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Joint Hiring Committee

Joint Hiring Committee​ ​
Agendas and Minutes ​Documents              


​The Joint Hiring Committee follows the policies and procedures outlined in the Hiring Procedures for Full-Time Faculty document which was completed and Board approved in June 2013.


The JHC consists of members of the Executive Senate of the Academic Senate (6), and Area Deans (5).

The Academic Senate President and one Area Dean shall co-chair the meeting to reach consensus upon a college-wide list of recommended positions.

The Co-Chairs will convey these recommendations in writing to the Superintendent/President.  This document will bear the signatures of these individuals.


At the beginning of each academic year, the office of the Superintendent/President provides a number of new faculty to be hired based on the Joint Hiring Committee (JHC) recommendations and the fiscal capabilities inherent in hiring new full-time faculty.

JHC meets each semester at convocation to set a calendar for the semester based on the number of positions available each year.  Faculty Chairs and Area Deans will be alerted to the timeline to submit all hiring proposals.

Hiring priorities for full-time faculty begin with full-time faculty.  Priorities begin at the Division level with a review of all full-time faculty positions in each division being completed by the Area Deans who will develop recommendations for new positions within the respective divisions.  The Area Deans shall convey these division recommendations at a meeting of the Area Deans and the Vice Presidents shall convey these recommendations to the district-wide JHC meeting.

Final recommendations to the Board of Trustees will be made by the Superintendent/President after consulting with the President of the Academic Senate and the Vice Presidents of Instruction and Student Services.

The approved list of faculty positions to be recruited shall be submitted to HR by November 1st of each year.

Emergency hiring procedures:

When, in the judgment of the Superintendent/President, the employment of a full-time temporary faculty member is critical to the success of a program, two (2) or more qualified candidates shall be interviewed by the committee that should include the appropriate administrator (Dean), and two faculty appointed by the Academic Senate, one (1) of whom shall be as closely related to the subject matter in which the vacancy occurs as possible.  The committee shall forward the name of the finalist to the Superintendent/President, who shall make a final recommendation to the Board of Trustee for their approval.

Appointments made under this emergency clause shall be limited to no more than two (2) semesters of service within a period of six (6) consecutive semesters.

There are two (2) categories of full-time, non-tenure track contract faculty:

  • Temporary Full-Time Faculty—These positions fill non on-going positions, i.e., increased enrollment, unstaffed classes, etc.
  • Interim Full-Time Faculty—These positions fill on-going positions, i.e., replacing employees who take sabbatical or other leaves, new positions not yet filled, etc.

Only Associate Faculty who have taught in the discipline or provided service in the area during the last three (3) semesters are contacted by the Dean. The announcement of the temporary or interim position requires submission of a letter of interest and resume to the requesting Dean for committee review.

If the internal recruitment process does not produce a viable candidate, the District may conduct an external recruitment.