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Prospective Players

Thank you for your interest in Mt. San Jacinto College Basketball! Since you have contacted us looking for information, we feel obligated to share some important facts that you must be aware of. The purpose of this letter is to help those of you that are thinking about coming from areas out-of-state to understand how the California Community College system works. Below are some quick facts that not only pertain to Mt. San Jacinto College Football, but to all California Community College football programs:
1. California Community College’s are ALL non-scholarship.
2. Students who do not have California residency are required to pay out-of-state tuition fees until residency is established.
3. Out-of-state fees at Mt. San Jacinto College have changed and as of Fall 2013 are $242.00 per unit.
4. What we CAN do for you:
a. Provide assistance contacting the enrollment and financial aid offices.
b. Provide assistance contacting our academic-athletic guidance counselor and academic-athletic resources team.
c. Provide a high quality and highly competitive off-season, pre-season and in-season football program.
5. What we CANNOT do for you:
a. Provide transportation to and from campus.
b. Provide tuition, books, or other related fees.
c. Provide room and board (Housing and meals).
d. Provide student loans (Our College does not participate in the program).
e. Provide employment.
6. Estimated cost breakdown per semester:
a. Tuition:
i. $242/unit. It takes 12 units to be full time and eligible to play but most student-athletes should take 15 or more units per semester if they are going to intend to transfer in the future. 12 units=$2904.00
b. Room and board:
i. Area apartments range from $700-$1000/month depending on location, size, and quality. We DO NOT have on campus housing.
ii. Utilities vary depending on what services you have. Usually, you are responsible for electricity, gas, and water which run approximately $150-$200/month.
iii. There are NO meal plans on campus. Food is YOUR responsibility and varies on how much YOU consume.
*These costs can be divided if you have roommates.
**Houses and individual rooms for rent are plentiful in our college town.
Typically, if you are a full-financial aid qualifier, you should receive enough grant money to cover the minimum 12 units necessary to play. Books, fees, room and board, and spending money are additional fees that will have to come out of your pocket. More detailed information can be found on our college website at
Knowing these facts, if you are serious about your intention in becoming a basketball student-athlete at Mt. San Jacinto College, please let us know by sending in a prospect information form.