June 14th, 2001

The meeting started at 8:00am in room 200 with Becky Elam (co-chair), Dewey Heinsma (co-chair), Carol Montez, Gale Ward, Gail Jensen, Dennis Anderson, Dennis Hogan, and Jeanine Woodford in attendance. Absent were Mary Helen Ish, Guy Reams, and the ASB representative.

The minutes of the May 17th were approved after a brief review. Dennis Anderson moved and Dennis Hogan seconded.

Dewey requested that a signature page be attached to the 50% proposal that is going to the Board today and that all of the Budget Committee members sign. The page was created and circulated during the meeting for signature. Those members not in attendance would be contacted by telephone requesting their signature prior to the Board meeting. Dennis Anderson and Becky Elam will jointly present the 50% proposal to the Board of Trustees today.

Becky and Dewey discussed as to where the district is going in regard to the use of PFE funds. PFE funds are soft funds and cannot be counted on every year. Dewey stated that he believes the long-term solution to the 50% law is to hire more permanent faculty using general funds not PFE. Becky emphasized that where we stand will have to be re-looked at every cycle. The CS and USC systems have different rules and do not have to comply with the 50% law. California community Colleges are unique in that we do have to comply with this statute.

Becky stated that it appears as though additional cuts will be forthcoming from the Governor's May revise in order to balance the budget. It is not clear as this time if community colleges will be impacted. The community colleges have been receiving positive press in that the articles have been stating how community colleges are so severely under-funded. COLA and growth are still being retained in the budget.

Becky asked if there were any additional comments or areas needing to be discussed. The consensus was no. Becky stated that she will be attending a budget workshop in August and invited Dewey to attend with her. Dewey accepted.

The next Budget Committee meeting will be in September unless the members decide to have a meeting in August. Karen will phone all members to determine if an August meeting will be held.

The regularly scheduled meetings will be held on the third Thursday of each month at 8:00am starting in September. The room will be determined. Dewey will present a memo at the September meeting relating to committee members who do not attend.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00am.

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