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MSJC > College Information > Administration > Committees > Budget Committee > 2011-2012 Resource Allocation Process

2011-2012 Resource Allocation Process

2011-2012 RAPs Submitted

Select the "number" for each RAP to review the proposals and scoring rubric (PAR).

Number  Division  Description  Amount  Average Score  Status Assessment Report
2012-AA ADN Conferences.PDF2012-AA Instr. ADN Conferences $25,000 55 Not Funded ​NA
2012-BB-Nursing Office Consultant for Accreditation.PDF2012-BB Instr. Nursing Office Consultant for Accreditation $20,000 70.5 Funded
2012-CC-CAAHEP Accreditation Costs.PDF2012-CC Instr. CAAHEP Accreditation costs $3,500 64 Funded 2012 CC Assessment Report
2012-DD-SJC CIS Full Time Faculy.PDF2012-DD- Instr. Full Time CIS Faculty SJC $66,433 4.6 Not Funded ​NA
2012-EE-SJC Computer Equipment Room 110.PDF2012-EE- Instr. Room 110-Computer Lab & Equipment $27,000 38 Not Funded ​NA
2012-FF-Mixer for Audio Program.PDF2012-FF Instr. Mixer for Audio Program $100,000 34.8 Not Funded ​NA
2012-GG IA for Business Ed.PDF2012-GG Instr. Increase IA II for Bus. Ed to 40hrs, 12 mths $6,350 74 Not Funded ​NA
2012-HH Audio Technician.PDF2012-HH Instr. Reclassify Audio Tech. Position $26,000 75.2 Not Funded ​NA
2012-II Music Office Position.PDF2012-II Instr. Reclassify Music Office Position $26,000 74.8 Not Funded ​NA
2012-JJ Full Time Faculty Automotive.PDF2012-JJ Instr. Full-Time Faculty Automotive $71,500 46.6 Not Funded ​NA
2012-KK Instruction Office Specialist.PDF2012-KK Instr. Instr. Dept. Specialist Increase to 12 mths $6,070 16.4 Not Funded ​NA
2012-LL Wireless Software.PDF2012-LL Bus Serv Wireless Software & Access $83,000 51 Not Funded ​NA
2012-MM Internet Gateway.PDF2012-MM Bus Serv Build Out Internet Gateway $47,831 83.6 Not Funded ​NA
2012-NN Datatel Portal.PDF2012-NN Bus Serv Datatel Portal & Mobile Applications $140,000 19.17 Not Funded ​NA
2012-OO Information Security Officer.PDF2012-OO Bus Serv Information Security Officer $100,000 22 Not Funded ​NA
2012-PP Server Replacment.PDF2012-PP  Bus Serv Replace servers for staff files & E-mail $153,000 74.67 Not Funded ​NA
2012-QQ Art Department.PDF2012-QQ Instr. Remodel Art Department-SJC $13,000 66.43 Funded 2012 RR Assessment Report.pdf
2012-RR-SJC PE Equipment.PDF2012-RR- Instr. SJC PE Equipment $25,000 87.67 Funded
2012-SS Instr. Microscope Slide Cabinet/Wifi drop, 1250 $2,717 83.75 Funded 2012-SS  Assessment Report



Resource Allocation Proposal 2011-12

Prioritization Allocation Rubric 2011-12

2011-12 RAP Assessment Report.docx


RAP PAR Presentation for Budget Committee.pdf