (Foothill MVP)
                                                                        Tiffany Smith
                                                                        Nicole Villalobos
                                                                        Kyna Lewis
                                    Other Honors:             Danielle Smith (1st Team All State)
                                                                        Tiffany Smith (2nd Team All State)
                                                                        Chris Mozga (Foothill Coach of the Year)
Baseball                       Overall Record:           22-12-1
                                    Conf. Record:             13-10-1
                                    Standing in Conf.:      5th
                                    All Conf. Players:       Joe Riley
                                                                        Randy Bruce
                                                                        Chris Houston
                                                                        Josh Peters (2nd)
                                                                        Brant Alonzo (2nd)
                                                                        David Ricker (2nd)
                                    Other Honors:             Joe Riley (All Southern California)
                                                                        Randy Bruce (All Southern California)
Men’s Tennis               Overall Record:           16-6
                                    Conf Record:              3-3                  
                                    Standing in Conf:       2nd
                                    All Conf Players:        Gabor Toth
                                                                        Emmanuel Menash
                                                                        Bruno reich
                                                                        Richard Tetteh
                                                                        James Bragg
                                                                        Jonathan Wicks
                                    Other Honors:             Gabor Toth (Individual State Champ)
                                                                        Richard Tetteh (All State)
                                                                        Bruno Reich (All State)
                                                                        Toth and Tetteh (ITA All Americans)
                                                                        Team won Ojai Tournament
Women’s Tennis         Overall Record:           9-8
                                    Conf Record:              8-0
                                    Standings in Conf:      Champions
                                    All Conf. Players:       Amal Ben El Hadj (Foothill MVP)
                                                                        Nicole Lessley
                                                                        Sarah Miller
                                                                        Brittney Henderson
                                    Other Honors:             Amal Ben El Hadj (All State)
                                                                        Nicole Lessley (All State)
                                                                        Amal Ben El hadj (ITA All American)
                                                                        Jesse Escotiola (Foothill Coach of Year)
Softball                       Overall Record:           6-28
                                    Conf. Record:             5-9
                                    Standing in Conf:       7th
                                    All Conf Players:        Alex Baltas
                                                                        Samantha Martinez (2nd)
                                                                        Jackie Nelson (2nd)
Men’s Golf                  Overall Record:           13-47
                                    Conf. Record:             13-47
                                    Standing in Conf:       5th
                                    All conf. Players:        Joey Eckles (2nd)
                                    Other Honors:             Eckles (Qualified for So Cal Regional)