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MSJC > Board of Trustees > Annual Board Goals

Annual Board Goals


2016-2018 Board Goals

The following Board Goals provide direction for the Board and CEO for the coming two years, inform Board meeting agenda and workshop planning, and support the District’s Strategic Priorities. Progress on the Board Goals will be assessed at the 2018 Board Self-Evaluation.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees on August 11, 2016


Community Relations/ Institutional Advancement

1.       Ensure Community and College Connectivity

a.       Support and attend various community events, school board, city government meetings

b.      Hold student meet-and-greets “Trustee Talks”

2.       Expand the Boards Advocacy efforts on behalf of the District to local, state, and federal levels

a.       Support and attend various community events, school board, city government meetings

b.      Develop site and program specific “elevator speeches” for community presentations and events

District Policy Leadership

3.       Improve the Board’s focus on current and future needs and the direction of the District

a.       Support of the college leadership in developing a new Educational Master Plan

b.      Contribute to identifying general goals and directions for the 2016-2022 Educational Master Plan

c.       Participate as appropriate, on the development of District Plans and Mission Statement

Board Organization

4.       Engage in trustee development training activities to enhance effective and efficient Board governance

a.       Attend and participate in a minimum of 2 professional development events

b.      Evaluate new member orientation and ongoing Board education process and materials

c.       At least 2 trustees will participate in the CCLC Excellence Trusteeship Program

5.       Improve protocols and practices for effective Board documents development, maintenance, and integration with District Priorities

a.       Receive training and consider transition to Board Docs

Commitment to Learners

1.       Improve awareness of Educational and academic programs, curriculum offerings, institutional and programmatic needs to support the improvement of student success

a.       Monitor the advancement of the college’s Student Success strategic priority to facilitate the achievement of student educational goals

b.      Receive and Review status reports on achievements of the District’s strategic initiatives, plans, educational/academic programs, curriculum, and other programmatic needs

c.       Support the expansion of pathways (Dual Enrollment, CTE Pathways, and ADT) to improve the rate of students proceeding successfully to college-level courses