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Draft EIR San Jacinto Campus





Proposed Project. The Mt. San Jacinto College District has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) (SCH No. 2015081079) for the proposed San Jacinto College Master Plan Project (“proposed project”).

The proposed project is located on the existing San Jacinto College campus in the City of San Jacinto, California, within the eastern portion of Riverside County. The 160-acre project site is located southwest of Mt. San Jacinto and the San Jacinto River. More specifically, the site is situated immediately east of State Route 79, also known as North State Street, and north of the Ramona Expressway. These two roads serve as the primary access ways to the site. The site is surrounded by residential use to the north, east, and south, with a retail center also located to the south.

The proposed project involves demolition of existing buildings and uses on campus, and the construction and eventual operation of new buildings and campus facilities. The proposed project would also involve improvements to the circulation network within the campus to include realigning main vehicular pathways and improving bicycle and pedestrian connections throughout campus, and enhancements to the open space network. Prominent building characteristics include the demolition of approximately 207,180 gross square feet of existing buildings and facilities and the construction of approximately 594,614 gross square feet, which is a net increase of approximately 387,434 gross square feet campus wide at buildout. Approximately 4,053 parking spaces would be provided upon full buildout of the project, consisting of 2,396 student parking spaces, 497 visitor parking spaces, 310 faculty/staff parking spaces, 650 overflow parking spaces, and 200 parking spaces in a commuter lot. The total on-campus parking could serve up to approximately 16,212 students.

Development is planned incrementally to meet SJC’s academic and space needs while minimizing disruption to campus operations. Implementation also considers the sources and availability of anticipated funding. Phasing for proposed development is planned in three main segments, and the sequencing would be revisited annually in conjunction with preparation of the 5-year construction plan.

Significant Environmental Effects of Project. The Draft EIR concluded that the proposed project will result in significant and unavoidable impacts on transportation and traffic. The project’s impacts to air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, hazards and hazardous materials, hydrology and water quality, and noise were also found to be significant, but will be mitigated to a level below significance with mitigation measures identified in the Draft EIR. The Draft EIR also determined that impacts to aesthetics, geology and soils, greenhouse gas emissions, public services, and utilities and service systems would be less than significant.

Public Comment Period. Public comments on the Draft EIR will be accepted by the Mt. San Jacinto College District from June 22, 2016, to August 8, 2016.

Find the Draft EIR Here:


San Jacinto EIR Combined_OPT.pdfSan Jacinto EIR Combined_OPT.pdf

Appendix A_OPT.pdfAppendix A_OPT.pdf

Appendix B.pdfAppendix B.pdf

Appendix C_OPT.pdfAppendix C_OPT.pdf

Appendix D.pdfAppendix D.pdf

Appendix E.pdfAppendix E.pdf


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Address for Submitting Comments. Comments on the Draft EIR should be mailed to:

Becky Elam

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