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Prerequisite, Corequisite, Advisory

Prerequisite Change

Course prerequisite, corequisite and recommended preparation advisories must be processed with the course and require two readings and separate approval.  For prerequisite, corequisite and recommended preparation advisory changes to previously approved courses, revision to course outlines is required.  (For specific information and dates: See the  Simple FlowchartCurriculum Schedule and CurricUNET Guidelines.)


The committee has established guidelines to standardize prerequisite, co-requisite, and recommended-preparation language:
  1. Prerequisite, co-requisite, and recommended-preparation language should reflect economy of wording. It should not include the following wording:
    1. “Or equivalent,” where equivalency is redundant
    2. Other superfluous wording.
  2. All prerequisite courses will include the language: “with a grade of C or higher.” (CurricUNET will automatically add this wording to your course prerequisite).
  3. For recommended preparation or co-requisites, the course only should be listed (do not use “with a grade of C or better”).