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Classified Senate Session Information

The Purpose of Classified Senate Sessions

The Classified Senate exists to serve you, the Mt. San Jacinto College Body of Classified Professionals, as your representatives in the Participatory Governance Model practiced here at the District.

Why is that important?

Because Participatory Governance, and that as specifically implemented at Mt. San Jacinto College, is the means by which decisions of all levels: from the policies that oversee our daily operations, to the future development of educational pathways and facilties that prepare our students to both thrive and successfully compete in the rich and diverse communities we serve are made.

Participatory Governance provides that medium for all agencies of the district:
  • Administration (Management  Personnel)
  • Classified Professionals (Non-Instruction-based District-Employees)
  • Faculty (Instruction-based District Employees)
  • Students (Whether their goals are Academic, Vocational, or for Personal Enrichment) can offer significant feedback and insight into these complex, and often far-reaching plans!
to make positive, effectual developments in our District, for our students, thereby empowering those diverse communities we serve!

The "can" was used above because, although the mechanism for quality effective feedback, and input is in place: there must be people that are willing to provide representation for these governing agencies of the College: 

For Classified Professionals: That would be The Classified Senate!

Classified Senate Meetings are a means by which: 
  • Issues and concerns of the Classified Public come to our attention for advocacy to the other governing agencies of this institution (i.e. Administration, Faculty, and Student Bodies)
  • Information--by way of Officer and Senator Reports (gathered by the numerous Shared Governance Committees, that we serve in, on your behalf)--are dissiminated to the Classified Professional Public
  • The Classified Senate Executive Board and Senators-At-Large, are able to cause effective change to occur, by having discussion about various information items, and voting for multiple action items that are built into meeting Agendas
  • We work to ensure a Classified Presence within the Recruitment Hiring Committees by bringing these to the Classified Publics attention, and appointing interested employees to serve on them.
  • Committees and Sub-Committees are formed to plan, design, and impliment the various Professional Development activities as well as fun, seasonal parties and events to build relationships with your Classified family, increase morale, and "take a breather" from our busy schedules.

​Interested in Attending?  Please see our Classified Senate Meetings Page!!!

Curious about Serving? Please email us at: