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Honors Addenda

Honors Addenda

Honors Addenda require technical review by the Honors curriculum subcommittee, approval by department chair(s) and dean(s) and Honors coordinator, one reading and separate approval.  In order to add an Honors addendum to a previously approved course, revision to the course outline is required.  Additionally, when a Course Outline of Record is submitted to the Curriculum Committee for revision, any Honors Addenda applied to that course must be reviewed, revised (if necessary), and resubmitted for approval at the same time as the revised Course Outline of Record.  Note that the Honors committee conducts a separate Technical Review.  See information above regarding submission deadlines.  (For specific information and dates: See the Simple Flowchartcurriculum schedule and CurricUNET Guide.)

It was the consensus of the committee that an Honors course will require a separate Distance Education addendum in order to be offered online.


Valuable resources available that may save you time and work:

  • Best Practices Handbook - Please utilize the link located on the left hand side of the screen
  • CurricUNET Guide 
  • CurricUNET Guide 
  • Check with one of the Honors Coordinators (Erik Ozolins, ext. 5725 or Christina Yamanaka, ext. 3522 before you begin.
  • Check with the Career Transfer Center or Articulation Coordinator (Janet McCurdy ext. 3280, before you begin.
  • See the Curriculum Committee Schedule for deadlines for submissions, approvals, catalog inclusion, etc.
  • If course is being recommended as a AA/AS General Education Breadth course, contact your Area Representative on Curriculum Committee (Curriculum Members) for guidelines and requirements (GE Breadth Guidelines).
  • For pedagogical assistance, please contact the Faculty Co-Chair, Michelle Stewart, ext. 5425, or your Area Representative on the Curriculum Committee (Curriculum Members).
  • For prerequisite, corequisite, advisory, program impact and course repeatability information, please contact the Class Scheduling and Information Specialist (Angela Seavey, ext. 3402, 

Any issues/problems that you encounter with the CurricUNET system and process should be directed to the curriculum email, please allow 48-72 hours, excluding holidays and weekends, for a response.