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College Council

The College Council is the forum that provides college-wide input on shared governance issues through review and discussion. 

Function of College Council

The College Council is the decision-making body that forwards recommendations on shared governance issues that do not require mutual agreement between the Academic Senate and Board to the Superintendent/President for action or for presentation to the Board for action. The College Council provides the means for the combined thinking of faculty, staff, students, and management to be included in the formation of all these recommendations except curriculum issues. The College Council may also review and provide input for all items that require MAC consideration with the exception of Curriculum Committee issues.

The majority of the members of any representative group (Students, Faculty, Classified, or Management) on the College Council may defer a vote on an issue until it has time to confer with its constituency. This delay must be accomplished within a specific time period not to exceed twenty regular days of instruction.

The College Council establishes rules of order and other processes to be used by the College Council in the deliberation over college issues related to shared governance. Any member of College Council may submit an item for the agenda.

When the College Council receives proposals or accepts identified issues from any individual or group within the College, the College Council may act in the following manner:

  1. Redirect the issue or proposal to one or more other committees or constituent groups for further review and recommendations before considering the issue or proposal in College Council.
  2. Formulate appropriate recommendations for submission to the Superintendent/ President for consideration by the Board of Trustees, where no additional information or participation is needed.
  3. Determine that the issue is not within the scope of shared governance, or is not appropriate for consideration by the College Council.
  4. Reject the issue or proposal.
  5. Accept information and request action items from the standing committees to ensure that issues before the College Council either have had or will have appropriate committee attention prior to ​full College Council review.
  6. Establish ad hoc committees to deal with specific issues.
  7. Ensure that issues affecting more than one constituent group or committee are dealt with by each affected group or committee before formulating a final recommendation.

In the case of “3” or “4” above, the individual or group presenting the issue or proposal is permitted time to present the issue/proposal to the College Council. The Superintendent/President may return the recommendation for further study, review, and/or revision. When a recommendation is returned, a written and clearly related rationale shall be provided by the Superintendent/President.​ 


*Taken from the Shared Governance Document, Board Approved May 12, 2011.


College Council Meeting Schedule​​

Shared Governance Committee Reporting Schedule​

Board Approved Shared Governance Document​

For questions or comments regarding College Council, Shared Governance or this webpage, please contact Christine Abriam at 951.487.3003 or via email to​​.​