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2014-2015 RAPs

2014 2015 Resource Allocation Proposal (RAP-word).docx2014 2015 Resource Allocation Proposal (RAP-word).docx  as of March 3, 2014

PAR 2014 2015.docxPAR 2014 2015.docx


RAP # Division  Department Item Amount  Type Par Score Funding Status​
HR 101-1415  Human Res HR Consultant to Update Job Descriptions  $30,000.00 One Time 52.00 Not Funded ​
BUS 101-1415 Bus Ser Information Tech MVC Marquee Replacement  $120,000.00 One Time 96.00 Not Funded​
BUS 102-1415  Bus Ser Business Services MVC Modular  $16,532.00 One Time 92.00  Funded​
BUS 103-1415  Bus Ser Facilities Directional Signage, parking & building signage $42,500.00 One Time 70.33 Not Funded​
SS 101-1415  Student Ser Student Judicial Affairs Laptop Computer, docking station, printer $2,500.00 One Time 70.33 Not Funded​
SS 102-1415  Student Ser Student Judicial Affairs Conference Attendance & Training Budget $20,000.00 One Time 72.67 ​Funded
IO 101-1415  DMMS Chemistry Acid cabinets no longer lock due to corrosion. $2,150.00 One Time 49.67 Not Funded​
IO 103-1415  Nursing & Allied Health EMS Site improvements for EMS simulation lab $14,000.00 One Time 57.67 Not Funded​
IO 104-1415  CTE CIS SJC Computer infrastructure update of hardware $10,000.00 One Time 22.00 Not Funded​
IO 105-1415  DMMS Chemistry Vacuum pumps for lab work $3,134.80 One Time  56.00 Not Funded​
IO 106-1415  DMMS Biology reconfigure classrooms in MVC 300 building so faculty can access all technologies (white board and projector) $14,000.00 One Time  51.00  ​Not Funded
IO 107-1415  DMMS Biology Biotechnology equipment for Biol 133 $300,000.00 One Time 81.33 ​Not funded
IO 108-1415  Nursing & Allied Health A.D.N. Skills Lab Furniture $17,244.00 One Time 35.33 Not Funded​
IO 109-1415  Nursing & Allied Health DMS CAAHEP Accreditation expenses (site visit), Ultrasound machine, Scanning Table, 4 blood pressure cuffs with sphygmomanometer, Faculty mileage reimbursement, Annual dues to CAAHEP, IFSER conference for 2 faculty $123,274.77 Both   66.67 Not Funded​
IO 110-1415  Nursing & Allied Health EMS Props for simulation lab $6,000.00 One Time 72.67 Funded​
IO 111-1415  Nursing & Allied Health EMS Ambulance Simulator $53,000.00 One Time 82.67 ​Funded by Perkins
IO 112-1415  SJC Academic Programs A&P, Biology Anatomical models $7,480.00 One Time 79.00 ​Duplicate Request (Same as IO-114)
IO 113-1415 SJC Academic Programs Art Upgrade art classrooms 1405, 1406, 1408 to smart rooms One Time 9.67 Not Funded​
IO 114-1415  SJC Academic Programs Life Sciences Human models $7,064.55 One Time 80.67 ​Funded by Stem
IO 115-1415 SJC Academic Programs Chemistry Agilent Technologies Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer $100,000.00 One Time 83.33 ​Funded
IO 116-1415 SJC Academic Programs Chemistry Five Gow-Mac GCs to replace obsolete models $35,825.00 One Time 86.00 ​Funded by Stem
IO 117-1415 SJC Academic Programs Chemistry Six HACH field meters $20,808.00 One Time 83.00 ​Funded by Stem
IO 118-1415 SJC Academic Programs Chemistry HACH UV-VIS Spectrophotometer $10,000.00 One Time 82.33 ​Funded by Stem
IO 119-1415 SJC Academic Programs Life Sciences Maintenance funds for repair and servicing of microscopes $2,000.00 One Time 77.67 ​Funded by Stem
IO 120-1415  SJC Academic Programs Life Sciences Wi-Fi in biology lab room $800.00 One Time 63.67 Not Funded​
IO 121-1415  SJC Academic Programs Life Sciences High definition, large monitor or television screen for the 1253 lab/classroom $3,000.00 One Time 61.67 Not Funded​
IO 122-1415  SJC Academic Programs History Interactive touchscreen and projector for room 1255 $6,000.00 One Time 84.33 ​Funded
IO 123-1415 SJC Academic Programs Theater Six computers with Photoshop, Vectorworks and Microsoft Office $11,500.00 One Time 80.67 Funded​
BUS 104-1415 Bus Ser Information Tech Tech Reserve  $150,000.00 On Going 79.67 Funded​
BUS 105-1415  Bus Ser Business Services Compliance and Safety Training $40,000.00 On Going 61.00 ​Not Funded
BUS 106-1415  Bus Ser Purchasing  Electronic Delivery System $6,000.00 On Going 44.00 Not Funded​
BUS 107-1415 Bus Ser Purchasing  Address/Envelope Machine $15,000.00 On Going 48.00 ​Not Funded
SS 103-1415  Student Serv Counseling Online Counseling $21,250.00 On Going 91.67 Funded​
SS 104-1415  Student Serv Counseling Communication Platform $42,150.00 On Going 61.67 Not Funded​
IO 124-1415  DMMS Chemistry Augmentation to department budget $1,500.00 On Going 51.00 Not Funded​
IO 125-1415  CTE CIS SJC Faculty training to align with industry recognized certifications $15,000.00 On Going 45.00 Not Funded​
IO 126-1415  MVC AHSS Communication Center Conference Attendance $2,924.00 On Going 68.67  ​Not Funded
IO 127-1415 DE/Libraries/Tech SI Establish SI budget to allow us to provide 12 sections of SI per semester $44,059.68 On Going 96.00 Funded​
IO 129-1415  CTE Legal Asst Annual subscription to Westlaw legal research database/program $6,500.00 On Going 68.00 ​Not Funded
IO 130-1415  CTE Multimedia Software upgrade for principle 3D used in the majority of animation classes On Going 31.33 Not Funded​
IO 131-1415  MVC AHSS Communication Pay-to-print lease for Center $3,000.00 On Going 54.33  ​Not Funded
IO-132-1415  SJC Academic Programs PSYC, HIST, PS, SOCI, ANTH Lab for Social and Behavioral Sciences at SJC $200,000.00 On Going 34.33 ​Not Funded