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Flexible Calendar Program ("Flex")

What is Flex?

“The Flex program consists of staff development activities “in lieu of” regular instruction. Flex activities (Title 5, Section 55724, Item A-4) can be, and are not limited to, training programs, group retreats, field experiences, and workshops in activities such as course and program development and revision, staff development activities, development of new instructional materials, and other instruction-related activities.” 

To view the California State Chancellor's "Guildlines for the Flexible Calendar Pro​gram", please click Flex Calendar Guidelines 04-07 docx.pdfFlexible Calendar Guidelines.

The MSJC Flex Committee is the only body which can determine what is appropriate professional development for faculty. All inquiries and proposals for Flex credit must be presented to the Flex Committee, which meets monthly throughout the academic year.

How does the flex committee determine ‘what is flex?’

The Flex committee is a faculty-driven group that determines whether an activity is Flex-able. No other individual or group has that right or responsibility. The Flex committee discusses and votes on project proposals in accordance with the Flex guidelines for full time and part time faculty which have been developed following participatory governance procedures. These documents are revisited regularly. The reason there are two sets of guidelines is because Associated faculty have a broader range of activities that may count for Flex. For example, Associate faculty may attend department meetings and/or develop existing curriculum for Flex credit. Full time faculty may not claim Flex for these activities because they are considered part of their contractual requirements.

What are Acceptable ​Flex Projects and Activities?

Flex projects and activities must go beyond the contractual responsibilities of Faculty. For this reason,

Flex c​​annot be:

  • In conflict with assigned hours and/or duties
  • Any activity that a Faculty member is assigned by their contract or which is part of their normal and expected function as a Faculty member
  • Any activity which is compensated in any other way

Professional development and enrichment activities which do not conflict with the standards just mentioned will typically be acceptable Flex activities and projects. Please see the Flex Guidelines for further details.

Flex activities and projects can include:

  • Research related to a Faculty member's teaching assignment
  • Activities which enhance and increase communication and cooperation across MSJC faculty
  • Cultural activities
  • The development of new programs and curricula
  • Accessing and understanding educational issues
  • Any activity that clearly enhances and enriches a faculty members ability to provide current, quality instruction, and to enhance to MSJC community

Flex Coordinator: Julie Freeman