Mt. San Jacinto Community College
Budget Committee Meeting

September 20, 2001

The meeting started at 8:00 am in room 200 with Becky Elam (co-chair), Dewey Heinsma (co-chair), Gale Ward, Gail Jensen, Ron Bowman, and Dennis Hogan. Absent were Carol Montez, Rolando Regino, Dennis Anderson, Mary Helen Ish, Jeanine Woodford and the ASB representative.

The minutes of June 14, 2001 were approved. Becky Elam moved and Dewey Heinsma seconded.

Dewey introduced Ron Bowman as a new faculty representative to the committee.

Dewey reviewed the Budget Committee Shared governance charge for new members. He discussed a letter he received from Pat James regarding the charge of the committee and if we wanted to make any changes. After a brief discussion, the committee agreed to retain the committee charge as written. Dewey talked about membership of the committee. Students don't show and Instructors don't show. Letters will go out to those members that continually do not attend the meetings. Dewey reviewed that the committee is a 14-structure committee. He asked if we wanted a three-tier co-chair or leave as two-tier co-chair. The committee decided to leave as a two-tier co-chair. Becky and Dewey will remain co-chairs. Dewey stressed that we need more on the committee. Becky would find a scribe to take minutes for our meeting. We decided all decisions would be a simple majority and five out of all the members would equal a quorum.

Guy Reams and Mark Dumas were on the agenda to present information on the needs for instructional equipment maintenance. Guy and Mark did not show for their presentation.

We discussed supply costs. We reviewed a cost study by San Joaquin Delta College. Becky discussed that this year the budget for supplies would be at the sector level and would make each sector more accountable. We discussed that a new computer software program is needed and being looked into to track PO's and costs. Dewey asked if the committee wanted to get involved in the recommendation of charge backs. Members agreed to discuss the matter further at the next meeting.

Committee members discussed the loss of $1.2 in funding to the District for on-going block grant and scheduled maintenance. The impact of 50% compliance, budget cuts, growth in enrollment and reduced revenue were also discussed. Dennis Hogan talked about the need to educate the employees about the current situation we are in. Also the economic slowdown in the nation and the state will likely have a negative impact on CCC budgets for fiscal year 2002-03.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00am.

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