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MSJC > Athletics > Student Athlete Support Program

Student Athlete Support Program

Student Athlete Support Program Mission

The mission of the Student Athlete Support Program is to provide the necessary support to enhance the well-being of student-athletes. This proactive program motivates and assists student-athletes to make successful transitions to college life, achievement and maintaining a satisfactory level of academic performance.  The Student Athlete Support Program focuses on fostering the total development of student-athletes, both personally and professionally developing leadership skills necessary to succeed in the classroom and in the real world as successful individuals in society.

                                Jenn Burleson, EdD
                                Athletic Counselor
       Student Athlete Support Program Coordinator
                               Darnell Bing, MA
                      Umoja/ Athletic Counselor
   Our schedules are posted on the outside
      window of 1452 at San Jacinto or call
               to schedule an appointment 
                          (951) 487-3596
Student Athlete Study Center 
The Student Athlete Study Center provides a structures learning environment with computers and study tables for student-athletes to work independently on their homework assignments.  The Student Athlete Study Center is located in 1452 on the San Jacinto Campus.
Taylor, Jenn and Darnell
Meet Taylor Bell, Jenn Burleson and Darnell Bing, Student Athlete Support Program Faculty and Staff. 

Study Center Hours
Fall 2018

Monday-Thursday: 8:00am-5:30pm

Friday: 8:00am-12:00pm

*Hours subject to change. If hours change a sign will be posted on the door of room 1452.    

Scholars Program studentsstudent athletes in computer lab

Student Athlete Scholars Program 
Mt. San Jacinto College's Student Athlete Scholars Program is located in room 1452 at the San Jacinto Campus will serve student athletes in basic skills courses in developing the attributes and academic competence to succeed in their coursework and make positive gains towards transfer.  This program focuses on providing intensive support of the domains vital to student success, including develop key competencies for academic performance, such as study skills, time management, and goal setting and motivation, as well as effective support to keep school and life in balance.  Support is delivered through multiple avenues of interconnected support, while the primary tool used in assisting student athletes will be individual and group tutoring.
Scholars Program coordinator

Taylor Bell, Student Athlete Scholars Program Coordinator
Fall 2018 Hours
Monday-Thursday: 8:00am to 5:30pm SJC 1452
Friday: 8:00am-12:00pm SJC 1452
(951) 487-3596
Tutoring Services 
Student athletes have access to a variety of tutoring services which include the following: the Learning Resource Center, which offers tutoring, computer usage, and testing; The Math Center; and The Writing Center.  These resources are offered on both the San Jacinto Campus and the Menifee Valley Campus.
Student Athlete Progress Checks
The athletic department requests mid-semester progress checks for every student-athlete at least once per semester.  Progress check forms are hand carried to individual professors.  The completed forms are reviewed by program staff members to determine if a student athlete is making satisfactory academic progress.  If a student's progress is determined to be unsatisfactory, the student athlete, coaches, and other faculty and staff members' address the necessary concerns and make any necessary referrals and/or plans for improvement.
Athletic Forum
The student athlete Athletic Forum is an event that brings all student athletes together. A variety of speakers present and welcome the student athletes for the first time or welcome returning student athletes back to school in the fall semester. Several different topics have been presented such as academic success, sexual harassment prevention, drug and alcohol awareness and academic dishonesty. This event is a great opportunity for each student athlete to get to know the college administrators, athletic faculty and other staff members, as well as their peer student athletes.   
Community Learning for Athletic Scholars Success (CLASS) 
MSJC learning communities will provide students with the pathways necessary to successfully transition from non-transfer courses to transfer courses through an integrative approach.  The mission of Community Learning for Athletic Scholars Success (CLASS) is to help student athletes successfully complete their college English requirements within two years while completing additional general education requirements by developing a sense of community, by encouraging academic collaboration, and by helping them to develop skills that promote lifelong learning. This learning community is taught in different formats depending on the semester.
        vision hats           
MSJC Student Athletes participating in the Vision Hat activity
Student Athlete Summer Bridge Workshops
This summer bridge workshop introduces students to the culture of higher education in the California community college system and higher education.  This workshop will focus on orientation to college life and an exploration of higher education resources.  Also, concepts of student rights and responsibilities, college policies and procedures, professor and college expectations of the students, as well as graduation and transfer requirements as a student and/or a student athlete will be focused on.  Explanation of NCAA and NAIA rules along with the CCCAA rules will be included.  This workshop will also explore factors in educational decision making, major selection and development of an effective educational plan in order to meet goals and transfer requirements as a student athlete.
summer bridge participants 
                                                 Summer Bridge
Instructional Guidance Courses
GUID 100 College Success- Targeted for the Intercollegiate Student Athlete     
The course addresses the exploration of current topics and challenges relevant to intercollegiate athletics and the appropriate developmental life skills needed to facilitate college adjustment.  Further, this course addresses the unique transitional needs of intercollegiate student-athletes.  This course also focuses on the following topics as they pertain to student athletes: goal setting, time management, career decision making, educational planning, stress management, personal and social responsibility, student/instructor relationships, and NCAA/NAIA transfer rules and requirements.
student services staffgraduating athletes
                 Student Services supporting MSJC football program                                                                           Student Athlete Graduation Celebration
football players at No Shoes event
MSJC Football Players Raising Awareness for the TOMS Movement at the Fall Athletic Forum No Shoes Event!
2016 student athlete graduates with coaches 
               Student Athlete Graduates with Coaches, faculty and staff
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