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Agendas and Minutes

SSSP Agenda 8-17-17.pdfAgenda 8-17-17.pdf Minutes 8-17-17.pdfMinutes 8-17-17.pdf
Agenda 9-21-17.pdfAgenda 9-21-17.pdf
2016-2017​ ​
Agenda 8-18-16.pdfAgenda 8-18-16.pdf Minutes 8-18-16 .pdfMinutes 8-18-16 .pdf
Agenda 9-15-2016.pdfAgenda 9-15-16.pdf Minutes 9-15-16.pdfMinutes 9-15-16.pdf
Agenda 10-20-16.pdfAgenda 10-20-16.pdf
Agenda 11-17-16.pdfAgenda 11-17-16.pdf
Minutes 11-17-16.pdfMinutes 11-17-16.pdf
Agenda 12-15-16.pdfAgenda 12-15-16.pdf  Minutes 12-15-16 .pdfMinutes 12-15-16 .pdf
Agenda 1-19-17.pdfAgenda 1-19-17.pdf
Agenda 2-16-17 .pdfAgenda 2-16-17 .pdf Minutes 2-16-17.pdfMinutes 2-16-17.pdf
Agenda 3-16-17.pdf Minutes 3-16-17.pdfMinutes 3-16-17.pdf
Agenda 4-20-17.pdfAgenda 4-20-17.pdf Minutes 4-20-17.pdfMinutes 4-20-17.pdf
Agenda 5-18-17.pdfAgenda 5-18-17.pdf
Minutes 5-17-17.pdfMinutes 5-17-17.pdf

2015-2016​ ​
Agenda 9-10-15.pdfAgenda 9-10-15.pdf Minutes 9-10.pdfMinutes 9-10.pdf
Agenda 10-8-15.pdfAgenda 10-8-15.pdf No minutes, quorum not met
Agenda 11-12-15.pdf Minutes 11-12-15.pdfMinutes 11-12-15.pdf
Agenda 12-10-2015.pdfAgenda 12-10-15.pdf Minutes 12-10-2015.pdfMinutes 12-10-2015.pdf
Agenda 2-11-16.pdfAgenda 2-11-16.pdf Minutes 2-10-16.pdfMinutes 2-10-16.pdf
Agenda 3-10-16.pdf​ Minutes 3-10-16.pdfMinutes 3-10-16.pdf
Agenda 4-14-16.pdfAgenda 4-14-16.pdf Minutes 4-14-16 .pdfMinutes 4-14-16 .pdf
Agenda 5-12-2016.pdfAgenda 5-12-2016.pdf minutes 5-12-16 .pdfMinutes 5-12-16 .pdf


​2014 - 2015


Agenda ​Minutes
SSSP Agenda Revised - 8-21-14 Revised.pdf Agenda - 8-21-14.pdf Minutes August 21.pdfMinutes - 8-21-14.pdf
Agenda.pdfAgenda - 9-18-14pdf Minutes - 9-18-14.pdfMinutes - 9-18-14.pdf
Agenda         .11-20-14.docx.pdfAgenda -11-20-14.pdf Minutes 11-20-14.pdfMinutes 11-20-14.pdf
Agenda 2-19-15.pdfAgenda 2-19-15.pdf Minutes 2.19.15.pdfMinutes 2.19.15.pdf
Agenda 3-19-15.pdfAgenda 3-19-15.pdf
Agenda 5-21-15.pdfAgenda 5-21-15.pdf Minutes 5-12-15.pdfMinutes 5-12-15.pdf


2013 - 2014
​Agenda ​Minutes
Agenda 9-19-13.pdfAgenda 9-19-13.pdf Minutes 9-19-13.pdfMinutes 9-19-13.pdf
Agenda 10-28-13.pdfAgenda 10-28-13.pdf Minutes Pending Approval​
SSSP Minutes 11-21-13.pdfMinutes 11-21-13.pdf
SSSP Minutes 2-20-14.pdfSSSP Minutes 2-20-14.pdf SSSP Minutes 12.19.13.pdf Minutes 12.19.13.pdf
Agenda - 3-20.pdfAgenda - 3-20.pdf SSSP Minutes 2-20-14.pdfSSSP Minutes 2-20-14.pdf
Agenda -4-17-14.pdfAgenda -4-17-14.pdf  Brainstorm activity 3-20-14 - Pending approval
Agenda 5-15-14.pdfAgenda 5-15-14.pdf


​2012 - 2013


​Agenda ​Minutes
Agenda  9-13-12.pdfAgenda 9-13-12.pdf Minutes 09-13-12.pdfMinutes 09-13-12.pdf
Agenda  10-10-12.pdfAgenda 10-11-12.pdf ​N/A
Agenda  12-11-12.pdfAgenda 12-11-12.pdf Minutes 12-11-12.pdfMinutes 12-11-12.pdf
Agenda 1-31-13.pdfAgenda 1-31-13.pdf Minutes 1-31-13.pdfMinutes 1-31-13.pdf
Agenda 2-13-13.pdfAgenda 2-13-13.pdf Minutes 2-13-13.pdfMinutes 2-13-13.pdf
Agenda 3-14-13.pdfAgenda 3-14-13.pdf Minutes 3-14-13.pdfMinutes 3-14-13.pdf
Agenda  4-11-13.pdfAgenda 4-11-13.pdf Minutes 4-11-13.pdfMinutes 4-11-13.pdf
Agenda 5-09-13.pdfAgenda 5-09-13.pdf Minutes 5-9-13.pdfMinutes 5-9-13.pdf
Agenda 6-19-13.pdfAgenda 6-19-13.pdf Agenda 6-19-13.pdfAgenda 6-19-13.pdf


2011 - 2012​ ​


​Agenda ​Minutes
Agenda 12-8-11.pdfAgenda 12-8-11.pdf Minutes 12-8-11.pdfMinutes 12-8-11.pdf
Agenda 2-9-12.pdfAgenda 2-9-12.pdf Minutes 2-9-12.pdfMinutes 2-9-12.pdf
Agenda 4-12-12.pdfAgenda 4-12-12.pdf Minutes 4-12-12.pdfMinutes 4-12-12.pdf
Agenda 5-10-12.pdfAgenda 5-10-12.pdf Minutes 5-10-12.pdfMinutes 5-10-12.pdf