Mt. San Jacinto Community College District
Budget Committee Meeting

October 18, 2001

The meeting started at 8:00 a.m. in room 200 with Becky Elam (co-chair), Dewey Heinsma (co-chair), Gale Ward, Gail Jensen, Ron Bowman, Dennis Hogan, Dennis Anderson, Jeanine Woodford, Carol Montez, Guy Reams, Mark Dumas and Karen Watts. Absent were Regino Rolando and ASB representative.

The minutes of September 20, 2001 were approved.

Mark Dumas and Guy Reams discussed funding for maintenance, repair, replacement and support of purchased equipment. The following are their concerns for instructional technology:

  1. We are continually expanding our base with new classrooms, new equipment and new programs through PFE funds without regard for a replacement budget for outdated equipment in older classrooms. PFE funds do not include repairs or replacements to existing equipment.

  2. Department allocations are not sufficient to fund new machines and expanding programs. Current funding mechanisms maintain the current base for existing programs and staff. The topic of a lease for replacement of base equipment was discussed.

  3. Funding for future leases and upgrades was discussed.

Technology cannot be purchased and then forgotten. Controlled growth is a good idea.

Becky stated that the Governor may cut college budgets. Kern County may cut up to 165 positions.

Dewey asked if we could look for an alternate source of funding and questioned how PFE process works. Becky pointed out that each department submits PFE requests. Deans submit prioritized requests to their respective Vice President and in this cycle, all requests submitted were funded.

The topic of fee generation through lab fees was discussed. Lab fees for some classes were eliminated to ease cost to students. Lab fees may still be charged for non-required use of labs. Cost/benefit of collection, monitoring and staffing is a consideration.

Dewey & Guy expressed their concern the District is continually beginning new programs, but are not planning for downstream costs and funding. Existing programs/staff may be under funded but we continue to add new programs.

Guy was asked about the CISCO program. He stated the demand is there, but there is a limited supply of teachers and lab space.

Recommended action:

Mark Dumas and Guy Reams were invited to return.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 a.m.

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