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Distance Education Addenda

Distance Education

A Distance Education Addendum requires technical review (as part of the course approval process), one reading and separate approval.  In order to add a Distance Education Addendum to a previously approved course, a revision to the course outline is required.  Additionally, when a Course Outline of Record is submitted to the Curriculum Committee for revision, any Distance Education Addenda applied to that course must be reviewed, revised, and resubmitted for approval at the same time as the revised Course Outline of Record.  (For specific information and dates: See the Simple Flowchart, curriculum schedule and CurricUNET Guide.)

A Distance Education Addendum must be approved by the Committee in order for a course to be taught in Fully Online and/or Hybrid form. The approved fully-online Distance Education Addendum for a course will allow a department to offer the course in a hybrid form without additional Curriculum Committee approval. However, in the case that only a hybrid Distance Education Addendum exists, a department must submit a fully-online Distance Education Addendum in order to offer the course fully online. A fully-online Distance Education Addendum will replace any existing hybrid addendum.  (For information see the Distance Ed Regular Effective Contact Policy.)

An Honors course requires a separate Distance Education addendum in order to be offered online.  However, the MSJC Honors Committee, as a member of the National Council of Honors Programs, follows the position of the NCHC and does not approve of honors addenda for fully online Honors courses. The Honors committee is willing to consider hybrid honors addenda that require some face-to-face meeting between the instructor and the student.

Valuable resources available that may save you time and work:

Any issues/problems that you encounter with the CurricUNET system and process should be directed to the curriculum email, please allow 48-72 hours, excluding holidays and weekends, for a response.