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MSJC > FLEX > Part Time Faculty Guidelines

Part Time Faculty Guidelines

  1. Course instruction and evaluation

1.           Publish research in the faculty member’s teaching field.

2.           Develop and improve classroom evaluation techniques.

3.           Create original works related to your field of instruction.

4.           Work in conjunction with full time faculty in course development and program review.


  1. Staff development, in-service training and instructional improvement

5      Training, development and/or implement new technologies into the     classroom


4.           Attend coursework not applied to salary advancement that relates to the individual’s educational discipline.


5.           Participate in professional organizations related to an instructor’s discipline or mission of the college.


6.           Participate in job shadowing within the community with individual outcomes leading to increased classroom effectiveness.


7.           Attend or speak at conferences or workshops relevant to the faculty member’s teaching field.


8.           Participate in institutionally approved wellness activities that assist individuals to be physically and mentally better able to perform their jobs.


  1. Program and course curriculum or learning resource development and evaluation


9.           Develop new programs and curricula.


  1. Student personnel services


10.       Participate in activities designed to improve student retention and success.


11.       Participate in and/or attend college cultural events.


  1. Learning resource services


12.       Participate in activities to enhance to college student services.


  1. Activities related to student, faculty and staff diversity


13.       Research and implement teaching strategies designed to enhance the learning environment for diverse student populations.


14.       Participate in student centered college activities such as clubs, discussion groups, panels, outreach, or extracurricular field trips.


15.       Acquire foreign language or sign language skills.


  1. Meetings, conferences, workshops, and institutional research


16.       Attend faculty forums or discussion groups that promote the mission of the college.


17.       Participate in faculty retreats to discuss issues, support one another, and promote collegiality.


18.       Contribute to institutional enhancement activities beyond the instructor’s contractual obligation.


19.       Attendance to meetings for the senate, department, or shared governance committees. (exclusive of Association meetings)


  1. Activity that can be shown to increase the quality of instruction, image of the college to the community, or otherwise enhances the mission of the college


20.       Involvement within the community that enhances the public perceptions of the college and applies to the individual’s field of study or mission of the college.


21.    Participate in any activities that can be shown to enhance and increase communication and cooperation among MSJC employees.


Approved by the Academic Senate on 5/15/08.