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Committee Membership

Curriculum Committee Membership 2017-18:


Vice President of Instruction, or Representative (Non-Voting)                         Rudy Besikof, MVC [5404]
Faculty Co-Chair (Drawn from Voting Faculty Members)                                   Michelle Stewart, MVC [5645]

Representation by Instructional Area

Allied Health                                                      Jason Fox, MVC [5555]
Applied Tech, MVC                                          
Michelle Harper [5616]
Applied Tech, SJC                                              Dave Parrott [3665]
Arts, MVC                                                           John Tribelhorn [5668]
Arts, SJC                                                              Payden Ackerman [3791]
Arts, At Large                                                     Vacant
Business/CIS, MVC                                            David Candelaria [5522]  
Business/CIS, SJC                                               Ron Bowman [3190]
Business/CIS, At Large                                      Vacant
Language and Letters, MVC                             Michelle Stewart [5645]
Language and Letters, SJC                                Andrea Hammock [3755] Prerequisite subcommittee chair
Language and Letters, At Large                       Rebecca Coleman, SJC [3647]
Math, MVC                                                         Taylor Baldwin [5697] on leave Fall 2017
Math, SJC                                                            Jorge Valdez [3758] on leave Spring 2018
Math, At Large                                                   Alex Cuotok [6410]
Nursing, MVC                                                     Peter Zografos [5568]  
Science, MVC                                                      Crystal Anthony [5268]
Science, SJC                                                         Sujatha Pamula [3732]
Science, At Large                                                Rebecca Allen [TBD]
Social/Behavioral Sciences, MVC                    Gary Vargas [5759]
Social/Behavioral Sciences, SJC                       Maria Lopez-Moreno [3690]
Social/Behavioral Sciences, At Large              Morgan Hoodenpyle (MVC) [5661]
Student Development                                       Marlene Cvetko (SJC) [3490]

Representation by Function

Faculty Member at Large (3)                           Tony Farrar, MVC [5505]

Aaron Riekerk [5660]

DE Coordinator                                                   Del Helms (MVC) [5758]
Librarian                                                              Adrienne Walker (SJC) [3450]
Counselor (2)                                                      Renisha Warren (TBD) [TBD]
                                                                              Lyndsey Tone (SJC) [3282]
Articulation                                                         Janet McCurdy (SJC) [3280]
Associated Students (2)                                    Vacant
Administration (3)                                              Jeremy Brown, MVC [5420]
                                                                              Joyce Johnson (CTE, MVC) [5350]
                                                                              Carlos Tovares (SJC) [3410]

Support Staff (Non-Voting)

Ted Blake, Learning Resource Center (MVC) [5487]
Jamail Carter, Dean Instructional Services (SJC) [3409]
Elizabeth Mascaro, Enrollment Services (SJC) [3212]
Nik Mesaris, Research (SJC) [3074]

Angela Seavey, Curriculum Analyst (SJC) [3402]
Tina Vandewater, Curriculum Clerical Support (SJC) [3405]

Extension numbers are designated in brackets. To dial any member directly, you can use 639 and the extension for MVC faculty or 487 and the extension for SJC faculty.

Membership subject to change and subject to approval by Academic Senate


Last updated 08-16-17