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MSJC > College Information > Administration > Business Services > San Gorgonio Pass Campus Environmental Impact Report

San Gorgonio Pass Campus Environmental Impact Report

FINAL Staff Report 6 13 13.docx


Final Environmental Impact Report

Final EIR.pdf

Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program.pdf

Finding of Facts-Statement of Overriding Considerations.pdf


Draft EIR


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Ch 02 - Introduction.pdf

Ch 03 - Project Description.pdf

Ch 04 - Environmental Setting.pdf

Ch 05-01 Air Quality.pdf

Ch 05-02 Biological Resources.pdf

Ch 05-03 Cultural Resources.pdf

Ch 05-04 Geology and Soils.pdf

Ch 05-05 Greenhouse Gas Emissions.pdf

Ch 05-06 Hazards and Hazardous Materials.pdf

Ch 05-07 Hydrology and Water Quality.pdf

Ch 05-08 Noise.pdf

Ch 05-09 Public Services.pdf

CH 05-10 Transportation and Traffic.pdf

Ch 05-11 Utilities and Service Systems.pdf

Ch 06 - Significant Unavoidable Adverse Impacts.pdf

Ch 07 - Alternatives to the Proposed Project.pdf

Ch 08 - Impacts Found Not to be Significant.pdf

Ch 09 - Significant Irreversible Changes Due to Proposed Project.pdf

Ch 10 - Growth Inducing Impacts of the Proposed Project.pdf

Ch 11 - Organizations and Persons Consulted.pdf

Ch 12 - Qualificatiosn of Persons Preparing EIR.pdf

Ch 13 - Bibliography.pdf




App_D_1 Plant List.pdf

App_D_2 Biological Constraints 2003.pdf

App_D_3 LSA Kangaroo Rat Survey.PDF

App_D_4 Biological Constraints 2008.pdf

App_D_5 Jurisdictional delineation Banning 11-12.pdf

App_D_ 6 Banning LAPM and BOUW report 2012.pdf

App_E_1 Soils Engineering 2003.pdf

App_E_2 GeoSoils 1988.pdf

App_E_3 Geotech.pdf

App_E_4 SGP_siteexhibit_081512 Sheet 1 (1).pdf

App_E_5 2012-08-07-SGPC-PershingCreek.pdf



App_H_1 WQMP-SGPC-PHaseI (approved).pdf

App_H_2 2003 Banning Conceptual Drainage Analysis.pdf

App_H_3 2010-06-22-DrainageStudy.pdf

App_H_4 2003 Banning Phase I ESA.pdf



App_K_Service Providers.pdf