Eagle of Wisdom Artwork & Poem

The MSJC Foundation wanted to share with you a very special donation of artwork to the Milo Johnson Library on the San Jacinto Campus by retired Professor Joanne Hinchliff.  Joanne commissioned her son and former MSJC student, Timothy Hinchliff, to create his “Eagle of Wisdom” yarn artwork and poem.  It will be placed in a prominent place in the Milo Johnson Library to inspire MSJC students to follow the “Eagle of Wisdom”.

Eagle of Wisdom artwork, artist and commissioner

Eagle of Wisdom

To the east
The golden crown of morning.
San Jacinto
Awakens from her gentle night of dreaming.

Tall and strong
An eagle song.
Calls us to the light
Another day for learning.

We call to all
We are able to lead.
Humbled by those
We were inspired to follow.

Eagle of wisdom.
Eagle of light.
We are all stars
Who stepped out of the night.

The lamp of learning
We carry in our hearts.
To illuminate the path
For others to start.

Our great grandmother eagle
You are a mountain in our eyes
You have gifted us with wings
Opening the sky for us to fly.

Timothy E. Hinchliff
December, 2007

Eagle of Wisdom commissioned by Joanne Hinchliff for Mt. San Jacinto College