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Institutional Assessment and Program Review Committee


This Institutional Assessment and Program Review Committee will oversee assessment and program review throughout the district.  The IAPRC will ensure practices and processes support high-quality, efficient programs and services.  Recommendations will go to the senates and appropriate shared governance committees.  The committee will recommend improvements to the assessment model and program review process as needed.  

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Identify, capture, and disseminate data
·         Objective 1: Inventory data and create clearinghouse of data sources
·         Objective 2: Continue to increase awareness of district data resources and provide data analysis training
Goal 2: Ensure sustainability and continued implementation of program review
·         Objective 1: Ensure 100% completion of instructional program review annually.  Continue education and awareness of the program review process
·         Objective 2: Promote program review expectations for 2014-17 program review cycle
·         Objective 3: Monthly update to IAPRC on completion status of program review documents and templates

Goal 3: Ensure sustainability and continued implementation of assessment

·        Objective 1: Ensure 1.) every course offered regularly is assessed twice each program review cycle and 
                                      2.) all other courses are assessed each and every time they are offered.
·         Objective 2: Promote assessment expectations for 2014-17 program review cycle
·         Objective 3: Monthly update to IAPRC on completion status of course assessments, course improvement plans, etc.



Committee Co-Chairs:
Rudy Besikof, Vice President of Instructional Services
Paul Hert, Program Review and Assessment Coordinator
Rudolph Besikof, Vice President of Instructional Services (Co-chair)
Jeremy Brown, Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science, MVC
Jared Davis, Interim Dean of Student Services
Joyce Johnson, Dean of Career & Technical Education
Jeannine Stokes, Associate Dean of Human Resources
Carlos Tovares, Dean of Academic Programs, SJC
Julie Venable, Dean of Business Services
Vacant (1)
Crystal Anthony
Jennifer Burleson
Lissette Castro
Paul Hert (Co-chair)
Patrick Martinez
Gloria Sanchez
Dominick Scaletta
Peter Zografos
Vacant (1)
Dawn Bridge
Hal Edghill
Jeffrey George
Mayra Gomez Uribe
Fernando Gutierrez
Stacy Kimbrough
Jill Lanphere
Jessica Rodriguez
Stephen Sandstrom
Kristin Sension
Ex-Officio (President and Vice President of the Academic Senate)
Rhonda Nishimoto
Tamara Smith

Fred Frontino (Resource)
Regina Howard (Non-voting Classified)
Janice Levasseur (Resource)
Nik Mesaris (Resource)
Brandon Moore (Resource)
Rebecca Teague (Resource)
Total membership: 29 (8 Management, 9 Faculty, 10 Classified, 2 Students)
Quorum:  9 (3 Management, 3 Faculty, 3 Classified)

Here is the Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness from the Accrediting Commission for California and Junior Colleges  - Part I: Program Review


IAPRC Meetings 17-18.pdfSchedule of Meetings for 2017-2018.pdf

Agendas/Minutes 2017-2018

Agenda August 17, 2017 ​Pending
Agenda September 21, 2017

Agendas/Minutes 2016-2017
Agendas/Minutes 2015-2016
Agendas/Minutes 2014-2015
Agenda ​September 2, 2014 Minutes September 2, 2014
Agenda September ​30, 2014 Minutes September 30, 2014
Agenda October 28, 2014​ Minutes October 28, 2014
Agenda December 2, 2014 Minutes December 2, 2014
​Agenda February 3, 2015​
Notes February 3, 2015 - Quorum Not Met
  ​Agenda March 3, 2015 Minutes March 3, 2015
Agenda April 7, 2015    ​Meeting canceled
Agenda May 5, 2015 Minutes May 5, 2015​

Agendas/Minutes 2013-2014

​Agenda 8-29-13 Minutes 8-29-13
Agenda 9-26-13 ​Meeting canceled due to lack of quorum
Agenda 10-24-13 Minutes 10-24-13
Agenda 11-19-13 ​Meeting canceled
​IPRC-IAC Agenda 12-17-13​ IPRC-IAC Combined Minutes 12-17-13
​Agenda 1-23-14 ​Meeting canceled
IPRC-IAC Agenda 2-27-14 IPRC-IAC Combined Minutes 2-27-14
Agenda 3-18-14 Meeting canceled
IPRC-IAC Agenda 4-24-14 IPRC-IAC Combined Minutes 4-24-14
​Agenda 5-22-14 ​​Meeting canceled

Agendas/Minutes 2012-2013

Agenda 9-20-12

Minutes 9-20-12

Minutes 10-18-12
Agenda 11-15-12 Minutes 11-15-12
IPRC-IAC Combined Agenda 12-6-12 IPRC-IAC Combined Minutes 12-6-12
Agenda 1-31-13 Minutes 1-31-13
Agenda 2-21-13​ ​Canceled due to Program Review training sessions conducted in February
Agenda 3-21-13 Minutes 3-21-13
Agenda 4-25-13​ Minutes 4-25-13
IPRC-IAC Combined Agenda 5-16-13​ IPRC-IAC Combined Minutes 5-16-13

Agendas/Minutes 2011-2012

Agendas/Minutes 2010-2011

Agenda 8-27-10 Minutes 8-27-10
Agenda 9-24-10 Minutes 9-24-10
Agenda 10-14-10 Minutes 10-14-10
Agenda 11-9-10 Minutes 11-9-10
Agenda 12-7-10 Minutes 12-7-10
Agenda 2-10-11 Minutes 2-10-11
Agenda 3-10-11 Minutes 3-10-11
Agenda 4-14-11 Minutes 4-14-11
Agenda 5-13-11 Minutes 5-13-11

​For more information please contact Jill Lanphere, Executive Assistant, by phone at (951) 639-5426 or via email at