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MSJC > College Information > Administration > Committees > Budget Committee > 2012-2013 Resource Allocation Process

2012-2013 Resource Allocation Process

 2012-2013 Resource Allocation Proposals Scoring Summary

1.  Average of 3 scores (reviewed by a classified staff, faculty member and administrator)
2.  Only top Division Priorities were scored  (all other RAPs will be scored this summer)
3.  Only one-time funding was considered (per the Institutional Planning Committee) 
4.  Committee felt that Safety Issues should be funded from alternative source
5.  Funded RAPs will be budgeted in Fiscal Year 2012-2013
6.  On-going RAPs were not reviewed

7.  RAPs funded base on 75% of highest score.  RAPs highlighted in green below were funded.  

 2012-2013 RAP PAR Process.pdf

Select the Number to review the RAP and select the Score to review the PAR Scores!

Number Division Administrator Request Type Description Amount Score*
2013-AR S. Serv. J. Quejada Equipment SGA Sound System $2,000.00 83
2013-LL Instr.   R. Rowley Supplies Primate Skeletons $9,396.34 82.67
2013-G Instr.   M. Conner Equipment Audio Mixing Board (Perkins will cover 50% of this) $75,000.00 81
2013-QQQ Instr.   N. Napolitano Equipment Microscopes for Life Science, Compound & Dissecting $29,200.00 77.67
2013-PPP Instr.   N. Napolitano Equipment A&P Bio Pac  $4,600.00 69
2013-BI Bus Serv. B. Twitty Equipment Commercial Lawn Mower $25,000.00 64.33
2013-YYY S. Serv. P. Springer Training Professional Development Training $3,500.00 64.33
2013-SS Instr.   R. Rowley Equipment Equipment for Chemistry 107 $22,327.00 62.33
2013-AL S. Serv. J. Quejada Printing Revision & Printing of View Books $12,000.00 62.33
2013-CI Bus. Serv. B. Gomez Equipment Info Sealer $2,000.00 57.33
2013-A Instr.   J. Johnson Renovation Renovation of modular building at MVC for Admin of Justice Center $19,000.00 55.33
2013-W Instr.   P. James Supplies Fire Safe Book Drop for SJC Library $5,200.00 45
2013-TTT Instr.   N. Napolitano Equipment Earth Science Microscopes $21,303.00 44.33
2013-BO Bus Serv. T. Sisco Equipment Purchasing Office Furniture $10,000.00 44.33
2013-BN Bus Serv. T. Sisco Equipment Mail Machine for MVC $25,000.00 26.33
Considered a Safety Issue             
2013-QQ Instr.   R. Rowley Renovation Renovation of 300 building for lab prep for BIO MVC $22,000.00  
Considered On-going Funding where not scored            
2013-MMM Instr.   K. Winston Fees Accreditation fees for CAAHEP $9,750.00  
2013-BG Bus. Serv. B. Orlauski Equipment Wireless Management Software & Access Points $90,000.00 76
2013-AQ S. Serv. J. Quejada Training Student Conduct Training $7,070.00 68 
2013-CD S. Serv. T. Spillman License Fee Collegesource subscription  $2,380.00  


2012 2013 RAP Resource Allocation Proposal.pdf2012 2013 RAP Resource Allocation Proposal.pdf

PAR 2012-2013.docx2012-13 PAR - Prioritization Allocation Rubric.docx


RAPS submitted & scored, but not considered for funding.

Number Division Request Type Description Amount Score
2013-AA Instr  Personnel New Tutoring Budget for TEC $30,720.00 85
2013-AAA  Instr  Supplies ADN Barbecue $1,800.00  54
2013-AB Stu Serv Software Secure, Online Counseling Program $9,000.00 79
2013-AC Stu Serv Personnel Associate Counselors $101,123.10 60
2013-AD Stu Serv Personnel Interpreters $140,103.96 80
2013-AE Stu Serv Supplies Web Cam & Software & Printing for DSPS Student orientation  $9,550.00 95
2013-AF Stu Serv Personnel Full Time EOPS/Care Coordinator Counselor $66,565.00 76
2013-AG Stu Serv Software CCC Apply Spanish Version of admissions application $4,000.00  36
2013-AH Stu Serv License Fee SARS Alert Annual License Fee $2,000.00  54
2013-AI Stu Serv Sup/License Fee Accuplacer Assessment Units  $64,945.00 80
2013-AJ RAP Stu Serv Supplies Mentor Training Retreat Supplies $300.00 86
2013-AK Stu Serv Supplies Portable White Board $350.00  57
2013-AM Stu Serv Augmentation  Multicultural Festival Funding $8,000.00  36
2013-AN Stu Serv Augmentation  Educational Partners Breakfast Funding $4,500.00  16
2013-AO Stu Serv License Fee Judicial Educator Service Annual Fee $700.00  14 
2013-AP Stu Serv License Fee Symplicity Software $5,500.00 60
2013-AS Stu Serv Facilities Space/Resource for Talent Search Participants $1,579.00 70
2013-AT Stu Serv Storage Portable Storage Unit for Talent Search $852.00  35
2013-AU Stu Serv Augmentation  Articulation Budget $4,000.00  56
2013-AV Stu Serv License Fee Annual License Fee for Collegesource Campus System Subscription $2,380.00 90
2013-AW Stu Serv Facilities Space/Resource for Upward Bound Students $1,579.00  61
2013-AX Stu Serv Storage Portable Storage Unit for Upward Bound $852.00 50
2013-B Instr Augmentation  BUS/MVC General Budget Augmentation  $8,313.00 52
2013-BB Instr Reclassification Increase support technicians to 12mths 40hrs $62,000.00  55 
2013-BBB Instr Equipment Scanner & License for Class Climate $3,450.00 80
2013-BC Bus Serv Personnel District Software Trainer $60,000.00 45
2013-BD Bus Serv Personnel Information Security Officer $110,000.00  Pending
2013-BE Bus Serv Software/Equipment Build out the MSJC Internet Gateway $47,831.00  Pending
2013-BF Bus Serv Software/Personnel Web Developer, Datatel Portal & Mobile Application Technology  $255,000.00  Pending
2013-BH Bus Serv Personnel Facilities Assistant I-Custodian $43,133.00  Pending
2013-BK Bus Serv Personnel Administrative  Asst. for Associate Dean of Procurement $62,500.00  44
2013-BL Bus Serv Equipment Booklet Trimmer for Xerox $25,000.00  Pending
2013-BM Bus Serv Personnel Buyer $60,000.00 26
2013-C Instr Reclassification BUS/MVC  Reclass IA to Instructional Department Specialist $2,412.68 31
2013-CC Instr Reclassification Increase SJC Library Staff to 40hrs/12 mths $34,977.00 44
2013-CCC Instr Personnel Clerical Asst. IV for ADN Program $43,834.00  39
2013-CG Bus Serv Facilities Business Services Office at Menifee Campus  $1,000,000.00 80
2013-CJ Bus Serv Renovation Remodel Cashiers Space at MVC & SJC $50,000.00 56
2013-CK Bus Serv Storage Storage room for Business Services $2,000.00  
2013-CL Risk Bus Serv Develop Risk Management Department $90,000.00 60
2013-CM Bus Serv Personnel Accounting Position at MVC $80,000.00 83
2013-CN Bus Serv Personnel Accounts Payable/Conference Position @ MVC $80,000.00 20
2013-CQ Bus Serv Personnel 4 Additional Full Time Classified Staff Members $400,000.00 54
2013-CR Bus Serv Personnel Move 2 Part Time Employees to Fulltime in Food Services $50,000.00 Pending 
2013-CS Inst. Plan Software Grant Development & Management Software License $11,000.00 86 
2013-D Instr Reclassification MUL Reclass IA from .725 FTE to 1 FTE $20,000.00 95
2013-DD Instr Equipment Support and Expansion of Remote Desktop Services (RDS)/ITS $38,000.00  49 
2013-DDD Instr Membership Membership to National League of Nursing  $1,325.00 71 
2013-E Instr Augmentation  Photo General Budget Augmentation  $7,050.00  57
2013-EE Instr Equipment Permanent Replacement Fund for 6 smart classrooms per year $68,310.00  30 
2013-EEE Instr Fees NLNAC Accreditation Annual Fees $7,125.00  71 
2013-F Instr Reclassification Photography--Reclass IA from .425 to .725 FTE $13,073.00 50
2013-FFF Instr Maintenance Fees Annual Maintenance Agreement for ParScore, ParTest (items purchased with grant funds) $2,300.00  73
2013-GG Instr Personnel New Tutoring Budget for San Gorgonio $30,000.00  56
2013-GGG Instr Curriculum CNA/HHA State Curriculum Update $1,500.00  66 
2013-H Instr Equipment Computer Lab/Workshop $30,000.00 31
2013-HH Instr Augmentation  Budget for SI $44,059.68 70
2013-HHH Instr Membership Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonogrpahers $495.00 36
2013-I Instr Facilities Dedicated Continuing Ed Classrooms Not Given  Pending
2013-II Instr Reclassification Reclass of Tutorial Services Specialist $7,800.00  Pending
2013-III Instr Augmentation  Augmentation to General fund for Nursing Travel $2,200.00 88
2013-J Instr Equipment Alternative Energy Lab-ENGR $14,740.38 64
2013-JJ Instr Personnel New Technical Services Specialist  $46,836.00  
2013-JJJ Instr Reclassification Increase EMT  IA from 19hrs to 40hrs $27,300.00 76
2013-K Instr Equipment Robotic Total Station-ENGR $70,000.00 54
2013-KK Instr Personnel New Clerical Support for SI $6,000.00 100
2013-L Instr Equipment Engr 182-Strength and Material Equipment $66,000.00  
2013-LLL Instr Personnel Clerical Asst. IV for Associate Degree of Nursing and Allied Health $17,996.00 65
2013-M Instr Equipment Fiber Optic Cabling-Building 1600-Audio Tech $30,000.00 66
2013-MM Instr Supplies Chimpanzee Skeleton $3,459.00  86
2013-N Instr Equipment Smart Classroom, 1614 & 1619-Audio Tech $6,000.00  20
2013-NN Instr Equipment Music Technology Lab Equipment-Menifee Campus $84,000.00  86
2013-NNN Instr Renovation & Equipment EMT Human Simulator and renovation of room 1006 for EMT Lab $165,000.00  71
2013-O Instr Equipment Sub Server Network, Building 1600-Audio Tech $1,000.00  32
2013-OO Instr Personnel Communications Studies Director $43,183.61  81
2013-OOO Instr Supplies Physics- Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus $2,700.00 49
2013-P Instr Equipment GPS System-ENGR $40,000.00  51
2013-PP Instr Personnel Performing Arts Technician-MVC $59,136.00  71
2013-Q Instr Renovation  Automotive-Floor resurfacing, roof repair and painting $18,000.00 70
2013-R Instr Equipment Automotive Lifts $12,000.00  46
2013-RR Instr Equipment Biotechnology Equipment-BIO MVC $223,500.00 31
2013-RRR Instr Equipment Freezer for Life Sciences $2,500.00 62
2013-S Instr Reclassification Reclassification of Audio Technician to Broadcast Engineer Specialist $95,852.00  Pending
2013-SSS Instr Maintenance  Microscope Maintenance $3,200.00 80
2013-T Instr Reclassification Reclassification of Music Admin I to Instructional Department Techn. $68,169.00 71 
2013-TT Instr Equipment Microscopes, Water Bath, Incubator for BIO MVC $87,261.00 36 
2013-TTT Instr Equipment Earth Science microscopes $21,303.00  36
2013-U Instr Reclassification Increase Inst. Dept Specialist from 11mths to 12 mths-BUS/CSIS SJC  $6,070.15 47 
2013-UU Instr Equipment I Clicker, Balance, & Centrifuge for Chem MVC $3,800.00 10
2013-UUU Instr Personnel 19hr IA for Earth Science $16,974.56 46 
2013-V Instr Equipment ITS-Upgrade existing storage area network (SAN) to the Tech Reserve $54,457.06  40 
2013-VV Instr Equipment I Clicker for Anatomy MVC $20,140.00 60
2013-VVV Instr Augmentation  Increase in Dance discretionary Budget-SJC $4,400.00 47
2013-WW Instr Reclassification Increase Online Bio IA to 40hrs $42,000.00  30
2013-WWW Instr Reclassification Increase IA Dance from 19hrs to 32 hrs-SJC  $12,187.00 60 
2013-X Instr Equipment Laptops for Distance Education  $7,011.89 66
2013-XX Instr Reclassification Reclass Chem IA-1 to a IA-II $2,900.00 14
2013-XXX Instr Equipment Expansion of Computer Lab at TEC $10,009.91 76
2013-Y Instr Equipment Ongoing replacement budget for LCD Projectors  $14,424.00  45
2013-YY Instr Reclassification Increase IA-1 19hrs to IA II 30hrs per week $43,609.00 84
2013-YYY Stu Serv Augmentation  Conference Cost for Athletic Counselor $3,500.00 77
2013-Z Instr  Augmentation  Augmentation for Altris Imaging Software $5,400.00 47
2013-ZZ Instr Personnel Nursing Success Counselor $49,365.00 57
2013-ZZZ Stu Serv Augmentation  Professional Development Training $1,500.00 85