April 19th, 2001

The meeting started at 8:00am in room 200 with Becky Elam (co-chair), Dewey Heinsma (co-chair), Carol Montez, Gale Ward, and Jeanine Woodford in attendance. Absent were Gail Jensen, Dennis Hogan, Dennis Anderson, Guy Reams, and the ASB representative.

The minutes of the March 15th minutes were reviewed and approved as submitted. Jeanine Woodford moved to approve the minutes and Dewey Heinsma seconded.

Becky discussed the installation of the security/classroom phone system. The funds have been allocated, all of the committees have accepted and approved the plan, and the implementation will proceed as the Facilities department's schedule permits.

Dewey Heinsma suggested that a memo be distributed in the fall in regard to serving on the Budget Committee. In a general discussion, Dewey offered to prepare a memo detailing the outcomes of the Budget Committee for the fiscal year 2000-2001. Guidelines need to be set in the initial meeting of the Budget Committee (in the fall) as to participation and retaining status as a member of the committee. It was agreed by all that there needs to be more diversity among the members of the committee.

Becky reported on the fixed asset accountability and inventory control of equipment. In response to GASB 34, an outside team has been hired to come in and do a "wall to wall" tagging. This comprehensive process will take place during the summer and will be a floor to ceiling inventory including the air conditioning systems and infra structure. The equipment will be tagged, videoed, and then stored on CD thus creating a detailed database. The compiled data will include the estimated value and description along with a bar code that will allow each item to be tracked by scanning.

Dewey and Becky discussed controlling our consumable costs. Many factors enter into the rising costs, however, the major one is printing. A major concern is to ensure that there is not a negative impact on the delivery of instruction or the classroom environment. Gale Ward stated that she felt most people would be understanding of the need to control costs - they just need to be made aware of the actual financial costs. Dewey mentioned that smart planning would help in managing the consumable costs.

Becky distributed a draft outline in regard to the recommendations received on coming into compliance with the 50% law. Once these proposals are complete, then Becky will present them to the Academic Senate, the Faculty Association, and then to the Board of Trustees for certification. We must submit our plan for compliance to the Chancellor's Office by June 30th. Each recommendation in the handout was discussed at length.

Dewey questioned as to what mechanisms will be used to measure the outcome of these 50% law proposals. Becky stated that we will continue to monitor every year to achieve compliance. In a brief update to Mary Helen Ish, Dewey Heinsma summarized the 50% document and what the Budget Committee was doing. Dewey requested that a special meeting be held next Thursday, April 26th at 8:00am in the Board room to allow a more in depth review of the 50% proposals. Becky suggested that we invite Dr. Cordell Briggs, Vice-President of Instruction and Roger Schultz, Vice-President of Student Services to attend next week's meeting. This would allow Dr. Briggs and Mr. Schultz to answer any questions in regard to their 50% recommendations.

Becky further recommended that a striation of classing be used in regard to each proposal. The classing would be identified as follows:
Class A means acceptable as presented; Class B means workable but needs revisions; and Class C means needs further research.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20am.

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