April 26th, 2001

The meeting started at 8:00am in room 200 with Becky Elam (co-chair), Dewey Heinsma (co-chair), Carol Montez, Gale Ward, Gail Jensen, Dennis Anderson and Jeanine Woodford in attendance along with Dr. Cordell Briggs, Vice-President of Instruction and Mr. Roger Schultz, Vice-President of Student Services as invited guests. Absent were Dennis Hogan, Guy Reams, and the ASB representative.

Becky started the meeting by thanking Dr. Briggs and Mr. Schultz for their attendance.

Becky gave a brief overview of the focus of today's meeting - the recommendations to bring MSJCCD into compliance with the 50% law. The goal is to achieve $800,000 in correction action for this fiscal year and $250,000 for the next fiscal year. If we fail to meet the 50% law, the Chancellor's Office will deficit our apportionment. The recommendations are in the refining and clarification stage. A first read through of the proposals was completed during the Budget Committee's meeting on April 19th. Since that meeting, several changes have been incorporated into the document that is to be reviewed today.

Classification codes were created to assist in clarification of each recommendation. Class A means acceptable as presented; Class B means workable but needs revision; and Class C means needs further research.

Becky distributed the revised 50% law proposals.

Dennis Anderson, Dewey Heinsma, Becky Elam, and Cordell Briggs discussed the option of chargebacks to the Performing Arts for indirect costs. The District historically has supported (subsidized) areas such as the theater, symphony, and athletics. The impact of chargebacks could be detrimental to the community in the form of the goodwill that is created by the college offering these type of events. However, the real costs of these programs are not being accounted for or realized. Dennis Anderson commented on how these programs are having a significant impact when instructional supplies and instructional staff are used to provide these functions.

Becky questioned as to the appearance of the symphony keeping whatever they generate in the form of the revenue from the box office receipts. Dennis Anderson confirmed that is correct. Dennis stated that he believes this arrangement was started twenty years ago when the box office receipts were very minimal. Today the situation is different and the past practice should be reviewed and possibly changed. Dennis further stated that chargebacks for the personnel used to support the symphony, the security that is, and other indirect costs. This has created a profit environment in regard to the symphony. They do not incur any costs to provide the production/event and they are allowed to keep any box office generated revenue. Another issue has arisen in regard to a $45,000 T-bill created by the revenue received from the box office receipts for the last twenty years.

After a lengthy discussion between the committee members in regard to the symphony and the theater, it was recommended that a plan be developed by Dennis Anderson and Phil Morrione addressing the need for possible chargebacks to these entities. It was further recommended that this plan be presented to the Foundation Board for approval. Dennis Anderson will provide an dollar value estimated for recovered costs at the next regularly scheduled Budget Committee meeting on May 17th.

Roger Schultz explained his 50% law recommendations. Mary Helen Ish voiced concerns about the contractual issue involving retreat rights back into counseling. Roger stated that the retention of the counseling positions and the retreat rights will be put in writing to guarantee the assurance of these two concerns.

Dewey Heinsma stated that the contract states that these possible position changes will be posted internally first - contract page 47 - article XVIA. Dewey Heinsma and Mary Helen Ish requested that it was agreed by Dr. Briggs and Mr. Schultz that the counseling positions noted in the Student Services section of the 50% proposals will revert back to counseling 100% if needed or necessary at any time in the future.

Becky questioned as to whether there were any Joint Hiring issues with these recommended changes. Dr. Briggs commented that the Joint Hiring Committee should be advised of these recommendations.

At 9:15am. Becky requested that a second special Budget Committee be convened next Thursday, May 3rd to allow for completion of this review process of the 50% proposals. The meeting will be held at 8:00am in the Board room.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15am.

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