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Diversity Literature Analysis

Eng 131/CDE 131 Portfolio Project
Genre:    Novels
Project:  Diversity novel analysis
Value:    45 points possible
Length:  At least 4 pages
For this project, you will read several novels (at least two) and several picture books (at least two) which were written about a specific ethnicity or culture (see below--but choose one culture). Using the criteria for evaluating multicultural literature (see other websites for additional information beyond that given in our textbook) as well as books from that particular genre, write an essay of at least 4 pages which analyzes the books. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the literature as well as how well they would inform children readers about the ethnicity and its particularities. Give specific details from the books (including quotations as well as summary) to support your views. This should not be written as four separate discussions of the books but should discuss the literature of that culture as a whole. Try organizing paragraphs by ideas, rather than by books.

If you are interested in reading a book from the culture you have chosen and it is not listed below (and many good ones are not), please talk to me. The only exception here is that you may use only ONE book that you work with in another part of the portfolio.

Option 1: African American
Christopher Paul Curtis' Bud, Not Buddy * OR Elijah of Buxton* OR The Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963 (historical fiction)
     Tom Feelings' The Middle Passage: White Ships/Black Cargo (picture book)
Shannon Gibney's See No Color (realistic fiction) *
Nikki Giovanni's Rosa (picture book)
Nikki Grimes' Bronx Masquerade (realistic fiction)
Virginia Hamilton's The House of Dies Drear (realistic) OR M.C. Higgins, The Great (realistic) OR The Planet of Junior Brown (realistic) OR        Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush (fantasy) OR Zeely (realistic) OR The Girl Who Spun Gold OR Something on My Mind (picture books)
Carolivia Herron's Nappy Hair (picture book)
Rachel Isadora's Ben's Trumpet (picture books)
Angela Jonson's Toning the Sweep OR The First Part Last (realistic fiction) OR The Rolling Stone (picture book)
Julius Lester's Sam and the Tigers (picture book)
Walter Dean Myers' Scorpions OR Monster * (realistic fiction) OR Harlem (picture book)
Faith Ringgold's Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky OR Tar Beach (picture books)
John Steptoe's Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters (picture book)
Mildred Taylor's Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry * (historical fiction)
Sherley Anne Williams' Working Cotton (picture book)
Jacqueline Woodson's Coming on Home Soon OR The Other Side (picture books) OR Hush (realistic) OR Brown Girl Dreaming                       (memoir/nonfiction)
For this option, you can also discuss Rita William Garcia's One Crazy Summer OR The Port Chicago 50 although it must be in addition to four other texts
Option 2: Asian American Literature (be sure you recognize the more specific culture--i.e., Chinese American, Japanese American, etc
Mary Casanova's (Chinese) The Hunter (picture book)
Sook Nyul Choi's (Korean American)Year of Impossible Goodbyes * (historical fiction)
Minfong Ho's (Thai) Rice Without Rain (realistic) OR Hush! A Thai Lullaby (picture book)
Cynthia Kadohata's (Japanese American) Kira-Kira (realistic) OR Weedflowers (historical)
Betty Bao Lord's (Chinese American) In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson (historical)
Toshi Maruki (Japanese) Hiroshima No Pika (picture book)
Ken Mochizuki's (Japanese American) Baseball Saved Us (picture book)
An Na's (Korean American) A Step from Heaven * (realistic fiction) OR Wait for Me
Linda Sue Park's (Korean American) A Single Shard * OR When My Name Was Keoko (historical fiction)
Allan Say's (Chinese) Grandfather's Journey OR Tea with Milk OR Tree of Cranes OR Stranger in the Mirror OR The Bicycle Man (picture         books)
Pegi Deitz Shea's (Hmong) The Whispering Cloth (picture book--Hmong) OR Tangled Threads: A Hmong Girl's Story (novel)
Yoshiko Uchida's (Japanese American) Journey to Topaz (historical fiction) OR The Bracelet (picture book)
Janet Wong (Chinese American) Apple Pie 4th of July (picture book)
Lisa Yee (Chinese American) Millicent Min, Girl Genius OR Stanford Wong Flunks Out (realistic)
Laurence Yep's (Chinese American) Dragonwings OR Dragon's Gate (historical fiction) OR When the Circus Came to Town OR Tongues of        Jade (picture books)
 Option 3: Latina/o
Alma Flor Ada's I Love Saturdays y domingos (picture book)
Julia Alvarez's The Secret Footprints (picture book) OR Finding Miracles (realistic) OR Return to Sender (historical) OR Before We Were        Free (historical) OR How Tia Lola Came To Stay (realistic)
Rudolfo Anaya's Maya's Children: The Story of La Llorona OR The Santero's Miracle OR Farolitos for Abuelo OR Roadrunner's Dance
     (picture books)
Viola Canales' The Tequila Worm (realistic fiction)
Sandra Cisneros's Hairs/Pelitos (picture book)
Lucha Corpi's Where Fireflies Dance (picture book)
Matt de la Pena's Mexican Whiteboy (realistic)
Arthur Dorros' Abuela (picture book)
Tony Johnston's Any Small Goodness * (realistic) OR Day of the Dead (picture book)
Joseph Krumgold's . . . And Now Miguel (realistic)
Francisco Jimenez's The Circuit OR Breaking Through (historical fiction) OR Mariposa (picture book)
Victor Martinez' Parrot in the Oven (realistic)
Pat Mora's Dona Flor OR Tomas and the Library Lady (picture books)
Nicholasa Mohr's Felita (realistic)
Scott O'Dell's Carlota (historical fiction)
Nancy Osa's Cuba 15 (realistic)
Ashley Hope Perez's Out of Darkness (historical fiction)
Pam Munoz Ryan's Becoming Naomi Leon OR Esperanza Rising (historical fiction) OR Mice and Beans (picture book)
Gary Soto's Pacific Crossings (realistic) OR Too Many Tamales OR Chato's Kitchen OR Chato and the Party Animals (picture book)
Option 4: Jewish American
David A Adler's The Number on My Grandfather's Arm (picture book)
Barbara Cohen's Molly's Pilgrim (picture book)
Esther Hautzig's The Endless Steppe: A Girl in Exile (historical fiction)
Sonia Levitin's Journey to America (historical fiction)
Lois Lowry's Number the Stars * (historical fiction)
Joanna Reiss' The Upstairs Room * (historical fiction)
Amy Schwartz's Mrs. Moskowitz and the Sabbath Candlesticks (picture book)
Aranka Siegal's Upon the Head of a Goat: A Childhood in Hungary 1939-1944 (historical fiction)
David Wisnieski's Golem (picture book)
Jane Yolen's The Devil's Arithmetic (fantasy)
Option 5: American Indian (be sure you recognize the more specific culture--i.e., Chippewa, Cherokee, Pueblo Laguna, etc)
John Bierhorst's The Woman Who Fell From the Sky (picture book)
Joseph Bruchac's The Heart of a Chief OR Eagle Song (realistic fiction) OR Hidden Roots* OR The Winter People (historical fiction) OR The       First Strawberries: A Cherokee Story OR Crazy Horse's Vision (picture books) OR Killer of Enemies * (science fiction/post-apocalyptic)
Debby Dahl Edwardson's My Name is Not Easy * (historical fiction)
Louise Erdrich's The Birchbark House OR The Game of Silence (historical fiction) OR Grandmother's Pigeon (picture book)
Michael Dorris' Sees Behind Trees OR Morning Girl (historical fiction)
Paul Goble's Storm Maker's Tipi (picture book) OR Iktomi and the Boulder (picture book)
Joy Harjo's The Good Luck Cat (picture book)
Jan Hudson's Sweet Grass (realistic)
Thomas King's Coyote Sings to the Moon (picture book)
Gerald McDermott's Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest (picture book)
Miska Miles' Annie and the Old One (picture book)
Cynthia Leitich Smith's Jingle Dancer (picture book) OR Rain is Not My Indian Name * (realistic fiction)
Tim Tingle's How I Became a Ghost OR House of Purple Cedar (historical fiction)

Option 6: Children with disabilities  (for this option, once you have picked a disability to focus on, you may have to find other sources; feel free to come ask me for assistance; we may have to be flexible on the number of books required)
CeCe Bell's El Deafo * (hard of hearing)
Leslie Ely's Looking After Louis (autism, picture book)
Kathryn Erskine's Mockingbird (Asperger)
Juan Felipe Herrera's Featherless (spina bifida, picture book)
Nan Holcomb's Danny and the Merry-Go-Round (cerebral palsy)
Charlotte Hudson's Dan and Diesel (blindness, picture book)
Wendy Kupfer's Let's Hear it for Almigal (deafness, picture book)
Cynthia Lord's Rules (autism)
Christy Mackinnon's Silent Observer (deafness, picture book)
Holly Robinson Peete's My Brother Charlie (autism, picture book)
R. J. Palacio's Wonder (cranio-facial anomaly)
Pete Seeger's The Deaf Musicians (deafness, picture book)
Holly Goldberg Sloan's Counting 7s * (OCD)
Wendelin Van Draanen's The Running Dream (amputee and cerebral palsy)
Clarabelle Van Niekerk's  Understanding Sam and Asperger Syndrome (Asperger, picture book)
Jeanne Willis' Susan Laughs (wheelchair, picture book)

 Books marked with an asterisk (*) are available in the Menifee Valley Campus library.